The best shooters of 2019 on iOS and Android: CoD: Mobile, Gigantic X and others

Since the article about shooters was destined to be the first in a series of materials with the results of 2019, in it I will dare to go beyond the genre and start with more general conclusions.

It's easy to just say that "mobile games are a dump". But this is the judgment of those who are waiting on iOS and Android for hits of the level of computer and console projects, and when they go to the main page of Google Play or even the App Store, they see that the reality is very different.

Yes, major publishers do release a solid interactive casino, but individual developers, studios that deal with ports from PCs, and even many debutants show that you can also give cool emotions on mobile devices. And 2019 only confirms this statement. Of course, among the nominees there were even more ports and quite a lot of games from Apple Arcade, but there was also a place for original releases.

Call of Duty: Mobile

And here you can go to the topic of the current material. Shooters. You probably know which project will get the most votes from the players this year. And there is nothing surprising here: competent marketing, excellent fanservice and generally good gameplay, which feels like an adult series, made Call of Duty: Mobile not only the best shooter of this year, but also with one of the most impressive starts in the history of the industry.

(As a player, I personally do not recommend this game, as I do not recommend "shooters" on mobile in principle. I also do not support the position: "there is nothing better on mobile anyway." Being the best of the worst doesn't make the project a good one, but I'm in the minority in my opinion, and summing up the results is primarily a celebration of general opinion, so I'm just glad that Activision managed to satisfy so many people this year).Sierra 7

Although this game looks weak, which fits into the classic definition of mobile projects, Sierra 7 is actually a port. A port of a browser-based flash game.

It is worth noting that this is not a shooter in its purest form, but a shooting range, where you are relieved of responsibility for moving and are given the opportunity to engage exclusively in shooting. You play as a member of a squad that participates in complex tactical operations. So far, there is only a campaign for 12+ hours of passage, but over time, new modes will appear. Minimalism, an emphasis exclusively on shooting and a variety of levels make Sierra 7 worthy of attention.

Gigantic X

This year, there were several examples of projects that closed very soon after the release. So, Gigantic X was released on July 29, and on September 25, the developers announced the closure. What was the reason?

The authors say that the matter is in the genre: the supposedly hardcore top-down shooter is a narrow niche. They simply could not find the kind of support from the players that would ensure the performance of the game in the long term.

But this does not negate the fact that such a game came out, and it was good. Isometry for mobile shooters works very well. And in the case of Gigantic X, there was also a good picture, a certain style and the same hardcore.


Another interesting shooter with isometry and an emphasis on multi-player modes. It is quite simple in terms of gameplay, but offers several locations, 22 operatives, more than 50 types of weapons and equipment. Among the features, you can highlight the local physics system and the ability to use cars.

However, this is the type of game that does not become popular only if it contains critical errors, so it is not surprising.

FRAG Pro Shooter

The case when an interesting idea simply did not have enough decent implementation. FRAG Pro Shooter is a mix of Clash Royale and third-person shooter. On the battlefield, your team is fighting 5 players who must destroy the opponent's towers. At the same time, you have the opportunity to "inhabit" one of them. The rest are controlled by artificial intelligence. Original and very elegant. The disadvantages include sloppy graphics and not very interesting shooting.

Worthy of mention:Slaughter 3: The Rebels-the continuation of the story-based third-person shooter about the war with the most dangerous criminals in the world