The best games of April: Spellforce, Auto Chess, Korean MMORPG Traha and others

April still turned out to be quite a passing month. A couple of high-profile releases took place, but one of them is in the trial run mode, also in Korean, which will probably scare off a lot of players, and the second — it seems to be in a popular genre, but, in fact, a typical clone. However, against the background of these expected high-profile new products, there are also games that will not attract such a significant audience, but will be loved in their small but cozy circle of fans.

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Arena of Evolution: Chess negoesfans of multiplayer entertainment are probably familiar with Dota Auto Chess. This is the most rapidly developing custom map in Dota 2, which, following the example of its base game, is already creating a new genre, which is also being mastered on mobile devices. While Auto Chess itself is only available through the apk, Arena of Evolution: Chess Heroes has already been released on Google Play. This is a trial release, but players from Russia are lucky to be a part of it.

What is Arena of Evolution for those who are not familiar with the Auto Chess genre? This is a multiplayer game, which is a turn-based strategy, where 8 players fight on the same field at the same time.

Given the unofficial name of the genre, many compare Arena of Evolution with chess, but there are few similarities, in addition to the field divided into cells.

During the game, you call up heroes on the field. This is given a limited time. The opponent does the same. After that, the battle begins, which takes place automatically. As a result, players receive coins for which they buy characters for the next round.

There are 60 heroes in the game, and one of the main elements of the game is their competent combination on the field.

I am glad that the developers have not just released a project in a popular genre to earn money, but are very actively working on it. By the time of the full release, Arena of Evolution will surely be able to compete with Dota Auto Chess.

Construction Simulator 3 is the first important release intended for a narrow circle of fans. Construction Simulator 3 is a full-fledged construction simulator that combines everything that the developers from astragon have learned over the years of working on similar games. After all, it's a full-fledged premium game with a fixed price tag, which means something these days.

We announced Construction Simulator 3 with a very spectacular cinematic trailer, which promised graphics almost at the level of computer games. The reality was more prosaic, but the game itself didn't get any worse. Yes, it lacks shadows, and some animations look too sloppy, but simulators are definitely not played for this.

This time you will have to go to a small European town and use licensed equipment from Caterpillar, Liebherr, CASE, Bobcat and other manufacturers to fulfill more than 70 contracts.

You will repair roads, build houses and change the appearance of an entire city with a total area of 10 km2.

Players note that compared to the last part of Construction Simulator 3 has not changed much, but one of the main features of the new product, which should appeal to fans of the genre, was the view from the cockpit.

This is an extremely meditative game for a narrow circle of connoisseurs, but at least they are provided with emotions for dozens of hours.

DISTRAINT 2 After the appearance of available game engines and simplification of the process of publishing games on Steam and on mobile, projects from independent developers began to appear in batches. Especially popular were (and still are) indie horror films. But popularity doesn't always mean quality. Even today, in the top App Store and Google Play, you can find a lot of projects with low ratings from disappointed players.

However, there are also gems, including the psychological horror Distraint, a full-fledged sequel to which was released last month on mobile.

< /p>Distraint 2 is a continuation of the story told in the first part about a man named Price, who sold his humanity for a partnership in a successful company.

Now he has to save his soul and learn what hope and destiny are.

Distraint 2 — this is a pixel-based, but very high-quality, hand-drawn side-scroller with atmospheric music. The game takes place in a few hours, but if you believe the players on Steam, App Store and Google Play, it fully justifies itself.

If you are suddenly interested, do not start the passage with this part. Be sure to complete the original first.

Fighting EX Layer-In 2017, the ARIKA studio on the first of April joked, presenting a trailer for a new fighting game. The audience took the joke positively, and the developers released a full-fledged Fighting Ex Layer project after a year and a half. On this Fool's Day, the company again joked about the mobile version of the fighting game, but this time it did not even make players wait, and immediately introduced Fighting Ex Layer alpha.

This is a game based on the computer version with a recognizable visual style and familiar characters. True, a limited number of heroes are still available for the game, but even here the authors will probably not pull, and there will be more content in the upcoming updates.

Despite the early release of Fighting Ex Layer alpha, many already call it the best fighting game on mobile. And there are a number of reasons for this. First, it looks good, which means it is not inferior to modern leaders in the face of Mortal Combat, Injustice and others. Secondly, the gameplay is not too simple. The authors were able to find a balance between full-fledged buttons, as on consoles and banal taps, as in mobile versions of fighting games. There is also the usual tap attack, and combinations made by gestures that repeat the silhouettes of movements.

Plus, the game is now available without microtransactions and ads. Over time, the method of monetization may change, but there is hope that the game will become fully paid.

SpellForce-Heroes & Madiste now about the game, the likes of which I would like to see more often in the mobile app stores, albeit in a better form. SpellForce-Heroes & Magic is a spin-off of the popular RPG series with strategy elements. In this version, the developers have changed a lot, but still tried to offer players a full-fledged fantasy adventure.

The main feature of SpellForce on computers is the combination of RPG elements with the pumping of the main character, dialogues, a well-developed plot and real-time strategy, where you can control a full-fledged army.

On mobile, this combination remained, but instead of a real-time strategy, the developers offered players a turn-based one, and in place of the RPG, there was a naked pumping. Plus, they abandoned the plot, which will probably hurt the fans of the series.

You will find 13 missions, during which you, as a Dark Elf, Orc or Human, will explore the realms, make alliances, conquer cities and much more.

