Tips for getting Into The Dead 2: tactics and tips

What will be your actions in the event of a zombie apocalypse? Barricade yourself in the mall? Will you go north?" Or break through the hordes of zombies, shooting them without a drop of regret? If you are inclined to choose the latter option, then the recently released game Into The Dead 2 on mobile platforms will be a good survival training for you. How to survive in an inhospitable post-apocalyptic world and destroy as many walking dead as possible? Our tips will help you do this.

G Bow down and shoot carefully

gin when you come across a crowd of zombies, and running through it, you want to continuously shoot without taking your finger off the trigger. Yes, such a reception is encouraging, but it can hardly be considered justified. Yes, if you shoot on the run and not really aiming, you can leave behind a couple of zombie corpses, but your ammo will run out faster than the enemies. And believe me, there are countless of them.Therefore, despite the temptations, shoot slowly, carefully aiming, save ammo and remember: not all zombies can be killed with the first hit. This fact is fraught with surprises – you can find yourself face to face with the living dead just at the moment when the ammunition is at zero. So avoid collisions whenever possible.

Gun selection and reloading

Gassortment of weapons in Into The Dead 2 is quite wide, but each type of weapons, as you know, has its own characteristics, especially when it comes to shooting a whole crowd of enemies.

gDrobovik will help you deal with several zombies, but only if you are close to them. Semi-automatic weapons are also suitable, but they do not deal the desired damage to the zombies.

If you run through the crowd of the walking dead, do not forget to recharge in time. Shooting a bunch of zombies right in front of you is great, of course, but what you will find yourself with later is a big question. Didn't have time to reload? Consider the game over.

Smoke signals

Pay attention to the smoke signals – they indicate that there is a box of ammunition somewhere nearby. They can be obtained by simply running past-replenishing ammunition will not slow down your run. In addition, you can find additional weapons in the boxes, and this certainly does not hurt.

Unfortunately, weapons found in boxes often have a limited period of use. The duration of the weapon is displayed by an indicator at the top of the screen. But, as long as you own it, you will destroy the zombies with ease.

Where there is not enough production

G As soon as you pass the next mission in the story mode, a bag of loot is waiting for you. That's not bad, but why not get two of these? How to achieve this? Very simple: after receiving the rewards, agree to watch a 30-second ad – this will give you another set of loot. Please note – the third time such a number will not pass, the third bag will be paid and will cost a certain amount, expressed in the local currency-gold.

Kak to destroy more zombies

RN gun and more ammo is definitely the best way to destroy zombies. But your stock weapons need upgrades and you should not forget about it. You will receive weapon parts to use from for upgrades to your existing ones. This will improve parameters such as the reload time, the rate of fire and the number of loaded cartridges.

In addition, you will be able to get perks that are valid for one mission. They affect the rate of fire and reload, offer to use explosive bullets and incendiary ammunition, and so on. All this can significantly simplify the passage. And don't forget: if none of the suggestions worked, you always have grenades left – save them for a last resort.