The best games of November 2020 on iOS and Android: XCOM 2, FIFA Mobile 21 and others

So imperceptibly came the end of November and we are almost close to the end of an unforgettable 2020. Thanks to the gaming industry, we can constantly distract ourselves from pressing problems and immerse ourselves in incredible worlds where the fate of kings is being decided and entire empires are collapsing. I was able to find a game from each genre, so regardless of your preferences, there is definitely something worthwhile in this list of the best mobile games for November 2020.


This game offers adventurers not only to find fame and value, but also to set up their own shop selling items near the portals. They lead to uncharted lands where only the bravest heroes dare to set foot. As well as us. Since this is a mobile port, the developers had to slightly change the control for touch screens, but the gamers are happy, so nothing terrible happened.

Since we are not only playing the role of a hero, but also a merchant, we also have to monitor the store and set prices. The last point is very funny and interesting in the sense that we see how NPCs come to us, look at the product, are happy or outraged. As a result, we will have enough money to hire assistants and all the energy will be spent on traveling.


Role-playing and shareware games on smartphones always cause skepticism among experienced gamers, but Frostborn dispels these doubts. First, the toy is quite complex and treats beginners indifferently. That is, we are killed by other players indiscriminately and we go through a real hazing, as in the classic World of Warcraft.

Frostborn tells the story of a Viking who needs to get resources and settle down. All the goods are stored in the chests, but you should not particularly hope for their safety — once a day your home will be raided. The difficulty regarding this point is slightly reduced after the construction of a stone house. There are two ways here-to gradually accumulate materials or to accumulate them. But you can't get away from shareware.

A3: Still Alive

Netmarble does not advise anything bad, but is this the case with the latest multiplayer game A3: Still Alive? As in other mobile MMO, there is a button "auto-fight", which saves you from the tedious grind. At the very beginning, the developers give space for overclocking and teach the basics that will be useful at higher levels. That is, in the beginning, the opponents will melt before your eyes. As for the tasks, this is definitely not the hobby of Still Alive, and maybe any MMORPG; we are constantly given missions like "Bring five wolf teeth" or "Talk to Frank". But in projects of this scale, it is sometimes very difficult to push the most original plot with well-written characters and logically connected chains of tasks.

One of the main features of A3: Still Alive is the battle royale mode: together with the rest of the players, we break into the center, collecting various improvements for skills along the way. The timer constantly makes itself felt, so if you do not manage in the allotted time, the character will quickly find himself in another world. It is worth paying attention to the donation component, because the most valuable sets call into question the meaning of the word "microtransactions".

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

Gods and Demons is another MMORPG on our list, which immediately gives you a choice of several classes. They, in turn, fall into two more subclasses, which can be changed on the go. Character customization is good, but not as well-developed as, for example, in Black Desert Mobile.

If we talk about the gameplay, it is divided into PvE and PvP. For dungeons, raids, and just completing tasks, you don't have to worry too much: we run with what we managed to give out and we are in chocolate. It's quite a different story with the player vs player mode; it will require you to knock out the coolest things, insert gems into them, and constantly improve your skills and abilities. This means that at some point, quite by accident, the thought will creep into your head: "Hmm, why don't I spend some money to make it easier?". Believe me, this moment will come sooner or later.

Shadow Fight Arena

The fourth part in the Shadow Fight series decided to especially distinguish itself, so the emphasis is on PvP. And if in the previous parts of the appearance of the characters corresponded to the name "Shadow Battle", now everything is different: they have gained not only clear outlines, but also distinctive models. The locations are striking in their appearance: we are constantly fighting with some snow-capped mountains or something else in the background, which gives the game color. The soundtrack sometimes changes from soft notes to ripping guitar strings, but the music is always appropriate for the situation.

Unlike hardcore fighting games, where learning one fatality (yes, Mortal Kombat, I'm talking about you) is already a kind of achievement that you can be proud of, in Shadow Fight Arena the emphasis is more on timing and waiting for the right moment. And although the number of basic actions is limited for each character, the ability to choose the direction of impact and simple combinations allow you to run wild.

FIFA Mobile 21

Every year, Electronic Arts changes the number in the name of the football simulator FIFA Mobile. This time we got to 21, which means a change of season. Let's figure out together what new players got and was it worth waiting for? You can learn more about all the innovations in our release news.

First, EA added the Division Rivals mode. It is divided into several types of matches. If we win, we end up at the top of the honor roll. In addition, we get points for which you can buy special Rivals players. The ultimate goal is to participate in the so-called Weekend League, where we collect very valuable prizes for any sneeze. You can also add legendary players to your team. Well, there was a "Regional chemistry of players": now it is not necessary to collect players based on specific leagues to increase the teamwork of the team.

XCOM 2 Collection

If you miss the evasion of aliens when shooting at point-blank range, then XCOM 2 Collection is in a hurry to help. This is a premium game that will give you so much spent nerves for your money that in the end you will give up and let the aliens completely take over the Earth. Well, the daredevils will not get the most trivial task: how do you protect humanity from an alien threat with limited resources, a ticking timer, and one secret organization?

And I'll tell you this: this secret organization is no longer funded on a global level, as in the first part. Forget those happy and rosy days; after the sequel, which takes place 20 years later, the meager income from countries in XCOM Enemy Within will seem like mountains of gold.

Samorost 2

Fans of unusual adventures will definitely remember the Samorost series. The second part was ported to mobile devices just this month. It is simple to the point of impossibility and it should be perceived only in a positive sense: we are given silent characters, no inventory and an interesting plot. At the very beginning of the game, aliens arrive at our house, who brazenly steal fruit from the trees. Our loyal friend runs out to stop them, but they take him with them. The task is to save the dog and bring it home safely.


Forager was originally developed as a little fun for the Game Jam competition. It took second place and people started asking for the "full" version. Studio HopFrog decided to do so. Its essence is that we start on a small island, where everything needs to be extracted, cut down, excavated, and so on. Over time, we settle in and start creating our own factories, where the process of processing resources or creating new items is put on the conveyor belt.

The developers also added the usual RPG elements: raids, bosses, dungeons, and even night invasions. We will travel through various biomes, including volcanoes, mountains, and cemeteries. The cherry on the cake is random events.

The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores

Finally, I left the sandbox, which is a bit like the Tropico series — we create a settlement in which each resident has a certain set of needs and preferences. If you meet their needs, the city will develop and very soon no nightmares will be able to disturb the peaceful sleep of the citizens.

Oh, yes, in Uncharted Shores there is a cycle for and night. If the day is the time to extract resources and do other good deeds, then with the onset of twilight, the local world is changing and gamers will have to put up a night watch. This is done to save the lives of the entire settlement, because it will be attacked by creatures that resemble some aborigines, only with dead skin and glowing eyes.