The best platformers of 2019 on iOS and Android: Dead Cells, Rogue Legacy, INMOST, and others

Platformers are one of the few genres that do not require significant changes when porting from adult platforms to mobile ones. Sometimes you need to think about how to make sure that the user does not get confused in all the available abilities of the character, but at least with the movements everything is clear.

Dead Cells

This is not only the best platformer, but also in general one of the best games of this year for mobile (so far only for iOS). This is a roguelike metroidvaniya with stunning graphics, a dynamic combat system and the overall hardcore of what is happening. You will explore the game world, each time discovering new corners and using maximum skills to effectively defeat opponents.

Spirit Roots

Spirit Roots, on the contrary, is a fairly simple game, both in gameplay and visual terms. It focuses on history. You will have to overcome 5 atmospheric and unique worlds, each of which offers unique mechanics, design and enemies. At 50 levels, you will find not only ordinary enemies, but also bosses: maize thrower, huge spider, mud monster and others. You can pass on 3 different levels of difficulty.

Rogue Legacy

Another unexpected, but very pleasant port of this year from the PC. This is a pixel roguelike game in which you play not as a single hero, but as an entire dynasty. After the death of the protagonist, you begin to control his child. And each of them has its own unique features: both positive and negative. The game is quite complex, and due to the procedural generation of locations, you can enjoy it almost endlessly.

Bombastic Brothers

One of the publisher's few releases which can actually be advised. This is an attempt to convey the spirit of the brutal shooter-platformers of the 90s, where the main role is almost unkillable heroes.

In the role of colorful characters with unique abilities, you will save the Earth from an alien invasion, follow the plot with an abundance of jokes and necessarily fight with bosses.


Not the most popular, but worth the attention of absolutely everyone project in Apple Arcade. Despite the pixel graphics, the project impresses with the effects and overall quality of the production. Limbo and INSIDE level, no less. But the main thing here is the story, which must be passed from the beginning to the end. For the sake of such projects, I want Apple Arcade to continue to exist.

Worthy of mention:Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics — the third part of the popular pixel platformer, which turned from pure action into a Tacticrusty Pup-a stylish project with an atmosphere that makes you feel as if even your smartphone is rusty Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap-a port of a delightful platformer from the past for both modern and nostalgic gamersarmajet-multiplayer action platformerFlashback Mobile-a mobile version of the classics