The best hardcore games of 2018 on iOS and Android: this is not Dark Souls

On mobile games can become hardcore not because the developer has put such an element in them, but because of the shortcomings of some components: cameras, controls and optimization. But this year there were interesting examples of really difficult games for those who, even in their free 10 minutes, want not to relax, but to test their skills.

Pedal UP!

A realistic bike trial simulator was released at the end of the year. It's not very pretty; the controls are also not elegant, but the developers tried not to make another Trials with spectacular tricks and unusual locations, but focused on the physical model of the bike, which will surely find its fans.

Reed 2

This seemingly nondescript arcade game is one of the most hardcore titles in the Crescent Moon Games portfolio. Don't be put off by the pixel graphics — Super Meat Boy was also not particularly beautiful, but players forgot about it after a couple of minutes. The same is true in Reed 2.

You will have three control arrows in front of your eyes, a strange creature that resembles a cat, and a million obstacles that want to turn the main character into a salad.

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

The authors of this fantasy MMORPG used the word Souls in the name of the game for a reason, which refers to one of the most complex series of our time — Dark Souls.As in Last Day on Earth: Survival, in Grim Soul you will find a huge and not at all friendly world in which you will have to survive. You will explore, craft, improve the castle, fight with enemies and do other things familiar to the MMORPG genre.


It may seem that this game is very similar to Reed 2 – the same pixel graphics, minimalistic controls and platforms filled with dangers.

But DERE EVIL EXE is also a thriller with a full-fledged story and a destructible 4th wall. Just believe me, all the difficulties that you have to go through are worth it. Although without knowledge of English, it may not be all clear.

Worthy of mention:Mountain Climber: Frozen Dream-the PC game Celeste collected a bunch of awards this year and received rave positive reviews from players. It was not released on mobile, but instead you can try Mountain ClimberSiralim 3-an old-school collectible RPG that takes and uses all the best that is in the genre of Primis: Harbringer – both the first and second parts of the game Animus tried to take the maximum from the Souls series, but many where it turned out not as Plannedgrimvalor

There are other important advantages to this game, besides harkdornost. It is very beautiful, darkly atmospheric, very dynamic and really exciting. The authors have collected in one project the features of the so-called Souls-like games and classic platformers and combined it in a dark setting of dark fantasy.