The best games about virtual pets for iOS and Android

The first virtual pets appeared back in 1996 – then it was electronic toys called Tamagotchi. The classic tamagotchi looked like a plastic egg with a liquid crystal screen and a few buttons. Watching the life of a pet on a small screen turned out to be an incredibly exciting process, given that this creature had to be taken care of – fed, bathed, taken for walks and even treated.

The idea of virtual pets has safely moved to modern smartphones and tablets in the form of many games dedicated to the care of animals and various fictional, but cute creatures. Thanks to touchscreens, caring for them has become even more interesting, and the capabilities of current gadgets allow you to play games with your pets, shoot videos about them, buy them food and clothes, hear their voice, put them to bed and decorate their homes.

Ms decided to explore the range of pet games on the shelves of the virtual stores App Store and Google Play, and here's what we found there:

My Talking Tom

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gEta game for iOS and Android from OutFit 7 is incredibly popular, and its character – Tom the cat - probably everyone knows. You get a small kitten, and then watch it grow, feed it, put it to bed, play with it in 10 interesting mini-games, the number of which is constantly updated. Your Tom experiences different emotions – he may be sad and, conversely, very happy. He can go to visit other cats, wear the clothes you choose and repeat the words you say. Shoot funny videos about him, earn gold coins in games, furnish his apartment with furniture, change his appearance-from the color of his eyes to the color of his coat – almost everything is possible in this game.


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The hero of this game from the studio Zakeh was a charming alien creature named Pou. You have to take care of it in every possible way and for this the game offers just a huge amount of content. Pou has a bedroom where he rests, there is a courtyard for walking, a game room with many mini-games (very interesting and diverse), of course, there is a kitchen and a bathroom. You will be able to buy him food and clothes, and even change his appearance – the color of his skin and eyes. Costumes and hats, glasses and wigs are all available in the in-game store. The pou is growing, which means it needs to be fed regularly, but be careful-don't make it too fat. Although, this is fixable-buy a special elixir for weight loss, and he will become slim again. Sometimes your pet will be sick, and sometimes he will be sad and you will have to treat him or play with him. In a word, there is more than enough trouble waiting for you and there will clearly be no time to be bored… This game is available on both iOS and Android platforms and has a lot of fans around the world.


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gI again the inhabitant of your iOS or Android device becomes a cat, moderately shkodny and very cute. He lives in a spacious apartment that you will have to decorate and furnish, he has a refrigerator that you need to fill with his favorite food, and a set of mini-games that you will enjoy playing. You can choose the gender and name of your funny cat, as well as change its colors, buy him toys and new furniture. All this is sold for in-game currency, which, unfortunately, is quite difficult to earn here. But, in general, this development of the Dynamic Pixels studio looks very good.

My First Dog (iOS) or MyDogs (Android)

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Eta game from PlayBean will please those who are not a fan of the cat family. Do cats seem too selfish and lazy to you? Then get a cute and loyal puppy as a virtual pet – you can also dress him up in the most incredible and funny costumes, feed him and take him for a walk. The more time you spend with your pet, the more abilities you can develop in it. With your help, the puppy will learn many interesting things and will be able to perform at competitions in order to become a real champion sooner or later.

My Virtual Pet

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Na this time the game offers you a variety of pets – everyone will find in it exactly the little animal that he likes. There is a cute kitten, a charming puppy, and a baby hamster, and if you want something more original, then get a little llama in your iOS or Android device. This game is created by the studio Tapps and belongs to the category of educational, it contains educational mini-games for younger gamers, designed to train memory, reaction speed and logical skills, to develop imagination and the ability to think creatively.

Kitty & Puppy: Love Story

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R Four cute kittens and the same number of charming puppies-these are the pets that you will have to take care of in this game from TabTale. Care includes not only delicious food and the purchase of glamorous clothes – your animals will participate in photo shoots and competitions, so you will bathe and comb them as often as possible. Dress up your little animals and buy them accessories, train them, play with them and pick up their friends - there are enough classes for a long time.

My Horse

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gEta the development of the MunkyFun studio is published by NaturalMotion for both mobile platforms, iOS and Android, and is a surprisingly realistic simulator of caring for a real horse. The game features great 3D graphics and thoughtful gameplay. You will have to get a horse of one of the eight possible breeds and take care of it-feed, clean and train it to participate in competitions. You can take photos of your pet and visit other players ' stables to help them take care of their horses.