Tips for Shadowgun Legends: how to enter battle correctly?

Shadowgun Legends is probably a candidate for the best FPS on mobile platforms. It has everything – high-quality graphics, well-thought-out gameplay and a good selection of weapons. We offer you some tips that will make it easier to start and help you navigate the game in its initial stages.

Aiming and distance

Two elements of the game mechanics of Shadowgun Legends, which you will have to get used to, will create some problems for you at first. This applies to aiming (the traditional problem of all mobile shooters) and choosing the distance to shoot.

Weapons in this game are triggered at not too long distances, so your bullets will hit the target only if the distance to the enemy is chosen correctly. Unfortunately, you will have to get close enough to the opponents, and only then double tap on the right side of the screen to call the sight of your weapon. Each type of weapon has its own range of destruction, and you will also need to get used to it. You can not be too far away, but it is also not recommended to be too close to the enemy – otherwise you will become easy prey.

Different types of weapons

The above is true for almost all types of weapons. But there are a few exceptions. One of them is a sniper rifle and its variations. The fact is that the sniper rifle does not support auto-shooting. And this means that, after you aim, there will be no automatic shot. You will have to press the shooting button yourself, which appears on the screen specifically for this type of weapon.

If the process of shooting from a sniper rifle is carefully calculated, and the accuracy is calculated, then shooting from a grenade launcher, on the contrary, is the simplest and least accurate. But it is extremely effective when you need to shoot back from enemies quickly.

Pick up everything

When you fight against the aliens, pay attention to the fact that ammunition and other things you need fall out of them. But the most important thing in this case is the drop with the alien skull depicted on it. It involves armor and various types of equipment. In PVP matches, you will also find ammo and useful items, as well as boxes of ammo that you can open later, and even ammunition for special and rare weapons. And yes-do not forget to run past the bodies of the defeated enemies to pick up their weapons and ammunition.

Equip yourself

Perhaps this advice is obvious, but still: after each completed mission, check your equipment. You and all your equipment must only be the best if you want to have the advantage in battle on your side. Parts of the equipment you will find during the missions or receive in the form of rewards, but the best parts will always offer you Pedro.

The equipment received from it will have to be decoded, so you will not be able to use it immediately. Sometimes you will get something like this as a reward for missions. After decoding, this type of equipment will turn into rare weapons and armor, so it's worth trying for it.

Duels and PvP

Once you have dealt with fairly simple tasks from the PVE campaign, you will have to move on to more complex PVP missions. First, you will unlock the duel mode, in which you and the other player will have to fight face to face. This will help you prepare for PVP battles with a large number of opponents. To your usual types of weapons and equipment at this point, new ones will be added, for example, turrets. PVP mode is the foundation of Shadowgun Legends, so try to think of PVE as a training exercise.