The 25 best MMORPGs on iOS and Android to play right now

MMORPG is one of the most popular game genres of all time - and for good reason. Games of this type offer open-world exploration, character creation, and strategic battles, similar to classic RPGs, but completely online, with hundreds if not thousands of players completing quests at the same time.

There is a huge selection of different games for mobile devices in this genre - ports of classic projects, cross-platform MMORPGs, Diablo-like developments, online survival games and P2W variants with autoboy.

Different games suit different tastes, and we want to present you with the 25 best, in our opinion, MMORPGs on iOS and Android.

Old School RuneScape

If you had to choose only one MMORPG to play on your phone, then it could be Old School RuneScape. This is the same browser-based MMO that you played in the late nineties-with an updated user interface designed specifically for mobile devices.

You'll improve, level up your skills such as combat, mining, item crafting, fishing, and more, complete hundreds of quests, and explore a vast open world.

< /p>Villagers & Heroes

< /p>If you're not familiar with OSRS, which is understandable given its age and hardcore nature, "Villagers & Heroes" is a great option number two. This game offers the same gameplay as RuneScape, but in an updated setting that somewhat resembles Fable.You will complete quests, fight enemies, level up with new skills and equipment, and hunt down powerful monsters in the open world.

Lineage 2: Revolution

Lineage 2: Revolution is a very beautiful open – world MMORPG in which autoplay solves a lot. Yes, it contains a lot of options and content, and the fights are worthy of even Diablo III in terms of entertainment. But, if you are not a fan of autoboy or P2W, look for something else, this is not the game for you. If you don't mind the AI doing most of the work and are willing to invest some real money in the game, then why not?!

Adventure Quest 3D

Adventure Quest 3D is a new contender for leadership in the MMORPG world. This project has a lot of content, it gets weekly updates, which is certainly impressive. A little disappointing is not too dynamic battles and unsuccessful visual effects.

Order & Chaos Online

Order & Chaos Online is the closest mobile app to World of Warcraft, so if it's your favorite MMORPG, then have an Order & Chaos in mind. Unfortunately, we will have to take into account that Gameloft no longer supports either it or its continuation.

Crusaders of Light

Crusaders of Light is a mobile MMORPG from Netease, and it's one of the best options for autogame fans. The visuals are really impressive, plus, the game features a wide range of classes. This project is somewhat close to Diablo: Immortal.

Toram Online

Asobimo is a well-known developer of MMORPGs for mobile devices, and Toram Online is probably the best game of these authors. There are no classes here, so you can develop the character to your liking, and there are also many options for various settings.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire

Axe: Alliance vs Empire is very similar to Lineage 2: Revolution, so if for some reason you did not fit one, then the second one will fit. If, of course, you like MMORPGs with automatic features.

< /p>Celtic Heroes

< / p>Celtic Heroes was one of the first mobile MMORPGs, but it is still popular despite its age. She regularly receives updates from the development team, and her community is very friendly.

Tales of Wind (Laplace M)

Tales of Wind is the Western version of Laplace M, and if you like autoboy MMORPGs, but don't like the dark fantasy style of Lineage 2 or Axe, then Tales of Wind is for you.

Rangers of Oblivion

Rangers of Oblivion is something like Monster Hunter Online. You will fight with huge monsters, using incredibly powerful weapons and crafting equipment.

Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends is the successor to Pocket Legends, one of the first mobile MMORPGs. This is an isometric game that has a lot of battles, loot, and everything you can expect from the classics of the genre.

Era of Legends

Era of Legends is one of the modern MMORPGs with autoboy for mobile devices, offering not quite standard gameplay. You won't be able to automatically fight in the dungeons - they will require you to play on your own. Also, there aren't many P2W elements here, as most purchases are cosmetic.

MapleStory M

MapleStory M is a classic 2D MMORPG that is reimagined specifically for mobile devices. For the most part, this is a mix of 2D platformer with MMORPG, so this game is different from the standard ones.

Durango: Wild Lands

Durango: Wild Lands appeared recently, but has already become one of the most popular mobile MMORPGs. It's basically survival with MMO elements, with crafting, construction, and of course items to create, buildings, and dinosaurs to tame.

Grow Stone Online

Grow Stone Online is a combination of a clicker with an MMORPG. You will endlessly collect resources that you can use to create new equipment, and then go into battle - in the dungeons and in the PvP arena.

Rucoy Online

Rucoy Online is a very minimalistic game, but it is a great choice for those who want to master the MMORPG genre, but can not download a huge file of one of the larger projects.

Albion Online

Albion Online is like a more modern version of RuneScape. While it's best to play it on a PC, it's also good on Android. The only advice – if possible, avoid participating in any PvP – it is more convenient to do in the computer version.


Theon advertises itself as a completely honest hardcore ARPG. There's no autoboy, P2W, or anything like that, and it gives you plenty of options to progress and develop your character – and it's all up to you here.

Dofus Touch

Dofus Touch is a classic computer MMORPG adapted for mobile devices. This is a great choice for those who prefer SRPGs, as there is a turn-based system of battles that unfold on a field divided into cells.

MU Origin

MU Origin is a reinterpretation of the classic PC MMORPG for mobile devices. This is one of the first games with autoboy, which is now fashionable to see in almost every mobile MMORPG. There are a lot of P2W elements here thanks to the VIP system.

Ragnarok M

Ragnarok M is a mobile remake of the computer MMORPG of the same name. It offers fresh 3D graphics, autoplay, and a completely new user interface for mobile devices.

Warspear Online

Warspear Online is what an MMORPG would look like if it were running on the SNES. It offers open PvP battles, four races, 10 classes, and a huge amount of customization for characters. In it, you can practice crafts to create your own individual equipment.

Dragon Nest M

Dragon Nest M is another mobile reinvention of the classic MMORPG for PC. This project focuses on dungeon battles with an incredibly action-packed battle system.

Tibia ME

Tibi is an old-school project that existed on mobile devices for quite a long time. This is one of those rare games that is reminiscent of the simpler gameplay and classic MMORPGs, such as they were when they first began to appear.