The best fighting games of 2018 on iOS and Android: who did you have to beat this year?

After the release of Shadow Fight 3, it was hardly worth hoping that someone would release something similar. And although this year there were enough projects in the genre, no one was able to compare with the Nekki project.

Tekken Mobile

The project from Bandai Namco appeared back in 2017, but it reached a full release only at the end of winter this year. All this time, the developers updated it, adding new characters, modes and features, but this did not save from the main drawback — too simple battle system, which is especially important for the genre as a whole, and for Tekken Mobile, as one of the parts of a truly cult series.

Dragon Ball Legends

Initially, this project was announced as an advertisement for a technology that allows you to play online multiplayer with users from all over the world. And only after that, the developers began to talk about the game itself.

It is still not available all over the world, it is far from the standard gameplay (we even thought not to include the game in the top at all), but if you abstract from the practice of computer fighting games in the face of Mortal Kombat, Tekken and Street Fighter, then there is a certain fun in local battles.

They are built on maps. You accumulate energy and expend it not by various attacks and special strikes. All this is cool animated in the style of the series and supplemented with micromanagement outside of the fights.

Wonder Blade

It would be better to call this game beat ' em up, and not a fighting game, but given what fighting games turn into on mobile, Wonder Blade is able to compete with them on an equal footing.

Here you will learn combinations linked to certain combinations of buttons, accumulate a series of successful strikes and even fight with bosses. All this with a cartoon, but high-quality picture. And yes, the details that fans of fighting games love so much are in place.

Rumble Arena: Super Smash Legends

On December 7, the new part of the fighting game Super Smash Bros. was released on Nintendo Switch. Ultimate, which received an average score of 93 from critics.

On mobile, something like this can not even be expected, but if you are OK with compromises, pay attention to the Rumble Arena from Rekall Games. The game has previously appeared on mobile, and this fall appeared in an updated form.

The main feature is the victory condition, as in the games from Nintendo. You need not only to lower the opponent's health value to zero, but also to drop it from the edge of the arena. It is unlikely that you will be inspired by the appearance of Rumble Arena, but an attempt to repeat the cult project can not be counted.

Boxing Star

Being also a sports simulator, Boxing Star is an original variation on the theme of a fighting game. The gameplay is built on dodges and combinations of blows.

The graphics are bright and detailed, and for a change, the developers have prepared a story mode, several multiplayer options, and a whole bunch of opportunities for training and customizing characters.