The game is distributed at a fixed price without ads and in-game purchases. The first players note technical errors and a strong difference from the main series, but argue that compared to what Command & Conquer has become on mobile, SpellForce is an achievement.

Rival Stars Horse Racing is the most "mobile" game presented in this collection: from a well-known publisher, in a beautiful package, free, with a lot of mechanics and a mandatory limit, when playing without investing real money becomes unbearable. But the authors of Into the Dead 2 are responsible for it, so it's worth giving it a chance.

Rival Stars Horse Racing is an equestrian club manager simulator. In the story, you get a horse club inherited from your uncle. He was once the pride of the family, but now he can barely make ends meet. Your task is to restore the former greatness.

To do this, you will be engaged in almost everything you can imagine: breeding horses, hiring staff, making financial decisions, trading, and even personally participating in horse racing.

It is thanks to the combination of such different mechanics that the game has a chance to earn popularity. You will need to buy horses, look for trainers for them, who will be able to discover their strengths. Over time, you will be able to breed horses and sell them for money. Separately, we will have to deal with the restoration of the estate and the improvement of the training complex, so that the scale of development only grows.

When you get tired of such red tape, you can ride one of the horses and go to the arena to take part in the races. They are quite simple from a gameplay point of view, but they look spectacular.

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a game with its own shortcomings, but it hides them better than most premium entertainment.Naruto: Slugfest Naruto is one of the most popular anime in history, and it's no surprise that games based on this series still attract thousands of players. On mobile, in the trial run mode, Naruto: Slugfest has just been released, and has already attracted more users than the bulk of the projects in this collection combined.

This is the official licensed game based on the famous anime series, so you are waiting for familiar characters, places and events.

Gameplay This is a full-fledged action game with RPG elements, where you can explore the open world and follow the story written and approved by the creators of the series itself.

Even the fact of the appearance of a major project on the anime so beloved by the audience pleases in itself, and true gamers will surely be interested in the gameplay with a real combat system, different types of attacks and combos.

Between the battles, you will find animation inserts, which will allow you to fully enjoy the local story. Finally, Naruto: Slugfest is an MMO, so you can interact with other players and constantly add new content. The main thing is not to forget that this is a release in the trial run mode.

Agatha Knife Action adventures are not particularly popular on mobile due to the platform features. Mostly players choose mobile devices to pass the time, and for full-fledged adventures turn to consoles or PCs. But if you don't have this option, last month has prepared some cool releases, including the sarcastic Agatha Knife.

Agatha Knife is a typical quest with an emphasis on a funny story. You will play as a girl named Agatha, who works in a butcher shop and suffers from seeing animals die. Whether to calm her conscience, or out of genuine concern for her younger brothers, she decides to establish a new religion, "meat-eating", and to attract as many animals as possible to it, in order to convince them that sacrificing oneself is the secret of eternal happiness.

The plot, the whole plot, each character and individual scenes are filled with sarcasm to the point of failure. If you have long realized that it is very difficult to treat what is happening in the world with complete seriousness, then you should appreciate the brand humor. And the developers promise "nerdy" references and complex puzzles. Fans of the genre-strongly recommended.

Agatha Knife is a fairly short, but memorable adventure with a hand-drawn picture, atmospheric music and unforgettable jokes.

TrahaItak, Traha. One of the most popular Korean publishers, Nexon has officially released a new MMORPG in its homeland. Last year, the company clearly hinted at what kind of bet it was making on this project. But now it has an average rating of 2.8 in both stores, although this, of course, does not mean anything. Even if the MMORPG has 1.5 points, it will still be played. But what exactly is with Traha?

First, it should be understood that the game was officially released only in Korea. This means that you should not expect any official support, no Russian (or at least English), or even a stable connection.

But players can count on a good picture, possible thanks to Unreal Engine 4. The story of Traha describes the confrontation of two factions, one of which will need to join when creating a character.

One of the main features is the Infinity Class system, thanks to which the player changes the class by changing weapons, rather than being tied to one.

Of course, the mobile MMORPG has autoboy, but it is optional and balanced. According to the players, with manual battles, you will fight more effectively and gain more experience.

As a result, now Traha is a typical Korean MMORPG, which no one will dare to recommend. You should think for yourself about whether to play such a project.

Cyber Hunter, but the publisher NetEase is not tired of releasing royal battles. The company's portfolio includes both Knives Out and Rules of Survival, which have already brought in half a billion dollars since the release, so why stop? But if earlier Battle Royale publishers took an example from PUBG, now they paid attention to Fortnite.

Cyber Hunter is an obvious clone of the battle royale from Epic Games, and the authors do not even try to hide it. Although, of course, they added original elements there. First of all, Cyber Hunter is a fantasy in its purest form with various nano-devices, vehicles, and so on. Secondly, it has parkour, which adds even more vertical gameplay. A bold move for a mobile game.

The developers even offered to create the appearance of their hero, although it is not entirely clear who needs it? Single, duet, and team modes are also available. The same applies to the construction familiar to Fortnite fans.

It turns out that despite the obvious borrowings, Cyber Hunter will be able to attract an audience to its project thanks to a competent combination of ideas. And this is just the beginning.

Yes, April, unfortunately, also could not offer anything that mobile players would exclaim: "Finally". All according to the usual scheme: a couple of story adventure games, multiplayer strategy, Korean MMORPG in a trial run, and action based on the famous anime. But, as usual, almost certainly everyone was able to choose something to their taste.