Tips for passing Monument Valley

Monument Valley is an original and stylish geometric puzzle game, which in the process of passing will repeatedly be able to put you in a dead end. To understand the logic of this seemingly illogical and strange world full of portals, stairs, mazes and puzzles, you will have to use our tips and hints:

First, relax and take your time - this game is calm and meditative, it is far from fuss and requires you to calmly reflect.

Look for protruding circles and wheels that can be rotated - they are signs of moving objects: wheels or disks move parts of buildings, and objects with circles are moved entirely. The direction of movement coincides with the direction of the circles. Note that objects controlled by the rotation of the wheels will only move if your character Ida is not standing on them, while areas with circles can be moved with her.

gOblasts moved by the rotation of the wheels are usually a shade lighter than the surrounding areas. On this basis, you can always identify them and use them as traps for the Crow People - with them, these areas can be safely moved, thus getting rid of opponents.

Look for stairs, stairs, portals and buttons - Ida can interact with them by climbing up, standing on buttons or passing through portals.

know - there is always a way out. There are no hopeless situations in Monument Valley, and even if the door closes behind you, it means that there is no way back - there is only a way forward, to new adventures.

The Crow-men will not be able to damage your heroine, but they can prevent her from moving forward. If a Crow is standing in your way, there are only two ways to go further: find a workaround or remove the Crow from the road by moving the section on which it is standing.

If you see a path, then you can follow it. Monument Valley is based on a geometric perspective, and even if your brain refuses to believe in the possibility of passing a particular section, drop the rigid logic and move on to see how the perspective will change.

GES If Ida can get to the location you selected, it will move in its direction. This can be easily checked: tap a place with a tap, and if you can get there, then Ida will start moving in that direction, and if not, then she will remain standing in place.

In this game, the accelerometer is not involved, that is, you do not have to shake and turn your device - taps and swipes will be quite enough.

G Tips for passing sections:

Razdel 2: Here you will have to activate both buttons and use the wheel three times.

gRazdel 3: At this level, you will encounter protruding circles for the first time. Do not forget about the direction of movement indicated on them, and that Ida can stand on the objects on which these circles are drawn, and move with them.

Razdel 4: As soon as Ida begins to walk on one side of the building, you will have to reorient yourself - the stairs, which seemed impassable, are not. Carefully look for the circles - here they are well hidden, and do not forget about the goal of the level: in this case, you need to first go through the portal, and only then look for a platform with a geometric pattern that means the end of the level.

Razdel 5: Here it looks like you're playing a stealth game, bypassing the Raven People and moving the zones they're in. If Crows cross your route-just take a step back and let them pass, and then continue driving.

gRazdel 6: At first, Ida will not be able to reach the button in the first zone, she will need to climb up the steps and find the Totem. In the second zone, your task will be to bring up the Ida and the Totem. Note that buttons with dots instead of squares are deactivated as soon as you step off them. In this zone, Ida will need to stand on the left button. In the third zone, you will have to move objects with a Totem on them using the wheel.

Razdel 7: You should know that the Crow People can also stand on the buttons. And one more small tip: on the third site there is a portal for an exit, but it is very difficult to notice it.

Razdel 8: There are four moving parts in the box that can be identified visually. In addition to working with them, Ida needs to turn on three lamps. The fourth, purple, should be turned on by the Crow.

Razdel 9: This is the first level where there are no buttons, platforms, or portals. Just pick up the red flower and go down, and the water will disappear as you go. As soon as the rain stops, you can move the Totem. On the second section of this level there is a ring that you can pull, here you will find a half-hidden rotating wheel, and all this will help you get into the hole in the southern corner of the room.

Razdel 10: Use colored blocks to move the heroine inside the cube and out. This will allow you to avoid those areas that are impassable due to sinkholes, Crows and other obstacles. The open portals you need are marked with dark gray fixed blocks.

Green room: In it, you need to get to the open door located at the bottom of the screen, using the white route and not paying attention to the other doors that will open and close. When you pass through it, press the button on the rotating gray rectangle.

GGOL-blue room with an orange shape: Here you will have to move around the outside of the shape first counterclockwise, and then try to move the area where the Crow is sitting to get it out of the way. Then you have to move clockwise around the inside of the shape. The purpose of these movements is a button inside the shape that will open the exit for you.

Yellow room with a purple figure: Princess Ida must stand on a rotating ledge and see the portal to the southwest.

The gMs offered a number of tips for the optimal passage of the game Monument Valley at your discretion. Use them, and your progress in this peculiar game will significantly accelerate.