The best games of February 2021 on iOS and Android: Titan Quest, Slay the Spire, Warhammer: Odyssey

February was not generous with releases: the game industry went into hibernation, but this is not a reason to be discouraged. There are still interesting projects on smartphones, which I will tell you about. These will be the long-awaited ports, the next reissues, mobile MMORPGs and everything that can entertain the gamer with lamp evenings. Leave your list of top games for February in the comments. A selection for January, see here, and we went.

CyberHero: Cyberpunk

Apparently, CD Projekt RED is not going to port Cyberpunk 2077 to smartphones. Instead, we got this-a third-person arena shooter. The scheme is simple: we fly into the match and gain the maximum number of kills. A crown hangs over the best one. Players are divided into two teams; during the match, there is a list with the leaders. Graphics — one polygon and several neon lights. Sometimes a health booster will spawn on the map. After the victory, our character is pumped, plus they give out loot boxes. To get in-game currency, you need to complete various tasks: play a detmatch, open three chests, and so on. For resources, by the way, we upgrade our equipment; the maximum level of items is the fifth. From the full set, we get a buff. It's a pity that sniper rifles can not be used for their intended purpose: the character still shoots from the hip. In general, a passer-by.

The Legend of Red Fire

Remember Orcs Must Die? So, the indie developers decided to take the concept of this game and make something of their own. The result is The Legend of Red Fire. In it, we play as a goblin who rides on some fantasy monster. His task is to protect his settlement from annoying orcs with drums. They probably interfere with sleep at night and annoy the goblins. The answer is simple: we take the incendiary mixture and throw it at the orcs. For greater success, the earth should be watered with oil and arrange a fiery carnival. Orcs come in waves, and at the moment of respite, you can put traps in their path. So far, the project is being developed, so there are shortcomings, for example, orcs can abruptly stop drumming and then the goblin runs in complete silence. As a budget alternative to Orcs Must Die-it will do.

Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire — a bagel and a card game in one bottle. Each round is unique, and with it the deck of cards. There are also several characters, they have their own basic set of cards. If you think about card games, then it is better to look at the similarity in the direction of another bagel-Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale. Our task is to get to the top of the spire. The path there is thorny and it is the player who chooses which direction to go. It happens that it is better to go for a light mob, but sometimes a valuable reward is a priority and then the dirt begins. You see, if the planets converge and you are very lucky, then the passage of Slay the Spire will take about an hour. Otherwise, we get into an endless maelstrom: climb the spire, beat mobs and pray for the drop of good cards.

Birdie Crush

A sunny summer day, a green field and a ball in the hole-this is how any golfer imagines a perfect day. If you add anime characters, it will be quite kawaii. This is quite an arcade game: choose the direction of the ball and try to hit it accurately. After training, we are offered to play with real opponents. The theme is this: everyone hits without waiting for the opponent's move, the most important thing is how many strokes are made to drive the ball into the hole or break the smartphone screen. To dilute the tedious and stressful everyday life of a golfer, the publisher Com2uS added special skills. To get them, you need to hit the ball on the desired zone (there will be a blue lightning). Not without loot boxes and premium currencies. Want to win? Knock out a rare stick and pump it up. You can't beat your opponent with it.

Speed Fever

Do you know the genre of "runners"? So, Speed Fever refers to it. Here our sports car goes to the finish line at breakneck speed. There are only four lanes, and we need to avoid traffic and ,as they say,"play checkers". The gameplay is divided into levels, they need a certain rank of the car. They can be pumped, which will add rank, but in the end you will still have to buy a new car. Nothing is said about the monitors, Xzibit is also not there. If you take nitro, you can overtake your opponent and even demolish traffic on your way. The problem with traffic jams is solved! Gold coins and cards for opening other cars are given out for passing. Since the project is shareware, it was not without a fuel indicator (this is local energy).


Hardly anyone thinks that there are not enough MMORPGs on smartphones. Especially with an isometric camera. Anyway, the guys from Asia are not discouraged. What is Abysswalker? It's a game with an overloaded interface, check-out quests, auto-combat, and armor sharpening. There is no Russian language, and the English font is sometimes compressed so much that there is no doubt: this is a Chinese project. Here you will find a store, loot boxes, and even weekly cards. All this is done in order to get equipment and premium currency (logically). Do you like to try your luck? Then we spend the blue crystals to get even more crystals. The scheme is as follows: we put a certain number of crystals and click on the "lucky cat's foot". If you're lucky, you can hit the jackpot. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Then let's move on.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

Oh, this Titan Quest. It's been reprinted on smartphones so many times that it's easy to get confused. Recently, a legendary edition was released and you may ask: "How does it differ from the HD version?". The short answer is nothing. They put on a horse price tag and said that this is "the best version on mobile phones." The graphics remained with the greetings from 2006, the text is also not readable on devices with a small diagonal, and the goal is the same-to cut down mythical creatures in search of better armor. The publisher HandyGames assures that in the new reissue they removed a lot of bugs, but updates with fixes are released for HD and Legendary editions at the same time. They promise support for the controller, it is not yet available. Definitely go for nostalgia for the green orcs and if you want to get all three DLC at once. You can also transfer your saves from the HD version. Everyone else hold the line and wait for Diablo Immortal.

Warhammer: Odyssey

Many have been waiting for the release of Odyssey, because it is a breath of fresh air in the midst of Asian MMORPGs. It turned out that not everything is so rosy and the game has its own sores. The first begins with the graphics and gameplay — they are here at the level of World of Warcraft sample 2004. If you have a nostalgia for killing mobs and collecting items in small locations, then the project will come in. The cherry on the cake: often you have to throw other players an invite to the group, because mobs spawn slowly, and there are not enough of them for all. Sometimes even in a full group you will perform one quest for about five minutes. In terms of pumping, the game is more hardcore than other MMO: mobs hit hard, so the flask on HP will become your best friend. On the other hand, there is no normal alternative, so we chew the cactus, rejoice and cry.

Modern Warships

Although Wargaming has released World of Warships Blitz, the game has competitors on smartphones, One of them is Modern Warships. What do we have? Team battles on ships with arcade controls: the ship itself fires missiles, you just need to aim at the target. The battles last about six minutes, but the ships absorb a lot of damage, plus there is no special dynamics in the battles; from this it remains to enjoy the views. A lot of damage can be done if you bump your nose into an enemy: about half of the HP as it was not. Ships differ in the level of rarity, they need to be pumped. You can not only shoot, but also launch a helicopter or fighter from the deck. They are controlled manually and have a separate health indicator. The damage is huge, but there is little health, plus you can not control the ship at this moment. The interface and the voice of the speaker in Russian.

Super Storm

Everyone used to play "The floor is lava!"as a child. The rules are simple: imagine that the ground is flooded with lava and make our way along the curbs, benches and other hills to the goal. A few years ago, the game Floor is Lava was born; it won my heart and even became the reason for a trial subscription to Apple Arcade. And now the Russian developer has released its own, brutal version — Super Storm. Here, the floor is also covered in lava, but this time we are running through the ruins of the city. There is not much to cling to, but there is a "Leap of Faith" with the sound of Assassin's Creed. The game is divided into levels, during which we will run and jump through the mouth of a Tyrannosaurus to a groovy soundtrack. On the way there will be trampolines, sharp blades and deadly traps. Fans of the genre will only go so far.