Tips for PUBG Mobile: weapons and equipment that can be found on the map

PUBG Mobile is not so long ago appeared on mobile platforms version of the famous game in the genre of battle royale-the famous PlayerUnknown's Battleground. Gamers can't wait to find out what useful items, weapons and equipment can be found on the map and how to use them.

Pistols and submachine guns

This weapon is just right for the start. It is ideal for small-distance shootouts that take place while there are still a lot of players on the map, especially in popular drop-off locations. Closer to the end, this type of weapon becomes almost useless, so pick it up at the first opportunity, paying attention, rather, to the submachine gun, use it, and change it to something more serious as quickly as possible.

< /p>Assault rifles

< /p>Assault rifles are good for almost any purpose. They are convenient for different distances, both large and small, have a good killing power and are pleased with the presence of a variety of sights and lotions. They are quite common and are the standard type of weapon in this game.

< /p>Shotguns

< /p>Shotguns are suitable for strictly defined situations, so you will quickly outgrow them, as well as pistols and submachine guns. So when you find a shotgun, know that it's 0 - your time measure and keep looking for something else.

Sniper rifles

They are ideal for long distances, but are not applicable in other cases. If you find a sniper rifle-pick it up, it will be useful if you want to be at a safe distance from other players. It will perfectly complement your assault rifle.

Weapons for hand-to-hand combat

There are not so many weapons for hand-to-hand combat here. Note that neither a crowbar nor a sickle will replace your usual frying pan. It not only can be used to deliver quite strong blows – it protects against bullets, working as a shield. Even if you do not use it while lying in the inventory, it protects your back from fire-and this is extremely important. Therefore, finding a frying pan is a great success.

Throwing weapons

You can find grenades, smoke grenades and Molotov cocktails in this game. They are all good in their own way, but for different situations. For example, regular grenades and Molotov cocktails are good for blowing up enemies in buildings, and smoke grenades are needed to confuse and confuse the enemy in the process of fighting or fleeing. A good way to use grenades is to throw them through the window of a building when the enemy is there.


Energy drinks, painkillers, patches and first-aid kits, of course, will be useful to you. If patches and first-aid kits restore health instantly, then energy drinks and syringes with painkillers do it gradually. The first should be used while sitting in a shelter after a shootout, and the second-even on the move.

Useful additions

Useful additions to your weapons are also not an extra thing. This applies to sights, magazines, bullet belts, and much more. In PUBG Mobile, all of them are mounted to weapons automatically, so you do not have to spend time on this, as well as to select a suitable weapon for the found lotions.


Everything is simple here – the caliber of the found cartridges should fit your weapon. To store enough ammo, you'll have to find a backpack first.

Backpack < p>

The game provides backpacks of three levels, from a smaller volume to a larger one. First, find any backpack – you can upgrade it, which means that you can gradually increase its useful volume. You can't go far without a backpack-remember that.


Helmets and vests are extremely effective in this game. They are indispensable for survival, and it is very good that, once found, they are equipped automatically. Since they take the brunt of the shelling, they will have to be changed periodically-remember this