Top 10 platformers on iOS and Android that work without the Internet

No matter how much we would like it, shooters and full-fledged three-dimensional actions simply do not fit into what is today called mobile gaming with its short sessions, simple controls, minimal text and the ability to stop anywhere. Therefore, perhaps you should stop waiting in vain for the appearance of such games on iOS and Android, and play those genres that really work well on mobile, for example, platformers. Thanks to the efforts of port developers and authors of original projects, today in the App Store and Google Play, you can find some really cool platformers that are actually fun to play.

INSIDEThis platformer from the Playdead studio was released not so long ago, in 2016, but it has already become a legend, and its predecessor, Limbo, has grown a whole army of imitators, which are called "Limbo-style games". If you believe the legends, then the stories of these two projects have a connection, so ideally you should start your acquaintance with the first, but if you need the best, then it is without a doubt INSIDE.

It is more beautiful, diverse, long-lasting and intriguing. The developers abandoned the purely silhouette graphics, but retained the signature dark atmosphere, for which many at one time fell in love with Limbo. There are also detailed animations that create the feeling that you control literally every part of the main character's body, and not just his movements.

The entire passage is filled with interesting puzzles, and the plot reads a little better than last time, although you can find a lot of interesting things between the lines.

INSIDE is a game that you will want to return to several times. 6 years have passed between the release of Limbo and INSIDE, but we can expect that this time developers will need less time, and soon we will get a new masterpiece.

Oddmar As a couple of Playdead projects are considered reference platformers on adult platforms, so Leo's Fortune with Oddmar can be considered exclusive masterpieces of mobile (even if the first one was released on Steam).

These games are not related to each other, but both are required to pass. For example, Leo's Fortune is not outdated at all since its release in 2014, and the quality of working through its locations on mobile is still amazing.

Oddmar is clearly made with a cartoon image, but this style definitely suits her. This is a beautiful, dynamic and maximally diverse platformer with a Viking in the main role. The plot is quite passing, but the main thing is what emotions the gameplay itself gives.

The developers have taken into account the features of the platforms and if you need to buy Oddmar in the App Store at a fixed price, then you can read the first chapters in Google Play for free.

CandlemanCandleman is a three-dimensional platformer, but thanks to the isometric camera, it is just as convenient to play it on mobile as it is to play projects with a side view.

Here the main character is a candle, which has one feature — it can burn for 10 seconds, after which it goes out. At the same time, in the world of Candleman, you can't last long without light, so this feature should be taken into account.

Like INSIDE, Candleman shifts the focus from platforming to solving various puzzles that often involve light in every way. Despite the fact that most of the time you have to spend in the dark, in visual terms, the game leaves a pleasant impression. This is a short, but unique project for mobile devices.

Castle of Illusion True olds probably grinned when Limbo 10-year-old turned out to be a "classic", because the true classic here is Disney's Castle of Illusion.

Castle of Illusion is a remake of the 1990 platformer released for the Sega Mega Drive. But in 2013, it was upgraded, offering one of the best games about Disney cartoon characters.

Castle of Illusion is already a full-fledged platformer with a lot of jumping, enemies and collecting various bonuses. This is the kind of game that does not try to stretch the passage for dozens of hours and does not attract live events, but during the 3-5 hours necessary for its passage, every second slips something interesting.

Dandara is one of the most underrated games for iOS and Android, which, most likely, was greatly hindered by the pricing policy at the start, when the publisher decided to sell it for more than 1000 rubles. Now the project is available for only 400 rubles, and the developers just this week announced an addition with new content.

Dandara is also an unusual platformer. Here you can not directly control the main character, but instead choose the direction in which she will fly to stick to the floor, ceiling or walls. At first, you will need to get used to this, but over time, the game will begin to bring pleasure simply by the sensations of movement. Plus, this control works perfectly on touch screens.Dandara is not a pure platformer, but also a bagel, so be prepared to return to previously explored places and actively explore the locations. Finally, it's worth noting that the game is quite challenging, especially when it comes to bosses, so keep that in mind.

STELA There are many imitators of Limbo and INSIDE, but not all of them understand that the success of these projects is not only a memorable visual style, but also more subtle matters.

And Stela understood. In the main role here is a woman who has to watch the last days of her world. On the way, she meets interesting scenery, silent stories and a lot of challenges in which you can not just take and use force.

Most of all, Stela lacks those elegant animations that were in Limbo and INSIDE, but it pays off with much more diverse and bright decorations.

Stela should be released on Steam in the first quarter of this year, but on mobile - this is an exclusive Apple Arcade — one of the many for which a subscription is worth buying.

Wonder Wow is a classic again. Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is a remake of the third part of the platformer of the same name, which was released on the Master System and other popular platforms of the time in 1989.

The developers here did not just update the project, but actually created the game from scratch. At the same time, they took into account potential fans of the original Wonder Boy III, giving the opportunity to switch between modern and retro graphics in real time.

The Dragon's Trap is a very beautiful, visually reminiscent of the best examples of two-dimensional cartoons platformer about the main character, who is a half-human, half-lizard. Both guises have their own characteristics, and after defeating each boss, new ones appear, which make the gameplay even more diverse.

Here you will find both classic platforming, and simple puzzles, and battles — what else can you ask from such an adventure?

Teslagrad is another really cool game that the developers, at the request of numerous mobile gamers in need, moved to mobile from computers, and which for some reason is not very actively bought.

In Teslagrad, the influence of the puzzle genre is most noticeable. But the most interesting thing is that here it is not just pressing buttons or moving boxes. All the puzzles in the game are based on the principles of magnetism and electromagnetic forces.Each ability of the main character is a feature of the items that you will find in the process of passing. Here you will have to think a lot and often die, but as you master new skills, you will want to use all of them.

There is also a steampunk atmosphere, beautiful hand-painted scenery and great music. But even without all this, the game is worthy of the attention of fans of platformers and puzzles.

Inmost is another masterpiece from Apple Arcade. But if Stela went relatively unnoticed, and many scolded it too much for its similarity to the Playdead projects, then everyone who got acquainted with INMOST notes that this is a masterpiece and one of the best projects of the service.

But it is worth starting the story with one very important remark, aimed specifically at Russian-speaking gamers. The fact is that many players in the CIS countries are unreasonably biased towards pixel graphics and believe that developers use it for lack of talent, and true gamers only need to play movies in 60 fps. Get rid of this opinion and appreciate INMOST... Now about her.

INMOST is the most story-driven game in this collection, and the local story is definitely worth going through the game from start to finish.

The game has amazing animation and the most diverse locations. And each character is felt in its own way, which gives an indescribable feeling.

Well, finally, it is worth saying that the authors of the game are two of our compatriots, so there is an extra reason to pass INMOST.

GRISA will end with a project that is perceived not as a game, but as a work of art that has come to life — a collection of stunning animated paintings.

The developers have so coolly enslaved the visual style of the project and all the decorations that you can take a screenshot of literally any frame and put it on the wallpaper.

GRIS has an abstract plot that tells about a girl who has closed herself in because of the pain that enveloped her in reality. As she learns to cope with her problems, her perception of the world also changes.

Ideally, such games should be played on large screens, but if this is not possible, it is better to use what is available than to skip the game altogether.

There was no place in this compilation for sure obvious to many Dead Cells and Grimvalor, but it's not that these are bad games. They are simply too good in many other ways to be singled out for their platform-specific features.

And finally: play games, not graphics, and don't be biased. This is the only way you can unearth those diamonds when hidden among tons of trash.