Top 10 best games in the history of the mobile industry, part 4

Here is another top-10 best games on smartphones in the history of their existence. This is the fourth part, which means that we have come a long way; just imagine-30 classic and favorite games. To pass at least one of them is already worthy of respect, and you may want to try again. Anyway, you can read the previous issues at the following links: the first part, the second part and the third part. And we are starting a new ten. In it, the emphasis went a little towards role-playing games, but often these are mobile ports from older platforms. I saved the sweetest part for last.

Dead by Daylight

The mobile version of Dead by Deadlight will appeal to fans of excellent horror. Your nerves are on edge when you are constantly being hunted. A wide variety of assassins and their mechanics make each race a bit unique. The main task of the survivors is to restore the broken generators and get out into the wild. It sounds simple, but without teamwork, the hard work of one person will go down the drain.

Hunters always have some abilities that make it easier to find their prey. This moment can be countered by various active and passive abilities of the survivors. Leveling up your character is the cornerstone for successful survival. In any case, do not bring the situation to the point that you will be hung on a hook: after that, the chances of survival tend to zero. If you are lucky with your partners, then everything will go up.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is a full-fledged competitor to other mobile fighting games. If you like the DC universe with its cruel and cynical characters, then here they are in a team of three superheroes or supervillains. Characters differ in rarity, which gives an undoubted advantage already before the start of the battle: their value translates into the so-called "Team Threat". If this indicator is higher for your team than for your opponent, then you can relax and calmly drink tea. For the laziest, there is even an autoboy.

The characters also belong to certain classes, and this adds another strategic element: we look at the opposite team and select the perfect heroes. In addition to pumping basic skills, you can customize the characters, changing not only their characteristics, but also their appearance.

Hello Neighbor

This game translates as "Hello neighbor"; but I think it would be better to say "Hello Neighbor". You see, if in the past top 10 we talked about the part of Hide and Seek, where this mysterious Neighbor just turned into what he became, now we have to deal with these very consequences. And if you think that his IQ does not exceed the intelligence of a monkey, then you are deeply mistaken: this vile type can independently and deliberately set traps, insert new windows, and so on.

The main task is to safely get into the basement and learn all the secrets. To do this, you will need to find the keys, open the necessary doors, take useful items and all that sort of thing. The constant presence of a Neighbor somewhere nearby makes each race scary and exciting in its own way. Hello Neighbor is divided into three acts, during which we will face not only our own fears, but also the fears of our Neighbor.

Oceanhorn 2

The Oceanhorn series can be safely listed in the Red Book, because games of this caliber often feel like a breath of fresh air. It has everything: colorful graphics in the style of Breath of the Wild, a large number of puzzles, achievements and a good story about saving the world. The actions of the second part take place a thousand years before the events of the first.

Gamers will explore a huge fantasy world filled with myths and legends. We take control of a young Knight who will face an incredible challenge: one evil warlock who has returned to this world and has already begun to gather his Dark Army. Together with us, two characters will fight: the girl Trin and a mystical robot with a samurai sword. We give the necessary commands, and they participate in solving puzzles or fights.

Teamfight Tactics

If most card games in popular franchises (Hearthstone, GWENT) try to move away from their progenitors as far as possible, then Teamfight Tactics on the contrary is proud of its legacy in the face of League of Legends. Therefore, you will not find typical KKI fights here: we and the enemy put champions on the battlefield, who automatically solve their problems with the help of a fight. They have a health score, a combat style (melee or ranged), maybe even a shield.

In general, Teamfight Tactics is very much like the usual MOBA, only with tactical moments that are inherent in the KKI genre. First, we are given training, where we just learn about the features of this project. Our avatar is a cute little penguin, which can be customized in every possible way. He knows how to dance and entertain the players in every possible way during the battles.

This is the Police 2

The series This is the Police continues the noir narrative of a city gripped by violence, corruption and criminal gangs. We take on the role of a young sheriff-girl. To cope with the riots, she will have to enlist the support of a former prisoner. I wonder what could go wrong? We take control of the police station, where every day and night you need to send subordinates to investigate murders or something worse. But the thing is, they're not some mindless models who mindlessly follow the sheriff's orders. Someone can shirk work, and someone abuses alcohol. This has to be taken into account in order to keep order not only on your site, but also in the city itself.

In general, every sensitive situation that gets out of control can cost the lives of several cops. The fact is that here the characters do not have a health scale, which is instantly restored if you sit in a shelter (hello, Call of Duty). One bullet and you will not count the people.

Rome: Total War

In the courtyard of 270 BC and the Roman Empire feels perfectly fine. There are wars, but the vast territories and the army help to keep the other powers in a tight rein. Rome: Total War allows players to realize the wildest dreams from the history lessons, when thousands of armies converged on the battlefield and solved their problems with the help of a sword, shield and arrows. This was the first part that used real 3D models for each unit instead of sprites.

The game is divided into two parts: strategic and tactical. In the first, we make decisions about diplomacy, espionage, and troop movements across the vast map of Western Europe, North Africa, and Asia. Rome: Total War is made with a focus on large-scale battles, so everything will rest on the beginning of the conflict with other factions and subsequent showdowns. By the way, in this part, the number of the squad depends on the performance of the computer. That is, if you suddenly decide to remember your youth and play on an old PC, then get ready for teams of 20 people.

Banner Saga

The harsh Norse mythology imposes its own rules of the game. In Banner Saga, we take control of a squad of humans and giants who must escape from the impending cold weather and the so-called drags. On the way, you will have to make a large number of decisions that directly affect the development of the plot. The battles here are turn-based and at high difficulty, the loss of one character can put an end to the entire campaign. Between the main characters, there is always some kind of chemistry: one stepped on the other's foot, and the other just fell in love with someone.

Items are used to improve the heroes. On the way, we will meet mystical structures, but it is not worth stopping near them for a long time: in addition to the impending threat, the squad also has provisions. And if you often arrange overnight stays, then at one point all the food will run out and the whole shop can be closed.

Lineage 2: Revolution

Korean MMORPG Lineage 2 has won the hearts of if not millions of players around the world, then hundreds of thousands for sure. The mobile version gives fans a chance to enjoy the multiplayer process on the road or in a warm bed. The engine uses the beloved Unreal Engine 4, which can produce quite realistic graphics in direct hands. In addition to large-scale PvP battles, designed for 200 people, you can also find typical dungeons. There are several races to choose from, including humans, elves, orcs, and other typical representatives of the "fantasy"genre.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away, the RPG Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was released. Even now, it impresses, if not with its graphics, then with its freedom of action. The events of the films are still 4,000 years away, and we are already being attacked by a Sith spaceship. As in the Fable series, we will have to maneuver between the Dark and Light side of the Force; this depends more on the actions we take. The combat system combines turn-based elements and action. You can pass the levels in different ways: arrange shootouts or bypass patrols in the local invisibility cloak; use droids that the Empire is not exactly looking for, or negotiate and thereby avoid the start of a conflict.

In addition to the main plot, there are also mini-games available: maps, races and shooting at enemy fighters. The scene is constantly changing and we travel from one planet to another. In general, the game deserves a separate place in the hall of fame and it will take more than a dozen hours to pass it. The local plot is made almost from scratch, so if you suddenly get bored with the Skywalkers and the evil Death Star, then Knights of the Old Republic offers a completely new story in the wrapper of a role-playing game.