The best representatives of the MOVA genre for iOS and Android

MOVA games have recently experienced a surge in popularity on mobile platforms. Previously, this genre was widely represented on consoles and desktops, and your smartphones and tablets were not so powerful in order to convey all the entertainment of arena battles.

teverything has changed, and mobile devices are no longer the same as before. Class AAA games look great on their full-HD screens, so MOBA titles have a place to turn around and demonstrate all their capabilities. The number of such games on iOS and Android is gradually growing and the best of them we would like to present to your attention.



gEta impressive MOVA-development studio Super Evil Megacorp is considered one of the best games of the past year, and the reasons for this are quite obvious – detailed high-end graphics, exciting, well-balanced battles, interesting locations and decent online opponents. It has everything that fans of multiplayer arena battles need, so Vainglory falls into the category of must-have titles of the MOV genre.

Fates Forever


Another, no less bright and high-quality game of this genre, created by Hammer studio & Chisel Inc. It has everything-a convenient, almost perfect control scheme, and original memorable characters, and beautiful graphics, and, of course, battles with strategic elements and the ability to cooperate with friends. The visual fantasy style of this MOBA is recognizable in the same way as the steampunk elements in Vainglory, and in the same way it can be classified as a must-have.

Heroes of Order & Chaos

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G Company Gameloft released this game for a long time, and it became one of the first mobile developments of the MOV genre. During this time, she has acquired a whole army of fans, and, admittedly, quite deservedly. Unlike other titles of this type, the battles here are 5 to 5 players, as on the PC, and not 3 to 3, as is most often the case in standard mobile games of this genre. Also, in Heroes of Order & Chaos provides several game cards, and the size of these cards is simply huge.

Solstice Arena


This title is more suitable for casual players, as its gameplay is slightly simplified compared to conventional MOVA developments. It provides accelerated 3 - on-3 player matches, your hero has no minions to support him in battle, and game sessions last only a few minutes. In addition, this game is characterized by simple, not too branched maps, which makes it an ideal choice for beginners in this genre.

The Witcher Battle Arena

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Where the long-awaited development of The Witcher series is characterized by a deep plot and a thoughtful set of well-known characters from books and movies, it puts gamers in fantasy locations and offers them dynamic battles with enemies. Intuitive controls and excellent graphics complete the overall picture, so that the experience of this game remains the best.

Legendary Heroes

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gEta development studio Monstro offers gamers to play for the legendary heroes collected from various fantasy worlds. You will have to create your own team, learn how to use magic, and fight with other players in real time. Each of your heroes has their own unique abilities, which will have to be developed from match to match, so that your team becomes invincible and covers itself with glory. The game offers you the passage of 30 cards, and this, you will agree, is a lot.

Soul of Legends

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Here you will find online 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 player battles, the ability to attack and destroy an enemy base, grow and develop your own heroes, challenge friends to battle or converge in battle with randomly selected opponents. The authors from the Apcross studio tried to comply with all the canons of the MOVA genre, and they succeeded.

Heroes of SoulCraft


GW this MOVA will not be so simple – Angels will go out to fight Demons to fight in 2 x 2 player battles in the smartphone version, or 4 x 4 - on PC and tablet devices. The developers of MobileBits will offer you more than 12 characters to choose from, and, in addition to special abilities, your heroes will have the opportunity to use assistants in battle-dragons, golems and other creepy and huge creatures.