The best simulators of 2019 on iOS and Android: The Escapists 2, Construction Simulator 3 and others

Simulator-the concept is blurred. Here you will find races that try to accurately convey the feeling of driving, the features of the tracks and individual cars. And sports games, where fans of a particular sport are ready to destroy the authors for every inaccuracy. And humorous projects designed primarily to amuse the audience. This year, the genre has traditionally been very good.

The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout

This is an improvement of the ideas, appearance, mechanics, and even the stories of the original. The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout is a realistic prison escape simulator adapted for mobile platforms. The main feature of the project is a variety of mechanics and the general variability of the passage: you can escape in a bunch of different ways. There is even a local co-op for joint passage. Like other simulators, The Escapists 2 will not appeal to everyone, but if you are interested, then you should not pass by.

Soccer Manager 2020

Another update for one of the best football team manager simulators. In the new part, players have become more realistic to make decisions, there are even more elements of statistics, and the screens of the infrastructure, which also needs to be dealt with, are now made in 3D. And then there are 33 leagues, 800 clubs and thousands of players. All of this, of course, is licensed.

Construction Simulator 3

The game did not turn out as promised by the trailers, but in its genre on mobile, it simply has no competitors. The action this time takes place in Europe — on a map with an area of 3.2 square kilometers. In total, more than 70 contracts will be executed using the equipment of well-known world manufacturers.

Farming Simulator 20

Well, where can I go without another farmer simulator? Every year, several dozen of them appear in stores, but GIANTS Software projects are among the most popular. Here is a decent picture, more than 100 models of equipment and tools of agricultural brands, a variety of crops and animals. In this part, you can also explore your possessions on horseback.

SimpleRockets 2

The best rocket construction simulator is without a doubt the Kerbal Space Program. But it is not available on mobile devices, and it is not known whether it is planned. And for those looking for a similar experience, there is SimpleRockets 2. This is not just a good game, but also a great sequel, in which the developers, in fact, collected the ideas of two projects at once (SimpleRockets and SimplePlanes), added full-fledged three-dimensional graphics, realistic construction and additional tests for those who do not need the process itself.

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Worthy of mention:Rival Stars Horse Racing — beautiful, varied (but free!) PIKPOKFootball Manager 2020 Horse Farm Manager Simulator — traditionally, the best football simulator from SEGA has once again been updated, once again becoming the best Traffix-a traffic management puzzle simulator that the Golf is one of the best games in the Apple Arcade service, which turns the concept of golf and golf arcades upside down.