The guide about pumping in Call of Duty Mobile: how to pump quickly and for what they give experience?

Call of Duty Mobile, a fresh and already popular shooter from Activision and Tencent, offers you various game modes and many ways to earn experience points. The main and fastest of them are in our short guide.

Call of Duty Mobile: How to earn experience Getting experience in Call of Duty Mobile is the easiest way, as you probably already guessed, by regularly visiting the game. Every time you enter multiplayer or Battle Royale mode, you get experience points based on how the match went.

There is one exception to this rule: you don't get experience for offline matches against AI-that would probably be too easy. At the same time, online battles reward you with experience regardless of the mode – whether it's rated multiplayer or not, first-person or third-person battle royale, single-player or team-based.

The number of points depends on how you conducted your fight. In multiplayer, your experience is based on the following parameters:

Kills: their number; Time: how long it took you to complete the task; Wins: they bring a priori more points than losses; Clan: join a clan and get bonus experience points;Buffs: bonuses in the form of experience points are issued for participating in events.You will also get a certain amount of XP (experience) for how many times you used the selected weapon during the match. For example, if you switched between two SMGS and used one more often than the other, making more kills with it, you will get more experience points for using it.

In the Battle Royale mode, experience is earned for:Kills: their number; Time: how long you survived; Rating: what rating you achieved; Clan: bonus experience points for joining the clan; Buff: bonus experience points for participating in events.In this mode, you don't get experience points for using weapons, but you do get XP tokens., the number of which depends on your actions during the match.

Tips for quick promotion in Call of Duty Mobile

Now that you know the main ways to gain experience, pay attention to a few tips on how you can still earn it.

Join a clan: in this case, you will receive bonus opata points for each match. There are quite a few options in the list of clans, so choose the most suitable one and accumulate experience points faster.Decide on the mode: it doesn't matter which mode you choose, it's important how you perform in it, so play the one that works best for you. To do this, try everything in turn – some will definitely be yours.Battle Royale is a profitable source of experience: if you are good at battle royale mode, it will become an inexhaustible source of experience points for you. If you regularly get into the top five, you will get more than enough experience points.Keep an eye on events: Activision and Tencent regularly hold various events inside the game-this happens almost every weekend, and you are guaranteed a bonus XP.The Domination and Find and Destroy modes also promise a good increase in experience: if you are not a fan of survival in the battle royale - then try yourself in the multiplayer modes of Domination or Find and Destroy. If you perform well in them, a ton of experience points will be yours.