Top 10 best games of 2013 for iOS by AppTime

Among the many completely endless runners and games in the style of "collect-three-in-a-row", this year in the App Store was marked by the appearance of much more serious games, those that made you think, carried away and dragged, gave delight and invited to their amazing worlds. It would be easy to name 20 or 30 similar games, but we decided to select the top ten, which determines the entire past year, all its 12 months, full of new releases and vivid impressions.



It was a year of civil wars, coups d'etat, and surveillance and wiretapping scandals. Studio Neven Mrgan and James Moore created their Blackbar censorship saga in a very timely manner. Its thoughtful plot and puzzle-based game mechanics not only look original, but also turn Blackbar into a must-play game.

Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption


The famous development from Vlambeer, which takes you seriously and for a long time, and the process of catching fish in it will be much more exciting and funny than you can imagine. This indie game offers you upgrades and new features, and it will all look stylish and original.



To emulate or at least just repeat a game, you need to start with a good source version. Nintendo's epic fantasy series The Legend of Zelda is a fitting source of inspiration, and Cornfox & Bros. I created my game Oceanhorn very close to the Zelda theme, offering gamers beautiful sunny islands, dark dungeons, uncompromising battles and tricky puzzles. In a word, you are provided with a real adventure.

Year Walk


This development from the Swedish studio Simogo is an adventure game that smoothly flows into a terrible story unfolding before your eyes. This story has a memorable plot and offers some of the smartest puzzles on iOS.



Black and white graphics are quite popular recently, and in the game Limbo from the studio Playdead it looks very organic. This game is a platformer, most reminiscent of a nightmare and causing a feeling of claustrophobia in the gamer. In Limbo, there are a lot of original ideas, traps and puzzles, in which any wrong step is fraught with the death of the main character, but it is this constant danger that is interesting.



This game from Simogo could have been published as a psychological thriller, but the authors chose the original format between the game and the text of the book. In this game, the text is something like a map to move between the rooms that make up the world of DEVICE 6. This concept is completely non-standard and easily immerses gamers in a fairly deep and exciting adventure.

Touchgrind Skate 2


Here is a surprisingly realistic skateboarding simulator that allows players not only to perform dizzying tricks with turns, but also to fall off the board during hard training-and there will be a lot of them in this game. This development of the studio Illusion Labs is characterized by impressive graphics and user-friendly controls, but it will not be easy to master it perfectly.

Rayman Fiesta Run


Autorunners have spread across the territory of mobile gaming so widely that it is very difficult to find a niche in this genre. Ubisoft has decided to continue its success last year by releasing a sequel to the famous Rayman Jungle Run. In the sequel to Rayman Fiesta Run, the same concept of the game is used – it is again a platformer, with the same fun character. Gamers will enjoy new carnival locations and new features of their favorite hero.

The Room 2


Fireproof Games continued the idea of its extremely successful puzzle game The Room (which, by the way, should be called The Box). In the sequel, you will really travel through the rooms, and the name of the series will be quite justified. The game features a dark atmosphere, carefully designed and implemented puzzles, and, of course, impressive graphics and soundtrack.

Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage

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This game is developed by Nitrome studio and published by a subsidiary of Rovio called Rovio Stars. In it, you will solve puzzles based on the physics of ice, exciting and challenging. The game has a variety of gameplay options and in this sense is ready to challenge the Angry Birds franchise and all its sequels.