The most popular games of the decade (2010-2019) on Android and iOS: part #2

We have already begun to sum up the results of 2019, but in December, not only a year ends, but a whole decade, and it is impossible not to celebrate it. In the previous article, we talked about the most popular action games, and now it's time to consider casual projects. Here you can find entertainment designed for the widest possible audience. Many so-called real gamers avoid them, but we are primarily talking about popularity, so we can not miss it.

Clash of Clans

This hit from Supercell has spawned a whole wave of so-called mobile strategies. The first successful project of the studio was HayDay, but it was Clash of Clans that made the developers "rock stars". It was conceived as an affordable strategy for touch screens, but it turned out to be super-affordable.

Roughly speaking, Clash of Clans is divided into two components. The first involves building your own city, and the second involves using troops to attack other players ' cities. There is also a single-player campaign, but it does not play a major role.

The strategy of the battle consists solely in the selection of the army and the choice of the starting point, since the units do everything else automatically.

Fallout Shelter

Bethesda, unlike Blizzard, did a very smart thing. She did not anger the fans, will only present a mobile Fallout, and offered it while users were waiting for a full fourth part. And partly because of this, the project became a hit.

To attract more than just fans of the series to the game, the developers chose a very friendly visual style-instead of the gray wasteland, they used the style of Volt-Boy, the mascot of the company "Volt-Tech" from the game world. The genre has also changed. Here you manage your own shelter, and sending your heroes to the wasteland, you can not influence the success of their adventures. Like other projects on this list, it has generated a lot of imitators.

Clash Royale

If Clash of Clans is a project whose gameplay is hardly addictive, then Clash Royale was a success both in terms of gameplay and in terms of monetization.

But the game followed in the footsteps of Clash of Clans in terms of creating an example to follow. Soon after its release, the store shelves were replenished with numerous clones, which never managed to reach the level of popularity of the game Supercell. What was the reason? The authority of Superell itself? Marketing? Good balance? You can't say for sure, but you can't doubt that it's a hit.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

On mobile, it is difficult to find a fighting game of the level of at least arcade machines. And it's even a shame, considering that all the major franchises are available on iOS and Android. However, it is much easier for their publishers and authors to create casual projects, rather than entertainment with a typical fighting game gameplay. But of all of them, it was Injustice that became the most popular. And it's easy to explain, given the importance comics have gained in this decade.

The game has a full-fledged plot with the participation of your favorite heroes of the DC universe, and online battles against real players. And Injustice looks amazing. In terms of gameplay, it is difficult to consider it a masterpiece, but the casual audience was satisfied with it, and more is not needed.

Pokemon Go

The most successful mobile game in history, which was once talked about even by non-specialized media. This is a real phenomenon that has deservedly become part of the industry. And it is unlikely that it will be possible to tell something new about it.


Many people think that Minecraft is the most popular sandbox, but in fact this status belongs to Roblox. It had a monthly audience of 100 million players in August of this year. And this can be explained.

If Minecraft is a sandbox where you create your own adventure with the help of local gameplay features, then Roblox is a platform for creating games. With the ability to play what other participants came up with. This is what makes it virtually infinite.

< /p>Lineage 2: Revolution

< /p>Revolution was one of the first mobile MMORPGs based on existing computer franchises. It boasted a good picture, familiar names, locations, and a full-fledged storyline that could interest fans of the "line".

Yes, at the start, you could hear a lot of complaints about the automation of the gameplay, but since then, most of the multiplayer role-playing adventures began to be created in this way, so Lineage 2: Revolution just turned out to be one of the first.

Asphalt 8

Asphalt is the main racing series on mobile. At the start, the eighth part was really quite good: excellent graphics, arcade, but pleasant gameplay, a huge fleet of vehicles and a lot of events.

Later, the developers stuffed it with such in-game purchases that it became impossible to play normally without them or without replaying the same race several times, but the core itself did not stop working. There was also Real Racing, but it with its "attempts at realism" was not originally destined to become as popular as Asphalt.

Candy Crush Saga

The most popular game in the genre of three in a row from the studio King, which is owned by Activison. Hundreds of millions of people play different parts of Candy Crush, but the projects are minimally different from each other, so it is difficult to single out any one.

Candy Crush Saga is so popular that it is one of the main assets of the publisher Activision, despite the fact that it also owns the series Call of Duty (!), Crash Bandicoot, the entire Blizzard and many others.

Angry Birds 2

The first part of one of the most popular series in the history of video games was released back in 2009, so it was not destined to be in this collection. Rovio then experimented with genres and formats for a long time, but returned to the original formula for a full-fledged sequel. And it was a great decision. The same angry birds, the same green pigs, the same elements in the locations, but it was still interesting to play.

From the innovations, it is now possible to choose birds independently, which gives a certain freedom of choice and space for tactics. From a graphical point of view, some effects look interesting, such as the pig's attempt to fly off the screen after a special accurate hit.

Everything new is well-forgotten old.