Tips for passing Alien: Blackout — how not to lose the whole team (and not go gray)?

In Alien: Blackout, you play as Amanda Ripley — the daughter of the legendary Ellen Ripley from the classic "Alien" — who I was able to survive in Alien: Isolation, but I did not find the desired peace of mind. Now she has not only her own life in her hands, but also four "losers". Blackout plays this out not only in the plot, but also in the gameplay: An alien can kill any of the station's employees, but the game will end only if Amanda herself or the entire crew is killed. And you can complete the passage with one survivor.

In Alien: Blackout, you will have to monitor the cameras, track the movement of characters on the map, use motion sensors and guard your outpost, listening carefully to every rustle.

The game is really difficult — you always have to keep track of several points on the map, and also have time to give commands in case of an unexpected situation, of which there will be many. But even after the order to hide, your ward will not immediately find shelter, which can create unnecessary tension. Such moments are frankly annoying, but analyzing the game after passing, you realize that they make it deeper and more plausible.

Don't worry if you lose a lot. This is how you will learn: remember the timings, listen more carefully, and act more carefully.

Get to know your tools. In the story, Amanda takes a secluded place in the ventilation system, hiding from the Alien and directing the crew members, giving commands and controlling some elements of the station. It is very important to understand how everything works. You must be able to switch between cameras instantly, turn on the map, motion sensors, doors, and return to your position to instantly close the hatches. It is not superfluous to keep in mind the location of each of the team members, so that you can quickly give advice to specific people.

Study the behavior of the Xenomorph. The main task of the Alien is to destroy you and the team. You have nothing to oppose him. All you can do is hide and build a route so that it does not intersect with the monster. To do this, it is best to use cameras and motion scanners. Of course, it would be too easy if the Alien always stayed in the scanner areas or on the cameras, so it also travels through the ventilation system. Thanks to the pipes, he is able to be anywhere in the station at any time — this is his most unpleasant ability.You have a limited supply of energy. On the map, you can interact with only 5 objects at the same time: doors, cameras, motion sensors, and most importantly — hatches that protect Amanda from Strangers. Pay close attention to the consumption, so that you always have energy in reserve.Keep the motion sensors on until you find the Xenomorph. So you can guess where it is and where it is going. After that, the sensors only need to be properly controlled, not including everything at the same time.

If there is no Alien on the sensors, turn on the cameras. It is not always immediately possible to understand where he is due to the fact that the cameras are located in branched corridors, but such visual contact, oddly enough, calms most of all — it makes it clear that the next 5-10 seconds and you and the team will be safe.After finding the monster, close all the doors leading to the team. It is important to block only those of them that will allow Someone Else to quickly get to people. On the contrary, it is better to leave the rest open so that the monster can move away.If you hear noises in the ventilation system, drop everything and save yourself. This sound means that a Stranger is approaching you. At such a moment, the team is in no danger, but Amanda can be lost very quickly. Immediately return to your seat and close the hatch. It always happens unexpectedly and leaves you in suspense, but these are almost the most valuable and memorable moments in the game.

If nothing works, tell the team to hide. If the Xenomorph isn't in the crew room yet, but you can't close the doors or do anything else, tell them to hide and wait until the monster moves away.Remember that you only have 7 minutes for each task. The energy is not infinite!