The best knight games for Android and iOS: all the charm of the Middle Ages

The times of the Middle Ages are covered with romance and always attract gamers, and the developers are ready to offer you more and more new games in this topic. Thanks to them, you can fulfill your dream of participating in jousting tournaments, pick up a sword, try on armor and come together in a merciless battle with rivals. Games about knights on Android will allow you to go your way to glory and honors, even virtual, but still, weighty, experience a lot of adventures and overcome all obstacles.

Knights Fight: Medieval Arena

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All that you might expect from jousting battles, you will find in this great hardcore fighting game. The developers have managed to put in their project not only PvE duels, but also asynchronous online battles, local multiplayer for fighting with friends, weekly PvP tournaments in the arena and daily missions. To all this, you should add a wide range of weapons and equipment, thoughtful combat mechanics with combos and super strikes, realistic 3D graphics and a variety of locations.

Clash Royale

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gpust in this strategy, knights are not the most important characters, but you can not do without them, as in any game whose theme is the Middle Ages. Along with royalty, princes and princesses, towers and spells, valiant knights also found a place in the Clash Royale battle arena. Think strategically, form a battle deck, fight duels with players from all over the world, and you will be lucky along the way.

Rival Knights (Invincible Knight)

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Was attracted to the romance of the Middle Ages and jousting tournaments? Then it is time to mount a war horse, put on armor and go to fight with swords and spears to cover yourself with glory and become the best knight of the kingdom. You will immerse yourself in 3D battles with beautiful animation and realistic physics, take part in many online tournaments and get the best equipment. You will be able to join clans and win castles, get rewards and love beautiful ladies.

LEGO Nexo Knights: Merloc 2.0

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Lego men can also be knights, and they are capable of many things – this shows us. The heroes of the game will have to fight with an army of stone monsters and save the kingdom of Knighton from the dark forces. But to do this, they will have to get new battle armor and join forces – only a combination of Nexo-forces will be the key to victory.

Nonstop Knight

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Here you will find a classic, carefully polished RPG gameplay, during which you will develop your knight, improving his skills and getting new ones, fight with enemies and their bosses and gradually advance in the standings. This game is characterized by simple controls and short game sessions, ideal for mobile devices.

CastleStorm-Free to Siege

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the combination of medieval themes and strategic gameplay with action, fighting game and tower defense elements can not fail to interest players. There are realistic physics with destructible environments, beautiful graphics, and 8 characters-heroes who will have to fight and use spells. Join one of the 4 factions and fight through four battle campaigns, long and challenging. But who said that being a knight is easy?!


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Eta development combines the best of real-time strategy and role-playing games. Fully customizable characters are waiting for you, which you need to collect, develop and create an invincible team from them. They will face epic battles with enemies and bosses, arena battles for survival, a multi-level campaign and a lot of adventures, well animated and thought out.

Arcane Knight

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In this action-RPG with elements of a fighting game, you will find an epic plot: a country plundered by invaders, and a handful of the last knights, opposing the enemies. You are offered the role of one of them, wielding a sword and magic, ready to fight with different types of opponents, noble and fearless. The authors promise gamers intuitive controls, melee and ranged combat, a wide selection of weapons and a ton of content.

Angry Birds Epic

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The evil birds decided to become knights and went on an epic campaign against pigs. They will explore the territories and dungeons of the island, where insidious pigs lurk, fight to the death in turn-based battles, develop their skills and gather in teams. Wizards and druids will come to the aid of the brave knights-just like in real classic RPGs, but with cartoon graphics and cute, well-known characters.

Kingdom Medeival


RPG with a third-person view and hack-n-slash elements looks great in a medieval setting. In it, your character will have to arm himself with a shield and a sword and go to defend his kingdom from barbarians, Vikings and other invaders, overcome obstacles, fight hand-to-hand, improve his skills and equipment – and all this for the sake of peace and prosperity of his country