The best post-apocalypse in games 2018 on iOS and Android: new emotions

Zombies are definitely not as popular as before, but the atmosphere of the post-apocalypse is still actively used in various types of art. This year, several truly worthy games were released, and some of them interpreted the a priori negative mood of such a setting in a new way.

Z.O.N.A. Shadow of Lemansk

A new shooter from the famous Agaming+in our region. You play as Seryoga, who was born shortly before the apocalypse of 2014. The action takes place in the scenery of bunker "X" after 20 years. It was supposed to be a salvation, but it brought nothing but another confrontation.

Left to Survive

Three-dimensional shooter from the international division -My Com was released last year, but the full release took place only in July 2018.

This is a shooter game in which you will kill zombies with rifles, grenades, shotguns and other weapons in your arsenal. Sometimes you will have the opportunity to get on a helicopter and shoot enemy bases from a helicopter to take their resources.

In addition to shooting, the game has PvP modes: single combat and 2-on-2.

Golf Club: Wasteland

Golf is one of the most popular types of arcade games. But there were already so many of them that the typical gameplay in the usual scenery no longer attracts anyone. The developers from Demagog Studio moved this meditative entertainment to the center of the city that survived the apocalypse. In the story, the remaining human survivors have moved to Mars and are now returning to Earth to play golf. Despite the sad plot, the atmosphere in the game is indescribable.

Rocket of Whispers: Prologue

OPUS: Rocket of Whispers – one of the most tragic, but at the same time beautiful post-apocalyptic stories. You play as two survivors who are trying to build a rocket to send the bodies of the dead into space according to the ancient tradition of space burials.Prologue is a short, but still touching story about what happened to familiar characters before they realized their task.

Worthy of mention:Underworld: The Shelter – released so far only on Android, a clone of the popular Fallout Shelter about the construction of a base in a destroyed worlDscare from Chernobyl

The final part of the trilogy from Atypical Games about the post-apocalypse in the scenery of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

This time you get to the station itself, you will explore the entire complex, including the 4th reactor. Zombies and the results of monstrous experiments are waiting for you.