Tips for completing The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Games like The Elder Scrolls: Blades always require a long immersion. You will have to develop and upgrade your character from scratch, gradually unlocking a ton of different abilities and types of weapons. Of course, over time, your hero will become stronger, but how to speed up this process?

Content As soon as you are in the game, you will realize that there are enough classes in it. You will not only rebuild the city, raising it from the ruins, but also pass many quests. As you progress through the game, you will be able to craft new weapons and unlock new abilities of the character, increasing his rating. The next stage for you will be the Abyss and PvP elements.

As a free game, The Elder Scrolls: Blades has quite a lot of content. You will immediately ask the question: where are the restrictions that are typical for free-to-play games? At least, the expected energy counter, which limits the time in the game and makes you wait for the energy to accumulate again, is not here. You will be able to complete as many quests as you wish. And when you unlock access to the Abyss, the number of tasks, content and loot will be even greater, and you can choose from which tier to start the passage.

Tips and tactics of the game

Parry the blows. Most of the enemies in this game, one way or another, can give you the move and the initiative - this is especially noticeable in the initial levels. You just need to press and hold the strike block button in time. So you parry it and cause retaliatory damage to the enemy, who will be temporarily stunned.Use magic. If you have already fought with an opponent armed with a shield, you will notice that your blows do not give much effect. Do not despair - if the enemy blocks the blows with a shield, magic comes to the rescue. At the moment when you try to use the spell, you can not attack – the spell will be destroyed. Similarly, if you are attacked, the spell will not work. But, if you choose the right moment, the enemy will receive good damage.Look for chests. You can not only craft swords and shields for yourself, but also find them in chests. In the initial stages of the game, the most valuable chests that you can get are silver chests. Gold coins will appear later, and you will find better weapons and armor, as well as some legendary artifacts. These artifacts are one of the weapons that are much more powerful than ordinary weapons.Be careful. Any loot in Blades is highlighted in yellow. This helps to find it, but all sorts of items scattered in the area of the passage of the quest, you can not notice, even despite the illumination. If you do not want to scour the place of the quest again, it is better to be careful right away.Enable notifications. After you complete several quests, you will discover a certain number of silver boxes. You can open them three hours after detection, and only one at a time. Therefore, when entering the game, put one of them on the opening, and before that, take the loot from the one that is already ready. Turn on notifications from the game – this way you will always know which chest you can already use.Open the Abyss. The sooner you visit the Abyss, the better. In it, you will find a really rich loot, and its floors will be updated as you progress.