The most beautiful smartphones of 2019: Huawei nova 5T, Vivo NEX 3 and others

Judging the beauty of smartphones is very difficult. Today, they are all sandwiches made of metal, plastic and glass with a gradient pattern on the back cover. But even though manufacturers are afraid of experiments, it makes no sense for us to compare new devices with those that came out 10 years ago. We have what we have.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

This year, Apple has had a lot of complaints about the design of the new line of smartphones. Most of all, users went through the square block of cameras with three sensors, but, jokes joked, apparently, those who never had and did not plan to buy a new iPhone. But what the company can be scolded for is a large cutout on the screen, which is not removed for the third year in a row.

OnePlus 7T

OnePlus adheres to the chosen style and this attracts users. But if the new OnePlus 7T Pro received the usual vertical block with three sensors, then the usual OnePlus 7T looks more interesting due to the round block. The manufacturer, unfortunately, used a drop-shaped cutout in the front, leaving the pull-out module only for the Pro-model, but this is just an attempt to divide the models among themselves.

Huawei nova 5T

Huawei together with Honor were among the first to use bright gradients, so many devices today can often be confused with smartphones of this Chinese company. In 2019, the most pleasant was the Huawei nova 5T, which, in addition to interesting colors, also received a front-facing camera built into a small hole in the upper-left corner of the screen.

OPPO Reno2

In the Reno2 Z, the manufacturer used a very unusual block for the front camera, which leaves the upper face at an angle, but the Reno2 looks standard and this attracts. Nice colors, a screen without distracting elements and a non-protruding main camera unit — this combination is not so easy to find.

Vivo NEX 3

One of the first smartphones in the world with the so-called waterfall screen, which at an angle of 90 degrees goes to the side faces. It's not clear how convenient it is, but it looks great. And there is also a stylish round block of the main camera.