Tips for completing Marvel Avengers Alliance 2

If you are a fan of superhero games and actively follow their movements in the mobile market, you most likely did not hide a new game based on Marvel comics - Marvel Avengers Alliance 2. It is a battler 3*3, in which you will have the opportunity to assemble a team of heroes and clear the world of villains. It is worth noting that the novelty is very difficult to master.

The game has a huge number of different menus, abilities, statistics, and so on. That is why we have prepared this material and some tips for a successful start. Start.

GO Join up with other players.

Every time you enter a battle, you will be offered one hero of another player. After the successful end of the fight, you can add him to your friends. Thus, you will greatly facilitate the task of completing daily tasks in which you may be required to use an ally hero. Also, teaming up with other players, you will receive various bonuses.

Be careful when choosing a command.

GH Whether you want to or not, one way or another, you will have to use allies to complete the story campaign. However, sometimes the game offers you a friend hero that is much lower level than the battle requires.

It turns out that you will not only not get any help, but also significantly complicate the passage of this mission. Fortunately, there are a menu for choosing an ally, in which you can change the hero that does not suit you to another one.

Read the task description carefully.

G In the game there are side quests, referred to as tasks, which are periodically very specific. So, one of the tasks is to hit Rino with three shock effects in mission 1-3. You can easily not do this and pass the quest, so you should read the description of the side quests very carefully.

ich execution will bring good results, including new heroes. In addition, the game has daily tasks that are updated every 24 hours. If you want to get even more loot, then they should also be taken seriously.

Do not forget about the exploration.

G You probably didn't pay attention to this menu after the game started. However, later, after reaching the maximum 9th level of the hero, research equipment will be required for his further leveling. It is with the help of exploration that you have the opportunity to get it.

Gsprazhaytes cleverly.

G When you start a battle, your first move for each hero should not be an attack, but a useful buff. This will give your team a good advantage over the enemy even before the actual battle begins. You must carefully plan which enemy to kill first, as well as carefully monitor the effects that they impose.

Your team will always have at least one hero who can attack everyone. At higher levels, these abilities will make the duration of the battle much shorter. In addition, make sure that the abilities of your heroes complement each other. Some skills can enhance buffs on your other heroes and raise their stats.

Hooters on the battlefield!