Tips for passing the game Thumb Drift: how to pile sideways?

Thumb Drift is a cute racing arcade game from SMG Studio, dedicated to drifting, during which you will have to collect coins and collect the maximum number of points. It can hardly be called unnecessarily complex, but for a quick start, a few tips will not be superfluous, and you will agree with us.If you are playing Thumb Drift for the first time, then you need to understand the controls and understand what to do with your fingers on the screen. The most important thing is to take your time. Move your fingers across the screen as smoothly and slowly as possible. Do not make sudden movements, go around the corners calmly. In Thumb Drift, it is better to be slower – any rush will lead you straight to a collision with another obstacle.

Behave as if you are on ice. If you fly out and want to return to the track-do not make a series of sudden movements, otherwise everything will be even worse. Only smoothly, only slowly.

G If you don't drift by sliding your finger across the screen, your car will level up automatically. Take this fact into account and use it at the right time.

gWam does not necessarily have to go around every corner on the route. Sometimes you can take a shortcut and go straight. Yes, this way you will collect less coins, but you will go a longer distance. Sometimes this is also necessary and can be a useful tactic.

Give up on the track – but not always

gthe free space is provided around some tracks. Sometimes you can use it for your own purposes. It is not necessary to go around the most difficult corners too close – you can ride on the grass. But watch out for the obstacles. While driving on the grass, you can hit a cow, for example. On the one hand, this is an obstacle that slows you down, and on the other-for this you can get an achievement.

How to learn the first track

gthe first track in the game – Jimhana-is not randomly generated. Therefore, the route scheme does not change in it, which means that it is ideal for training. Take this fact into account and practice on it as long as possible – the other tracks look different each time, so it will be much more difficult to develop skills on them.

Don't stop the game

The longer the distance on the track you pass, the sooner you can unlock a new track. Subsequent tracks can sometimes be even easier than the previous ones. Keep this in mind and try to gradually unlock them all-this way you will have a choice. You will be able to earn more coins on those tracks, the passage of which you succeed best.

Don't get hung up on collecting coins

Collecting coins is, of course, very important. They will help you buy new cars, but you should not focus on making sure to collect them all to one. They are placed randomly on the track, so sometimes it is extremely easy to get to them, and sometimes-on the contrary, it is incredibly difficult. In case of repeated failures, just leave them and move on.

Where Even if you have collected enough coins, you will still be offered to watch the ad. Agree – yes, it is boring, but it allows you to double the number of coins earned-and this is quite a lot.

g Complete the missions

The missions in this game are extremely simple. Basically, their goal is to pass a certain distance or need to collect a specified number of coins. So complete the missions – it's a pretty easy way to earn 50 coins. During the passage of the game itself, the same amount of money is much more difficult to earn.