The best platformers of 2018 on iOS and Android: the pride of mobile gaming

Platformers are a suitable genre for mobile. Making the controls for easy orientation in two-dimensional space is much easier than when you have to adapt the aiming with the help of joysticks. Therefore, there is no shortage of high-quality representatives of the genre.


This is not an ordinary platformer, but a three-dimensional one. But this did not prevent the developers from making the control convenient even on touch devices. Initially, this game was released on the PC, and this year it reached mobile.

You play as an animated candle that goes on a journey. Despite the constant semi-darkness, in those moments when the candle will be lit, and you will have the opportunity to see the surrounding scenery, it will become clear that it is very beautiful. It is not expensive, but it is recommended for familiarization and atmospheric adventure.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Also a port from computers, which is still subject to one problem — weak optimization. We hope that this point will be corrected, because otherwise the game is worthy of attention.

Its main feature is the unusual mechanics of the magic marker with which you will help the main character to overcome obstacles.


This game combines elements of platforming and metroidvania. You play as a girl named Dandara, who is not controlled by gravity. You can jump on the floor and ceiling and use this as an advantage during the battle.

Thanks to this control, it is even easier to play on mobile devices. But to solve local puzzles, a mechanical algorithm is not enough — it will require spatial thinking and creativity.


And this is not only a platformer, but also a dynamic and hardcore hack and slash. The action takes place in a dark fantasy world, where you will travel through detailed locations, collect various items, fight evil creatures, including bosses, and pump up your hero. This is a full-fledged paid adventure without in-game purchases and ads.

Worthy of mention:Alto's Odyssey-the developers of the sequel to the popular Alto's Adventure did not disappoint, adding to the new game not only a fresh setting, but also new mechanicssuzy Cube-a game created according to the canons of Super Mario World 3D, but still quite empty outwardlyoddmar

This adventure has been waiting for several years, and, as it turned out, not in vain. It was created by the authors of the amazing Leo's Fortune. This time you play as the Viking Oddmar, who has fallen into Valhalla. He goes on a dangerous and exciting journey, in which he plans to return the wasted skills.

The game has a simple but interesting plot, the same simple but deep gameplay and stunning scenery.