The most long-awaited releases of games on Android in 2019: Stardew Valley, Grimvalor, and the pack from Feral Interactive

Mobile players are not resigned (and are unlikely to ever be able to), but are already used to the fact that many projects in the App Store first of all, they go to the App Store, and only then they get to Google Play, and sometimes they remain exclusives at all.

There are exceptions: survival simulators in the style of Last Day on Earth, visual novels and games from domestic developers often choose Android as the starting platform. Trial runs of the studio are also more willing to spend here, but the trend is still there. However, to show that everything is not so bad, we decided to collect the most important releases of last year for Android.

This list includes those games that were released on Google Play in 2019, but were available earlier on iOS. The ones that came out within 365 days, but with a delay, we did not mention.


Oddmar is a long-awaited platformer from the authors of the beautiful Leo's Fortune, which looks like a reference mobile game. It looks great, is optimized for mobile control and is as interesting as possible in terms of gameplay.

Plus, the developers offer users to get acquainted with the first levels for free, and only then purchase all the content. On iOS, this is not pampered-for the game you immediately need to pay 379 rubles.

Unfortunately, such games are losing popularity, so the fact of the appearance of Oddmar in Google Play can be considered a real holiday.

Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc — is an attempt by the authors of Plague Inc. to do something new 7 years after the release of the first child. Definitely the same popularity of the new product has not acquired, but its fans have found.

Here you are pursuing subjectively more positive goals, trying to prevent the rebels from seizing power. To create the project, the developers consulted with politicians, businessmen,journalists and charitable organizations in order to accurately cover real-world situations.

Thumper: Pocket Edition

If you are tired of runners, just try Thumper. This is an insanely dynamic game in which you, as a space beetle, rush at crazy speed along surreal tracks and must fall into the rhythm of the local soundtrack.

On a larger screen, this, of course, feels much cooler, but the developers have tried to make the process as pleasant as possible for smartphones: here you will have an honest 60fps (and in the future, perhaps, they will bring 90 and 120 frames), and support for gamepads.

Returner Zhero

This is a stand-alone game in the three-dimensional puzzle universe in the sci-fi setting of Returner 77. You will play as a scientist who risks his own life to secretly get on the ship of aliens who have taken over the Earth.

The game is distributed at a fixed price and does not support the Russian language, so it is not very popular with us.

Stardew Valley

The game, which a single developer created for 5 years, fearing that no one would like it, became a real hit, collecting more than 150 thousand reviews on Steam in 4 years, 97% of which are positive. The developer's meticulousness also affected the quality of the game for Android.

It is perfectly optimized, offers multiple control options, and supports controllers. This is a perfect example of a meditative game that fits perfectly into the mobile format.


Grimvalor really lacked marketing, because if it had a little more advertising coverage, it would have become a real hit.

This is a dark and rather hardcore adventure platformer with elements of hack and slash. Your task is to explore the locations, following the story and fight with both ordinary enemies and bosses.

As with Oddmar, the first chapter of Grimvalor is free to play. On iOS, there is no such luxury.

Bring You Home

This is a beautiful puzzle game from Alike Studio, which is also responsible for Love You to Bits and Very Little Nightmares.You play as an alien named Polo, who goes in search of his animal in different worlds.

The game is quite short, but attracts the concept: each level is a set of fragments, and you have to choose the right combinations so that the hero can pass them.

Tesla vs Lovecraft

This is not the best, but still a very good shooter from the studio 10bits. The developers came up with a fictional conflict between the writer H. F. Lovecraft and the scientist Nikola Tesla. And the gameplay is in the best traditions of the authors — a dynamic shooter with a top view and a lot of visual effects.

For those who will not have enough original content, there is a paid DLC.

Forgotten Memories

Users of Android devices have been waiting for one of the best mobile horror movies for a particularly long time, because the project was released on iOS back in 2015. The developers released the game on Google Play immediately in an updated form.

The project is inspired by old horror movies: first of all, the cult Silent Hill 2. You play as a woman who goes in search of her daughter and faces her own fears.

Feral Interactive as a bonus, here is a whole pack of games that Feral Interactive has pleased Android players in 2019. And this is despite the fact that in December 2018, the publisher only debuted on the platform.

Rome: Total War-Barbarian Invasion-an add-on for RTS, available without the original Rome: Total War-Alexander-another add-on for RTS, available without the originalgoriso-a beautiful city-planning simulator with humorgrid Autosport— one of the best mobile races of all time