The 30 best games of 2020 on iOS and Android: Among Us, League of Legends and others (part #2)

We are back again with another selection of the best mobile games for the outgoing 2020. The previous part can be found at the link. This time, we have enough projects to please gamers with completely different tastes. These are delicious indie projects, juicy mobile ports and long-awaited games from major gaming companies that have managed to establish themselves on older platforms. Write in the comments your opinion and your own list of top games. By the way, interesting nominees are waiting for you at the end.

Among Us

InnerSloth studio saw the light at the end of the tunnel in the most unfortunate, it would seem, year-2020. The fact is that the project was released a few years ago, but for some reason it was half a year ago that it began to be noticed and no one needed the game turned into a top place for creating content and humiliating their friends. The traitors continue to do their dirty work, and the victims fall at their hands. So far, the statistics show that the probability of victory is on the side of the malicious killers. Maybe it's because no one wants to do the tasks, or Traitors are good at joining the crowd when it comes to identifying the killer and voting. Anyway, the popularity of Among Us is so high that the developers had to cancel the planned sequel.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

tinyBuild studio gave the world Hello Neighbor, which has already grown into a prequel and a separate game about catch-up in the cooperative. These guys resemble Devolver Digital, which produces seemingly niche projects, but often it turns out that they attract more attention than big-budget blockbusters (hello, Fall Guys). Now we will talk about the game with the longest name-Totally Reliable Delivery Service. It can be described as a simulator of delivering fragile and explosive objects together with friends. No, you can also play solo, but it loses all the charm.

The main catch is that it is almost impossible to control transport (air, land, sea, and so on): it skids, it tries to fall, roll over, and all that sort of thing. That is, any delivery can deliver so much pain and with it smiles that all accidents on the way to the finish line are forgiven. And there is only a crumpled box, which no one is waiting for.

Company of Heroes

Big real-time strategies have never been put in your pocket, especially when we're talking about mobile ports. Usually this is done by SEGA: we know about Rome: Total War. But just a few months ago, the Japanese publisher decided to please the game world with the release of Company of Heroes on iOS and Android. This is a realistic simulator of fighting on the Western Front during the Second World War. However, this is an RTS, so get ready to form squads, lead them into battle, hide in shelters, throw grenades, keep the enemy under overwhelming fire, and so on.

And if the enemy suddenly sits in the building, covering you with machine-gun bullets, then just send the tanks, because they will destroy this building in no time and leave the opposing side with nothing. The developers promise advanced artificial intelligence and a well-thought-out single-player campaign. The user interface is completely redesigned for touch screens, but it's better to stock up on a larger screen.

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight has established itself as the only horror game that is interesting to play with friends. From 2020, you don't have to have a PC to do this. The scheme is simple — a group of weak victims tries to recover energy from the main gate to open it and escape away from the hellish places where they start each time. The thing is that there is a maniac wandering around, often straight out of famous movies and myths. For example, if you always dreamed of dragging the victim into a nightmare and feeling like Freddy Krueger, now it has become a reality. You will even get a reward for this.

So the victims have two main goals — to escape and not to get caught on the hook, otherwise the chances of survival tend to zero. Of course, they can help a partner, but it is unlikely that random will help out in trouble, let's be honest. By the way, the characters can and should be upgraded to suit your style of play. That is, we can become the fastest runner in the Wild West, which no maniac can keep up with, or go completely into stealth, so that no crow will take off again. Who knows, maybe it's because no one else is alive.

Forza Street

We must admit that mobile racing has long moved away from the typical representatives of the genre on older platforms. That is, we practically do not control the car by pressing the gas or brake at the right moment. Forza Street is about that, so if you want a super realistic race where you can connect the steering wheel and gearbox, then it's better to turn to the recently released DiRT 5, but again, this is not on smartphones. And this project gives us a ride on sports cars, enjoy the views and feel like a professional racer without the need to memorize terms like "hairpin" or "ears". Moreover, the game's belonging to the Forza series gives it several points compared to other mobile races.


The path of Forager to smartphones is rough, but just a week ago the project was released on Android and now we can say with confidence that any gamer can try it (there was a release on iOS before). Here we appear on a random map and try to survive by any means. This is not so easy to do at first, but over time we will not only get supplies, but also real conveyors for automating resource extraction.

In general, you rarely see when indie developers release a game not because they want it, but because they were asked by the community. That is, the guys came with their project to Game Jam and it looked far from what we have now. As a result, they were noticed and asked to assemble the finished product. So we rejoice in the good taste of gamers and go to look for rare finds to mark them in the local museum.


Post-apocalyptic RPGs rarely come to smartphones, especially if we're talking about shareware. But ATOM RPG fortunately remained premium, so we can safely wander through the Soviet wasteland and be wary of everything that may be hiding around the corner. If you miss the first parts of Fallout, then here you will find a home for yourself. But the main question is-will you be able to uncover the conspiracy that threatens the planet Earth? And to make you understand the seriousness of the situation, here is the prospect-a nuclear war is not so terrible compared to what may happen.

Characters in ATOM RPG must be pumped according to all the canons of serious role-playing games. Our hero has so many parameters and characteristics that beginners will definitely want to look at the walkthrough guides at some point and realize that they did everything completely wrong. Let's not forget about the skills, of which there are dozens: do you want to crack secret places where the information you need to pass may lie, or will you try to win your life by playing cards? Anyway, the plot here is non-linear and everything is possible.

Teamfight Tactics

Riot Games has pleased the mobile industry this year. This is the first project from them, which we will look at in this article. What is Teamfight Tactics? Card battles with MOBA elements and all this in the League of Legends universe. The champions will be commanded by a cute little penguin, and it depends on us to choose the right strategy, because during the battles themselves, we will not be able to do much. In general, Teamfight belongs to such an interesting genre as"autobatlers". At one time, it was very popular, but now it is not so and this project is only helped by the League of Legends universe, on which it is built.

Dragon Raja

This project is made on the Unreal Engine 4 engine, in addition, there is a dynamic change of day and night, as well as weather conditions. Plus, the developers promise to simulate real physics, that is, we get a full-fledged project on smartphones. In general, Dragon Raja is a simulator of almost all life: we can interact with almost all objects (for example, play a guitar lying nearby), dress up and walk with an umbrella in the rain, fish, build a house, and so on. Some gamers complain about the Russian subtitles, saying that they did not translate the game exactly on a sober head. And so we do the usual things, as in any self-respecting MMORPG.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

As the cherry on the cake, I left most likely one of the best projects for the whole of 2020, especially if we are talking about shareware games. Of course, Riot Games has not yet fully released Wild Rift, but the OBT is so awesome that it can already give out all the awards for this and next year. After all, how many developers have tried to transfer the MOBA genre to smartphones, some of them were not far from success, but after a couple of skating rinks in Wild Rift, you begin to understand how wrong everyone was. Riot Games has put its heart and soul into this project and we see that it will continue to develop for many years, plus the game will definitely become an esports discipline.

The controls are very intuitive, especially after completing the training. New champions are given out for increasing the level, there is no energy, advertising and annoying in-game purchases that give an advantage to rich gamers. Here only the skill decides, so every victory against real players brings real pleasure, especially when at the end your tima pulled herself together and showed a real pro-level, which no one will ever know, except for the five of you. And the enemies will ask in vain: "Did anyone manage to write down the number of this truck?". Bravo, Riot Games.