top 10 iPhone and iPad games released in February 2015

The shortest month of the year brought us a lot of releases, adding bright shooters, interesting turn-based strategies and even games dedicated to snowboarding to the App Store. iOS gamers had a lot to do during February, and it seems that many of the games released this month will be remembered and will stay with us for a long time. So, here are the top ten:

Daytona Rush


G Unlike Real Racing, Daytona Rush does not try to transfer console gameplay to mobile platforms. This racer offers racing on a three-lane highway, in which you will have to control your car with the help of swipes, avoiding obstacles, avoiding collisions with other cars and completing tasks.

the tasks include overtaking a certain number of opponents, the need to drive a certain distance, and so on. Racing in this game takes place at a very high speed and with a huge number of cars on the track, so that, for all the apparent simplicity of the gameplay, it will not be easy for you.

Ralto's Adventure


GES If you have already played Ski Safari, then the gameplay of Alto's Adventure is clearly familiar to you. Here you chase the escaped llamas down the mountain on a snowboard and gradually unlock new characters.

Controlling your hero with a single tap, you can make him jump and perform flips, earning extra points. Unlike Ski Safari, here you will not meet other creatures and avalanches, but you will find stylish graphics, changing landscapes and lighting-all that makes this game truly atmospheric.

AG Drive


Gnezavisimno whether you like Wipeout and F-Zero or not, you should try out another racing game in this style-AG Drive.

This racer has a great design, and the action in it takes place against the background of futuristic landscapes in anti-gravity conditions. This turns the race into something incredible, although the gameplay of AG Drive itself is not too original: competitions, prizes and upgrades. You will have to get used to the controls in this game, but the graphics and soundtrack are so good that they outweigh the small shortcomings of the controls.



Auro's multi-step strategy is based on battles with monsters that take place on a game board consisting of hexagons. Your task is to throw those same monsters into the water, but they are unlikely to take it calmly, and will attack you as their various abilities. For each opponent, these abilities are completely different, just as the properties of chess pieces are different. Interestingly, the game's artificial intelligence places your enemies on the field randomly, so you can't predict where they will appear or how they will move. This makes Auro a very fun and thoughtful experience.

Heavenstrike Rivals


A GOTH game owned by Square Enix, you can expect two things: even if it's free, you'll either have a tough gameplay or the expense of simplifying it, especially when it comes to PvP battles. This is the first one. And the second – the quality of the game implementation will undoubtedly be high. In the case of Heavenstrike Rivals, both statements are true.

Eta turn-based strategy offers you to collect combat units, increase their level, creating the perfect team to put it against enemy units. Before you dive into PvP battles, you can hone your skills in single-player mode. In general, this game is able to please and thoughtful gameplay, and strategic depth.

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire


The idea that gestures are inextricably linked to magic is not new, and is known to everyone thanks to fantasy tapes and books. Surprisingly, so far, none of the game designers have taken this idea into service. At least, until the appearance of Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire - here, just your gestures play a decisive role.

G In this game, you draw rune symbols with your finger on the screen to blow up balloons on which opponents descend to you. The higher the level – the more difficult the characters become, and the more interesting the gameplay.



R You will find a pretty successful shooter, the gameplay of which is based on QTE. This means that you do not need to pull the trigger to shoot – a certain number of taps and swipes on the screen in the right places will help you destroy the enemy. It may not sound very inspiring, but in fact, this game looks very good, and its gameplay is able to captivate fans of action.

The Detail


V recently, point-and-click adventures are very often based on the events and characters of famous movies and TV series, or at least close to them in subject matter. The game The Detail resembles the TV series The Wire ("Wiretap") from the American TV channel HBO. It combines elements of a comic book with a deep plot and makes you look forward to the next episode.

Overkill 3


The third part of this famous series has turned from a rail shooter into an FPS with shooting from cover. We can not say that the gameplay of this development will surprise us with something original, but the abundance of shooting, explosions and special effects will definitely please you.

Midnight Star


gI finally, the most long-awaited game on our list, a shooter from the creators of Halo, in which the authors were able to combine ease of control with dynamic gameplay.

problem with management is not finally solved by the studio Industrial Toys, but some steps in this direction are still made. In general, it turned out very well, despite the fact that the player does not have complete freedom of movement – it had to be sacrificed for the sake of high-speed shooting.