The best autobatlers of 2019 on iOS and Android: Auto Chess, Dota Underlords and others

The genre of autobatlers appeared earlier this year with the release of Dota Auto Chess-a modification for Dota 2. Very quickly, the project moved to mobile, and the trend drew the attention of large studios. New games almost never come out, but the backbone is very decent and continues to develop.

Auto Chess

With this game, a new genre was born. At the start, it took a lot from Dota 2 itself, but after leaving Valve, the developers tried to give their project originality, in particular through new characters.

There are no important differences between Auto Chess and its competitors, but the status of the first one obliges. And since the name of the genre is not fixed anywhere and by no one, such projects are often called auto-chess, instantly referring to the progenitor.

Dota Underlords

When Valve failed to entice the authors of Auto Chess, they quickly built their own version, which is one of the most popular autobatlers today.

Here are the same Dota heroes, a darker style and a different approach to the subjects. Plus, the project supports a cross-platform game from the start.

Chess Rush

This is Tencent's attempt to jump on the trend train. There are no original ideas in it, but the developers were the first to introduce shorter matches, slightly changing the rules.

Over time, there are also additional modes for the game 2 on 2 and even 4 on 4, and thanks to the stable graphics, it works on inexpensive devices.

Hearthstone Battlefields Mode

The announcement of the autobatler mode called Battlegrounds was a surprise, but it itself, as is often the case with Blizzard, was a success.

Everything works according to the familiar principle, but with cards from Hearthstone. Players put creatures on the battlefield, and they take turns, from left to right, attacking random units of the opponent. At the same time, all map properties are triggered as usual. The game will appeal to both Hearthstone fans and those who are looking for something new in the genre of autobatlers.

Arena of Evolution: Chess Heroes

This game just managed to come out on mobile before the rest — at a time when everyone was just beginning to realize that a new phenomenon was maturing. After the appearance of competitors, its popularity has significantly decreased, but the developers continue to support the project.