The best apps for listening to music on Android: services and players

Would you believe that not so long ago music was the same kind of art as movies, books, plays or games? It still remains an art, but it surrounds us so tightly that we can't help but feel as if it is a natural noise that should be everywhere: at home, on the road in transport, in various institutions, and even before going to bed.

We live in an amazing time when we can not only listen to music at any time, but also constantly find something new. Yes, and pay a penny for it. I sincerely hope that no one downloads music illegally anymore, and either buys it or uses subscription services. If not — we tell you what options are available for this on Android.

Google Music, YouTube Music

This music streaming service has been around for almost 8 years, and during that time it has become one of the most popular in its niche.

For a little money, the search giant offers tens of millions of songs, synchronization between devices, the ability to store up to 100,000 of its own music files in the cloud, and a good recommendation system.

Like most modern services, Google Music has a family subscription that costs less than two standard ones, but it allows you to connect up to 6 family members to it.

YouTube Music is something that should eventually replace Google Music. The system is based on YouTube. It can be used for free, but with a number of inconvenient restrictions. For example, you can't lock your device while playing, download tracks to your device, and you'll be forced to listen to ads. But a huge database of tracks and a recommendation system is in place.


This is the most popular application for listening to music files from a domestic developer. Someone is already so used to streaming services that they do not see the point in such players, but they exist and remain popular. You can use them if you buy albums or tracks separately and are looking for a program that can play them.

AIMP is capable of even more in this regard. It supports many formats, including FLAC, MP3, MP4 and others. It has equalizer settings, the ability to stream online via the HTTP protocol, and visual themes.


It's not a free music site, but it's not a typical streaming service either. It's best to think of SoundCloud as " YouTube for music."

It is a platform for distributing audio information with some social network features. Many beginners and popular musicians use its services to talk about their work. Recently, podcasts are increasingly available on the site.

You will not listen to the music of your favorite artists here, but you will easily find something new and unusual.

Apple Music

I have repeatedly heard about how people switched from Google Music to Apple Music, even if the first service completely satisfied them. They pointed to a larger song base, higher quality compositions, and hand-picked selections.

I do not have a preconceived opinion, but even after 3 dense months of using Apple Music, I returned to Google Music without any doubts. Perhaps the program on Android is really far from perfect, which is not surprising. I'm glad that the Cupertinos released it at all, because many people use Android smartphones, but tablets with iOS, and this is a great opportunity to have a single database of tracks.

Apple Music itself may be a good service, but the Android app is far from perfect.

PlayerPro, Poweramp

These are probably the most popular music players that exist in Google Play since the first versions of Android. Now there are many programs that are even superior to these solutions in some ways, but if you still have licenses for these applications, then you should not neglect them:

Support for a large number of formats, the ability to change the appearance of the player with the help of skinsequalizerwidgetsediting tags, This and much more have made PlayerPro, Poweramp (possibly even n7 and JetAudio) real legends among music programs on Android.

Yandex. Music

The same tens of millions of tracks as Google Music and Apple Music, but without recommendations. Yes, the service has a feature called "Playlist of the Day", which takes into account preferences and selects a playlist, but this is not the same as the radio of a particular music composition. Instead, there is a radio by genre, mood, occupation, and even era.

But Yandex. Music has a great emphasis on domestic artists, which is important if you love it.

In most CIS countries, the service is available for free, and you only need to pay for a subscription if you use additional features, such as listening to music online.

BlackPlayer, Neutron Player, Phonograph, Pulsar are modern applications for those who independently build a library. If older programs have acquired functionality gradually, then modern samples are stuffed with it initially: excellent design in the style of Material Design, equalizer, support for many formats and everything that you expect from such programs.


The least popular service for streaming music. The main feature of Deezer is Flow, a personal soundtrack collected from your favorite artists, genres and individual preferences.

For most of the popular songs, there is also text, and the selections are also collected manually by the service's editors. You can use Deezer for free by periodically listening to ads and connecting to the network.