The 100 most anticipated mobile games of 2014 #5

The fifth and final part of our huge list of expected mobile novelties of this year. It just so happened that the last part was a little delayed and some of the games from this list have already been released, but the article has not ceased to be relevant and contains many other hotly anticipated new products.

n Do not forget to also look at the first, second, third and fourth parts.


Eta game constantly gets into the waiting lists, but has not yet reached the release. We are still waiting for it, because after Eliss, I want to believe that the developers from Steph Thirion will still please us with something no less original.

The Witness

R is the development of the famous Jonathan Blow, an adventure game full of riddles and puzzles, in which you find yourself on a beautiful and mysterious island. At first, The Witness should appear on the PC platform and the PS4 console, and then it will get to iOS.

forma. 8

G In most adventure research games, your heroes are very colorful characters like Space Marines or British archaeologists, but here everything will be different: the developers of Mixed Bag made the main character a drone. What came out of this – we will soon find out...

Wizards and Warp Drives

GES if you cross Dungeons & Dragons and FTL, then you will get exactly this development of the studio with the long name The Men Who Wear Many Hats. The game combines the presence of classes, multiplayer with the ability to cooperate and interplanetary locations. Yes, and almost forgot – there are dragons in it, and not simple, but cosmic.

Rebuild 2

nThe world apocalypse has arrived, your city is in ruins, and all you can do is rebuild it, protecting it from zombie attacks. This was the idea of the first part of Rebuild, and its continuation prepares us for new challenges and surprises.


gEta game from the authors of Super Meat Boy, Team Meat team, is a simulator of the life of cats, no matter how strange it may sound. Your task here is to keep order in a house full of randomly generated kittens, grow them, and then put them on various competitions and contests.

Aralon: Forge and Flame

gI is again an epic RPG from Crescent Moon. This time, gamers are waiting for the sequel to the much-loved Aralon: Sword and Shadow, which will feature three different continents, with their own cities and dungeons, and, of course, opponents.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of our Fathers - 20th Anniversary Edition

Gstudiya Pinkerton Road decided to create a remake of the retro game Gabriel Knight, based on a detective story. The original version of this game was released back in 1993, but 20 years later, the idea still looks interesting.

Snow Siege

Milkbag Games created its first game as a mix of the genres of tower defense, collectible card game and Tetris. Then the Canadian duo released the super-popular Disco Zoo, and now they are preparing to release something with a winter theme. Well, we'll see the result later.

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon

Here you will find a continuation of the early iOS classic Spider from Tiger Style and again you will catch flies and butterflies in your nets, but this time there will be much more locations and insect species, and the time and weather from the real world will be displayed in the game, which looks very original.

Game 6

Gthe previous developments of the Simogo team - Year Walk and DEVICE 6 - will not tell you anything about the upcoming new game of this studio. So far, it doesn't even have a name, and more information about it can be found on its official website. In the world of gaming, this game is known as Game 6, as it is the sixth title of the Simogo studio.

The Detail

Gstudiya Rival Games offers you its development-a game in the style of a police drama, inspired by such famous The Wire and The Walking Dead. You will have to investigate complex cases and find out a lot of details, so prepare your logic and be patient.

The Deer God

The Deer God from Crescent Moon is not only a research puzzle game in the style of pixel art, but also a game in which bad and good deeds affect your character's character and his karma, determining when he will die and in what form he will reincarnate. The idea sounds at least original.

Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl is a game based on the classic Warhammer Fantasy gameplay and combines something incongruous-elements of American football and a board game. Recently, this development of the Focus Home Interactive studio appeared on consoles, and now it is moving towards tablet devices.


gEta a kind of game from Rad Dragon is dedicated to the pronunciation of words in time with the music. Even if you don't have a sense of rhythm, you can try to get it after the release, just to hear the beautiful soundtrack.

Wizard Golf RPG

Ggolf is a game that teaches us to calculate our steps and correctly navigate in space, role-playing games do almost the same thing. Here you will find both-a mix of golf and RPG from the studio Floor 27 Industries.

Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers

Magic 2015 is not only the next iteration of Magic: The Gathering. Here are new maps created by famous game designers. Wizards of the Coast studio managed to turn last year's sensation into the current one by releasing this game on the iPad.

Zen Garden

gOb This game is very little known, except that its interactive demo is already posted online, and the gameplay is calm and meditative.


Eta survival game is implemented in the style of sci-fi and is a turn-based adventure with many interesting missions.

Arecibo Man

The developers from Madgarden created this arcade game, clearly inspired by the game Robotron, and what the result will be is still unknown.