The best ports on iOS and Android in 2019: This Is the Police 2, Dead Cells, and others

The mobile gaming industry survives and even thrives on casual entertainment designed for the widest possible audience. Often these are the same people who shout the loudest that games breed cruelty, and they themselves "indulge" three in a row while riding the subway. That is why there are so few really cool projects designed for true gamers (no matter how vulgar it sounds) on iOS and Android. But this year their number has grown significantly, mainly due to the stunning ports.

This Is the Police 2

One of the best cop simulators, even if made by a small studio, has become even better. Yes, the developers have slightly overdone the number of mechanics, but the beautiful plot, languid atmosphere of a small northern town and diverse gameplay make This Is the Police 2 not only one of the best ports, but also one of the best games of this year.

Dead Cells

The same can be downloaded about Dead Cells. The platformer with elements of metroidvania and bagel looks great and offers a challenge-throwing gameplay in the style of Dark Souls. The graphics are pixelated, but very detailed and colorful, and the game world encourages creativity. You can go through Dead Cells once, having a lot of fun, and you can return repeatedly, each time discovering something new.


Many consider Journey to be one of the best games of at least this generation. Therefore, its port on iOS this year can be perceived as the best gift. Journey is a beautiful and very metaphorical journey in which interaction and... and that's all you need to know about it. And then you just need to play.

Beholder 2

The second part of the adventure in a dystopian state is noticeably different from the original, but it is definitely not worse. This time you will play as a trainee in the Ministry, who must climb the career ladder by choosing one of the paths: honest and difficult or direct, but dangerous.

Hyper Light Drifter

Hardcore, stylish, atmospheric — this is about how you can describe the pixel adventure of Hyper Light Drifter. It's a metroidvania that challenges and literally forces itself to explore. A unique project and another real gift for mobile players.

Worthy of mention:Cultist Simulator-the original "cultist simulator" for those who are ready to read a lot oflayers of Fear-horror with excellent picture and plotbattle Chasers: Nightwar-a beautiful jRPG created with the tastes of the Western audience in Mindbad North — a simple but stylish strategy about the Vikingsthe Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout-a better prison escape simulator in everything-Do Not Feed the Monkeys-just a " voyeur simulator»Undead Horde — a mix of action, strategy and bagel from the authors of top-down shooterswonder Boy-a remaster of an excellent platformer from the last Centuryforgotton Anne-a platformer reminiscent of Japanese cartoons Year Esther— one of the first games in the genre of walking simulator