The best games of October 2020 on iOS and Android: The Survivalists, Badlanders and others

Another month has come to an end, winter is ahead of us and there are still enough releases that will help pass the long evenings. Now the developers are rolling out Halloween updates in full (you can read about this in our separate article), so there is definitely something to do now. Well, I'll tell you about the most juicy games on iOS and Android that are worth your attention. The genres are completely different and this means that there is something different for everyone. And here we go.

The Survivalists

Team17 studio will not develop anything bad: it is behind the legendary Worms series, and in recent years, players have enjoyed prison escapes in as many as two parts of The Escapists. But the industry does not stand still and gamers are asking for new things, so Team17 decided to take the path of least resistance: she developed a sandbox in the setting and in The Escapists universe. As they say, the sheep are safe, and the wolves are well fed.

In The Survivalists, players will have to survive on a desert island with loyal friends and monkeys. They can be taught various actions and turned into local farmhands: they will build buildings, extract resources and engage in manual labor while you build your Evil Empire. Just do not go out once again at night, as there are many scary creatures walking around. Another reason to hurry up the monkeys with building a shelter.

FAR: Lone Sails

A journey across the dried-up ocean where an ancient civilization once lived and flourished. This is exactly what FAR: Lone Sails is about. We move along the bottom on a mechanical ship that has sails to use the wind and wheels to make our ship "float".

The gameplay itself is uneven in terms of difficulty, that is, there is no such thing that is easy at first, and in the end a huge boss is waiting for you. You see, because of the local climate, the weather can change dramatically not for the best, so sometimes you will have to sweat a lot. But at other times, it also happens that everything will calm down and our ship slowly cuts through the once sea, and now desert expanses. And all in order to find out — what happened to the ancient civilization? Developers generally say that Lone Sails is more about the adventure itself than about achieving a goal. So sit back and enjoy the process.


When the battle royals get bored, the loot shooters come to the rescue. Badlanders appeared on our radar all of a sudden, but it caught the public's attention with its approach. Games in this genre are not enough on the PC, and on smartphones they are listed in the Red Book. The meaning of Badlanders is simple — players appear on a relatively large location, where they need to complete tasks. Together with this, you need to look for boxes and places with loot. The more rare it is, the more valuable it is.

And it is for these things that you need to fight hard, because other players will want to steal them in the usual way — to kill you and take the loot with hard work. But on the other hand, it encourages you to hunt for real players yourself, and not for canned food or a small first-aid kit. Therefore, each session is quite intense, but the game is worth the candle, because the goal is to accumulate the rarest things that in the future will help to withstand the onslaught of a weak group of enemies.

CrossFire: Warzone

The popular shooter CrossFire is not known in all regions: South Korea is dragging along it, in Russia it was relatively popular at the time, but if we look at the West, then no one there has heard or heard of CrossFire. But on smartphones, the choice is not great and the project from a more or less well-known studio (JOYCITY) on a popular IP can attract a global audience. It is for this purpose that CrossFire: Warzone was created.

This game is in the genre of online strategy: gamers are given a base from which military operations will be carried out to eliminate terrorists and militants who are constantly capturing new cities. And this is done with the help of high-tech tools (robots, drones, etc.). You can fight alone, but the project is aimed at network battles, so together with friends or even in a clan will be much better.

ARKNET: Singularity

Artificial intelligence rebelled again and decided to make war on humanity. But there were hackers who are able to get inside the system and try to fix this, to put it mildly, a small problem. You will have to surf the expanses of digital reality in an attempt to eliminate drones and other minions who were ordered to destroy any intruder.

You can choose from several ways to resolve the conflict: using a stealth mantle or a normal frontal attack. ARKNET: Singularity is divided into 80 levels, which will allow you to gradually learn new techniques. And the cherry on the cake is the plot, which will dilute the action-packed skirmishes with artificial intelligence.

The Collage Atlas

Sometimes you want something unusual and at such moments The Collage Atlas will be very useful. The game is about an artist who has to catch a swan. He, in turn, paints the landscapes of the local world in very unusual black and white tones. It turns out that we are moving through a three-dimensional space, which seems to be drawn by the hand of a very talented person or a swan.

The game was created by one person and the scenery here is very different: we travel through glass houses and skyscrapers, floating islands and underwater lighthouses. There may be secrets hidden in some places, but to find them, you need to constantly deviate from the specified route. Gradually, we also collect lines from poems. Their depth is not comparable to the visual style, but as a basis for the narrative will go.

War Robots Remastered

Mech battles should be beautiful and have lots of special effects. This is exactly what the developers of War Robots were doing. They promised to release a remaster by the fall and they kept their word (unlike CD Projekt Red). It turns out that 81 robots and 105 guns were redesigned. This applies not only to the graphics component, but also to animation, voice acting and effects. You can choose from three graphics presets; the highest one will allow you to enjoy the beauty of local battles in 60 FPS.

< /p>Four maps were redrawn (Power Plant, Moon, Valley and Canyon), and the rest were just slightly improved. At the same time, next year they promise to rework just the rest of the cards. And now it remains only to create a robot to your liking, equip it with huge missiles and send it into battle.

House Flipper

The team of jack-of-all-trades is back in business: House Flipper has been released on mobile devices, so now the question of wallpaper color will become the most pressing. Players buy almost collapsed houses to eventually turn them into candy. The most beautiful thing is the process. They will have to wash dirty stains, throw out garbage, put tiles, glue wallpaper and put new furniture, which is designed to improve the house, as well as increase its value.

Gradually, new tools are being discovered with the help of which it is very easy and fast to do your dirty work. Each house has items and characters that tell its story. The developers promise a stable 60 frames per second, as well as more than 500 items for decoration.

Escape Legends

Intellectual gymnastics is back on trend, and Escape Legends will help you stretch your gyrus. In it, the most real brain battles take place: players fight for keys and treasures, solving not the most trivial puzzles. This has to be done for a while, so the most savvy wins. The developers somehow managed to shove a kind of battle royale into the game. For winning, you can unlock unique locations.

But if intellectual puzzles are not your strong suit, you can harm the enemy in every possible way. This is achieved through the use of in-game items. Characters can also be upgraded.

112 Operator

Working in the rescue service is not an easy job. This is a constant stress that only professionals can cope with. The simulator of an employee of just such a service called 112 Operator allows you to test yourself at least in digital reality. You need to take into account everything: local laws, climate, time of year, and even the usual weather. If the roads in the yard are covered in snowdrifts, then cars can simply stand in traffic jams and it is unlikely that the emergency service will have time to arrive in time.

The beginning will be quite simple: you need to monitor the situation in a certain district and send the police, ambulance or fire department to the appropriate places. As you progress through the game, you will add responsibilities and you will already be coordinating several dispatchers in the metropolis.