The most anticipated iOS and Android games of 2016-Part 1

2015 has already become our recent past, but we should pay tribute to it - it brought a lot of worthy and memorable games to mobile gaming. We hope that 2016 will be no less fruitful – we expect new releases from it, bright and impressive. We bring to your attention the first part of our list of the most anticipated games of the coming year:

FNAF World

Scott Cawton delighted us with his horror games throughout 2015. Now his famous Five Nights at Freddy's franchise has been transformed into an upcoming role-playing game. You will play as the well-known animatronics from Freddy's Pizzeria and take part in turn-based battles. Now they do not look scary at all, and how much we will like their new images – we will find out after the release.

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore

Bittersweet truly epic adventure in space will offer you battles with pirate ships, resource extraction and trade, as well as missions-as always dangerous and exciting. We hope that the third part of the popular series will be no less exciting than the previous two.

Sigma Theory

Out There developers are preparing for us a spy cyber-thriller in which your task will be to work with a whole team of secret agents who extract information and steal various secrets. This atmospheric game offers you to plunge into the world of cunning and diplomacy rather than murder and cruelty.

The Witness

Gjonatan Blow has been working on this game for several years, and we still hope to see it. Gamers are waiting for an adventure full of riddles among the mazes of a certain mysterious island, which promises about 100 hours of gameplay, more than 600 (!) puzzles and will (we hope) be something impressive. Given the fact that the author of this game is the creator of the famous Braid, we have a good reason to expect a lot from it.

Space Grunts

Orange Pixel presents you another action game in your favorite pixel style. This turn-based roguelike, oddly enough, will not seem slow to you, like other games of this type. There are enough dynamics and skirmishes, although you will also have to think and calculate your actions, and repeatedly.


Amazing adventure in a strange world, on a distant planet inhabited by unusual creatures-that's what awaits you in Crashlands. To survive, you will have to get food and cook food, engage in crafting and search for useful items. And also-explore a huge game world full of unpredictable surprises.

Super Meat Boy Forever

It's hard to believe that the Meat Boy franchise will still appear on mobile platforms, but it seems that this is exactly the case. One of the most hardcore platformers from the Xbox 360 console is ready to bring us its randomly generated levels, daily events, cameos of various characters and no monetization.

Jenny LeClue

gOtchast this game is a detective story, and in part-just an interesting story. Her character Jenny investigates a strange situation that happened to her mother, visiting the original locations, making choices, making decisions, and calculating other people's lies.

Warhammer 40k Eisenhorn: Xenos

G Most of the games created in the Warhammer universe are card battles, strategy simulators or turn-based titles. All of them make gamers think and act slowly. This game will be something completely different – your hero, Inquisitor Eisenhorn will fight with enemies, making his way with a variety of weapons. There will be more than enough action here, so you will not be bored.