The best MMORPGs of 2018 on iOS and Android: old school and 2D are still in fashion

Opening the veil, I will say that almost all the materials that appear on the site with the word MMORPG in the name, collect more views than any other. At the same time, the developers eventually release either completely uninteresting games, or delay their release with us, presenting only in Asia, or transfer. If you believe the publishers, then next year will be a real paradise (or hell?) for every MMORPG lover.

But we have the results of 2018, and here's what you can dive into on the eve of the New Year and, perhaps, stay for the whole of 2019.

MapleStory M

Maple Story is a popular two-dimensional MMORPG. This year, the long-awaited mobile version was released. First of all, the game attracts with its appearance. Despite the two-dimensional nature of the project, the world is rich and diverse. The authors very competently approached the design — to create the right mood, they change not only the scenery, but also the backgrounds.


Atmospheric MMORPG, made in the anime style, but strongly reminiscent of the projects of Supergiant Games, including the masterpieces of Bastion and Transistor.

The developers did not overload the graphical interface, filled the game with excellent cutscenes and offered a ton of content.

Old School RuneScape

RuneScape is considered one of the most popular MMORPGs in history. It has existed since 2001, but at a certain stage of development, the developers faced the problem that players do not like modern innovations. Since then, the development has split into two branches.

Modern RuneScape will be released on mobile only next year, and the old-school version is already available, and, judging by the reviews of players, it was a success.

Era of Celestials

A fairly traditional fantasy MMORPG with multiple classes, PvP and PvE modes, and an epic storyline.

The graphical interface is also loaded according to all the standards of the genre: dialog boxes, chat, inventory buttons and controls. The game, although not revolutionary, looks worthy as a representative of 2018.

Worthy of mention:Villagers & Heroes-three-dimensional fabulous MMRORPGRoyal Blood-Gamevil's attempt to create a beautiful and technological game in the online genre-RPGDark 3-a typical three-dimensional MMORPGDragon Nest M-a mobile version of the popular computer gameGrim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

This hardcore fantasy MMORPG created by the authors of Last Day on Earth: Survival and will be largely familiar to fans of the first adventure. The same isometric look, grim graphics, open world, and a ton of content. One of the fresh features is hardcore. Even in the title, the authors deliberately used the word "Soul", which is strongly associated with the Dark Souls series.