The best first-person shooters (FPS) on Android and iOS: from Call of Duty to Counter-Strike

I'll give you some unpleasant but honest advice. If you want to play good shooters, put your phone aside, sit down at your favorite PC, or pick up a gamepad and play. If for some reason you can not do this or persistently want to play exactly on your smartphone in what the developers boldly call shooters, look further, but be prepared for the worst

Call of Duty: MobileCall of Duty is not only the most famous shooter, but also one of the most popular game series in history. Not surprisingly, the launch of the mobile version has set a lot of records. But if you compare it with adult brothers, then such indicators no longer seem so obvious.

The main thing that is in Call of Duty: Mobile is a fan service. Here you will find maps from the best parts of Modern Warfare and Black Ops, and characters, and tokens for any sneeze. Being in the game is unlikely to be confused with something.

But we play for the sake of the gameplay, and it is only nominally available here. In fact, Call of Duty is the same shooter as Asphalt — race. There seems to be a first-person view, and different weapons, and enemies react to hits, but there is no feeling that you are actually shooting. And while you haven't had time to write an angry comment, it's worth noting that this applies to all the games in this collection, just Call of Duty was lucky to be the first.

But the developers managed to make the gameplay as accessible as possible. What is only shooting with a sniper rifle, which is not annoying. Previously, this could only be found in shooting galleries. There are also flamethrowers, drones, and fire support. As with everything else-it's nice to know that there are such opportunities, but in terms of gameplay, the use of these tools does not bring much pleasure.

Call of Duty: Mobile — a game of average quality, but this quality is justified by the complexity of the transfer of genre features on mobile. If you compare it with its competitors, it is a head higher than most.

PUBG Mobilein one of the most popular royal battles of our time, there is also a first-person mode. It is not as popular as the usual one, but it works on the example of other projects of the genre.

The main problem with this mode — it is in it that all the graphic flaws come out. With a third-person view, a good part of the screen is occupied by the character and, most often, objects in the distance. But when you look from the inside, you have to consider the environment, and it is performed much worse here, if compared with the same Call of Duty.

But the shooting (we agreed that we would call the local mechanics shooting, right?!) more or less tolerable. The recoil is there, and opponents sometimes react to hits.

Shadowgun LegendsMADFINGER Games were the main suppliers of good mobile shooters until the battle royale appeared on iOS and Android. You are probably familiar with their zombie projects Unkilled and Dead Trigger. However, Shadowgun Legends is the pinnacle of developers ' creativity, and probably the only worthy representative of the genre of MMO shooters on mobile.

When compared to console projects, Shadowgun can be compared to Destiny or The Division. The same end-to-end story, hub location, the ability to interact with other players and the expectation that you will play this game for years.

It is worth noting that Shadowgun Legends is a shooter in a sci-fi setting. Here, the weapons are more interesting than typical military projects, and the scenery is brighter. But it was originally created for the first-person view, so it feels great.

The developers managed to convey the same sense of fantastic adventure. Of course, the format provides for both short locations and a fairly arcade process, but there are simply no analogues of this game on mobile.

And next year, based on Legends, a multiplayer War Games will be released, which will compete with Call of Duty: Mobile. And she has every chance to get better.

Infinity ORS is another project in a sci-fi setting, but this time it's just a multiplayer shooter. This is the development of the company Azur Interactive, which has a portfolio full of monotonous projects, where only the content changes. There are several royal battles, and Modern Strike, and the recent AWP Mode.

One of the main features of Infinity Ops is low gravity and jetpacks. This makes the game more dynamic, forcing you to move not only around the location, but also periodically soar above it. Not that it was convenient to do it on mobile, but this is not often found, so it attracts attention.

With regard to shooting, it is difficult not to pay attention to the strange behavior of the weapon. It seems that the developers honestly wanted to add a return, but could not figure out how to implement it realistically, so they just animated a kind of twitch. However, this is not a minus, but just a feature that is difficult to pass by.

Ace ForceOverwatch today is one of the most popular shooters on PC and consoles, so it's even surprising that there are so few high-quality clones on mobile. The closest thing to the title of a noteworthy analog of the Blizzard shooter on mobile is the Chinese Ace Force from Tencent, although the upcoming Shadowgun War Games also resembles it.

In fact, there are other features in Ace Force as well. First, all the characters are made in the anime style, and we, as you know, have more fans of Japanese animation than those who want to play shooters on mobile. The graphics in the village-shading style are reminiscent of the Borderlands console series.

The main feature here is the unique characters, which primarily refers to Overwatch. There are also conventional weapons, and flamethrowers, and erected defensive structures, and much more. And even though in most cases only the fire animations and damage are changed, some types of attack really feel unique.

If the studio has the desire to develop the game qualitatively, and at some point it will reach the whole world, then it has a good chance of competing with the current leaders of the genre.

Guns of VOM This game was lucky to start at the right time. She managed to get out before the appearance of the royal battles and almost from the very beginning aimed at esports.

Against the background of competitors, the game looks average, even though it uses cartoon graphics. But the developers have focused on balance, so that in the matches, the skill plays the first role, and not the characteristics of the selected fighter.

The weapons are the most classic, but each has its own perks.

In terms of gameplay, the main feature of the game was auto-shooting, which allowed to attract players primarily by the dynamics of what is happening. Separately, there is also PRO Play — the same esports mode with a verified balance.

A bonus for those who follow the esports component of the game is the observer mode in augmented reality. You can place the game map in your room and explore it from the top view through the screen of your smartphone. Both convenient and impressive.

Standoff 2Standoff 2 is a typical mobile shooter, inspired primarily by Counter-Strike. It has been in beta test mode for more than two years and feels great.

Here are 7 maps, 5 modes and "shooting", from which the enemies do not even try to react to hits.

This fall, the developers began testing the long-awaited "Rating Game" mode, and there is nothing more to tell about the game. If you like military action games, play Call of Duty: Mobile, if Counter-Strike — choose Standoff 2.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout For a long time, the Modern Combat series from Gameloft was a kind of analog of Call of Duty on mobile. Blackout is the latest story game in the series, released in 2014, and it's both funny and sad that the 5-year-old project can still be ranked among the best shooters on mobile.

Multiplayer mode is also available here, but it is still outdated, despite the active support of developers. And from full-fledged single-player campaigns, even if too "Hollywood", we have not seen on mobile for a long time, and it is unlikely that we will see it soon, so it makes sense to return to this old man. By the way, shooting in it feels better than many modern clones of Call of Duty.

With modern multiplayer shooters and royal battles, everything is clear, but just imagine what a full-fledged new Modern Combat could be if Gameloft thought not only about earning money. And on this note, I once again insist on putting down my smartphone and going in search of shooters in more suitable places for this. But don't worry. Good games on mobile are also available, just in completely different genres.