the 10 best music iOS and Android games

The genre of music and rhythm games has a lot of fans, and this is explained simply – they lift the mood, do not require painful reflections and help to have a good rest to your favorite music. And what else does a gamer need?! We suggest you go for a good mood in the App Store and Google Play, where you will find a lot of high-quality, entertaining and dynamic games, the gameplay of which, in one way or another, is based on music.


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G In this incredibly stylish game from Rayark Inc. you will see the robots that replaced the extinct humanity, and try to convey to them the emotions and memories of people with the help of music. The game's soundtrack includes 94 tunes in various genres-from jazz to hardcore. Visually, Cytus looks great thanks to the hand-drawn illustrations, and in combination with the rhythm gameplay, it will become a meditative and relaxing pastime.


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Another development of the Rayark studio, which deserves to be in the top ten. Here, too, you will find manually created graphics, and in addition, a deep plot, again associated with an attempt to restore memories – now it will be the memories of a little girl who found herself in a strange world, not knowing who she is and where she came from. A mysterious creature named Deemo helps her learn at least something about herself, and does it with the help of music.

Planet Quest


Eta Rhythm-the game is based on simple taps, it is characterized by a simple endless gameplay, cartoon, slightly whimsical graphics and fun music. The main character of the OutOfTheBit title is a small alien who flies from planet to planet and picks up different animals – and all this happens to the rhythm of the music.

Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game


Here you will find a gameplay reminiscent of the classic Dance Dance Revolution – you have to click the arrow icons to the beat of the music. This development of Keripo studio is offered for free, with ten built-in songs, but from the menu of the game itself you can download the so-called stepfiles for hundreds of different songs.

Pinball Rocks HD

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Rperedit is a combination of rock music with pinball, created by Sony Music Entertainment. For each mission that you have to pass on the next pinball table, the authors have selected the most famous rock compositions. The tables are also decorated in the appropriate style and look great. In total, this game has 20 missions and 3 bonus games, so fans of AC/DC, Three Days Grace and Slayer will have something to do.

Music Hero


gEta game from Words Mobile offers gamers not only an extensive music library, but also the ability to play their own music. Visually, it resembles the famous Guitar Hero, and it looks really good. A bright visual image is accompanied by your own musical experiments – this version of the rhythm game can not help but like it.

Santa Rockstar


Try on the role of a rock star! Don't be surprised that in this game created by Yuisy studio, Santa Claus plays rock music-in such a strange way he tries to save Christmas. Together with him, you will have to pass 5 levels in different game worlds, and the better you perform rock ballads by tapping on the screen of your device, the more likely Christmas will still come.

Omega: The First Movement

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Here the developers from GoyaGame offer you a combination of a battler with a rhythm game, in which your characters will be human musicians living in the world of cyborgs. Your task is to create sounds that destroy robots in order to free yourself from their power. Cute, original and exciting – that's how you can briefly describe this game.

Electronic Super Joy: Groove City

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Here is a unique game from Michael Todd Games, which combines elements of rhythm gameplay with the genre of side-scrolling platformer. This title is difficult to pass, but this is compensated by convenient, well-balanced controls, a well-thought-out system of save points and exciting gameplay.

The Rhythm of Fighters

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SNK Playmore studio managed to create a good mix of a fighting game with a rhythm game, although the battles themselves in it do not look too standard. Your battles to the music look more like a solid combo, dodging and changing positions, and all this should happen at a strictly defined time, taking into account the rhythm of the music.