The best alien games on Android and iOS: aliens among us

The existence of alien races and their possible aggression against humanity is an eternal theme of many blockbusters and sci-fi books. It has also been developed in the field of gaming, including mobile, finding a beneficial ground: with the possibilities of modern graphics and devices, the imagination of game designers is not limited by anything.

that's why aliens of all stripes flooded the screens of mobile devices, firmly settling on them as the heroes of a huge number of games. We present the best alien games in all possible genres for the iOS and Android platforms. Our list is far from complete, and you probably have something to add to it in the comments.


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After the crash of a space transport ship, the hero of this adventure game finds himself on the unexplored planet of Voanope, full of strange inhabitants and unusual life forms. He will have to explore its vast territories, communicate with the four races that inhabit the planet, survive and stock up on resources, build and craft, fight and get pets, and all this – to find the goods scattered across the three continents of Voanope and still deliver them to their destination. The cartoon graphics are great, the plot is fascinating, and the creatures inhabiting the planet are amazing.

XCOM®: Enemy Within

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One of the best strategies on mobile platforms immerses you in the thick of things: conflict with several alien races flares up with new force, newly discovered types of resources and gene research lead to the development of amazing technologies and weapons. How to protect yourself from the threat from outside and preserve the progress of humanity? This is a task for a real strategist.

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

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Play for the rebel rebels or for the forces of the Empire? The developers of the adventure RPG Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes offer the player to choose on which side of the force he is ready to fight. He has the right to create his own team of favorite characters collected from all eras of the franchise, and go to conquer the expanses of the galaxy, fighting in online battles, going on raids, developing heroes and creating his own space fleet. "Where are the aliens?"- you ask. Yes, they are here at every turn – after all, all the heroes of the saga "Star Wars" are inhabitants of different planets and represent a variety of races.

N.O.V.A. – Legacy < p>


gOdin of the best 3D shooters on mobile platforms puts gamers in sci-fi locations of the distant future, offering to protect the colonies of humanity from the invasion of alien invaders. The updated version of the game promises PvP battles in several modes, online and offline skirmishes, excellent graphics, campaign and special operations, as well as upgrades to the character's armor and weapons, which can not do without.

Iron Marines

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The action of this RTS with elements of tower defense develops in deep space, on newly developed planets, where the colonies of humanity are constantly attacked by aliens-alien life forms of all kinds and sizes. The task of the Iron Landing unit is to survive a huge number of attacks, develop tactics to fight against different types of invaders, win back resources and save the colonies. It won't be easy, but it will be incredibly interesting.

AVP: Evolution

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Who is stronger, Alien or still a Predator? AVP: Evolution offers to find out in a very simple way – try yourself in both roles. Choose an Alien and fight the Predators to save your fellow tribesmen from slavery, or take the Predator's side and hunt the Alien Queen. In any case, the exciting gameplay, high-quality graphics and spectacular battles will not leave indifferent fans of action.

Alien Shooter

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Glegendarny tactical shooter in the mobile version promises a multi-hour campaign to clean up the military base from the hordes of ruthless aliens. To do this, the character of the game has everything – a ton of weapons, drones and first-aid kits, developed combat skills and most importantly-the desire to go forward to the end. Dynamics and action gamers are provided-there is no doubt about it.

Aliens Drive Me Crazy

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GSPAST your city, making your way through the crowds of alien invaders to their base-that's the task set before the players in this cute action game with a ton of special effects and cartoon graphics. Along the way, you will have to upgrade your weapons and car more than once, customize your character, collect power-ups and shoot bosses. And, most importantly , it will be fun.

Aliens vs. Pinball

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gTematics of aliens are not spared and pinball-this simulator offers three spectacular tables for pinball, made in the style of the franchise " Alien". The first two tables are devoted to the struggle of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, and then her daughter Amanda against xenomorphs, and the third-the battles of two of the most aggressive and dangerous aliens in the history of cinema-Alien and Predator. The voice acting, music, and sound effects involved in the game are all taken from the original franchise, so an appropriate atmosphere is guaranteed.

Death Worm: Alien Monster

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When, instead of protecting people from aliens, players will have to, at the whim of game designers, do the opposite-hunt people in the role of creepy monsters. This is exactly what happens in Death Worm, where a huge underground alien worm attacks and devours everything in its path. He is driven by an insatiable hunger, and woe to those who are not far from his habitat.