Top 20 best Android games of 2017: part 1

The past year 2017 brought many original and bold projects to the fans of the Android platform. They were high-quality ports of PC and console games and mobile development-no less large-scale and worthy of attention. We bring to your attention the first part of the selection of the best Android games of 2017 and we are waiting for your comments.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 on Android

The sequel to the already iconic Injustice: Gods Among Us made a victorious march on mobile platforms and won a lot of fans on Google Play. And this is not surprising. The range of characters, techniques and combos of this fighting game will please the most demanding fan of PvP battles. Your favorite heroes of the DC universe will come together in spectacular 1-on-1 battles and 3-on-3 team battles. But, in addition to the perfectly implemented combat system, Injustice 2 attracts attention with detailed graphics and the presence of a storyline, which is not so often found in fighting games.

Prison Architect: Mobile

Prison Architect: Mobile on Android

RPRISON Architect: Mobile on Android

< / p >RPRISON Architect: Mobile on our list is quite logical – this very accurate and detailed port with a PC is characterized by considerable strategic depth. The task set before the player is both difficult and exciting: to create the safest prison in the world, escape from which is impossible. Become the architect of the prison and its chief, hire staff and manage them, monitor the behavior of prisoners and their morale – all these functions you will have to combine, without going beyond the budget and avoiding riots and escapes.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

South Park: Phone Destroyer for Android

nThe surpassed black humor of the animated series "South Park" combined with well-known characters and PvP battles is a win-win combination that can interest anyone. Elements of the collectible card game allow you to assemble a team of your favorite heroes (do not be surprised by their unexpected roles), then enter into real-time battles with other players and defeat them in uncompromising brawls on the streets of the city.

Battle Bay

Battle Bay on Android

The developers of Rovio managed to move away from the hackneyed theme of angry birds fighting pigs, placing players in an unexpectedly successful setting of a marine action strategy. Multiplayer battles on the expanses of tropical seas, among lagoons, islands and reefs were not only spectacular, but also deeply thought out in terms of strategy and tactics of combat. The ability to challenge your friends and attract players from all over the world is a plus in this game, just like its colorful scenery and unsurpassed humor.

Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park on Android

Eta game in the genre of neonoir offers gamers to spend just one night in the rundown town of Timbleweed Park in the company of five playable characters and strange inhabitants of the city. By morning, you'll realize that the body found under the bridge is not the biggest problem of this gloomy place. Each puzzle you solve creates new puzzles, and the situation around you only becomes more complicated. But there is a way out – and you will definitely find it, finding out all the details, facing surprises and plunging into the atmospheric gameplay of this original adventure game.

Iron Marines

Iron Marines on Android

Parni from Ironhide are already used to plucking laurels thanks to their successful RTS-developments, and moving their projects from fantasy worlds to deep space did not worsen the situation, rather the opposite. The new setting and new features put Iron Marines in the ranks of the best developments of the strategic genre. Under the skilful leadership of the players, the Iron Troopers are ready to go forward, crushing opponents, defending bases and freeing the planets from aggressive aliens.


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Mini DAYZ on Android

RMINI DAYZ on Android

< / p >RMINI DAYZ is no less difficult than among carefully drawn post-apocalyptic locations, polished to a shine by the efforts of game designers. This port of the successful PC game migrated to Android and managed to win over the audience thanks to randomly generated maps, a ton of all sorts of dangers and surprises waiting for the player, and extensive opportunities for crafting. Hunger and thirst, blood loss and cold-this is not a complete list of problems that the hero of Mini DAYZ will face in an attempt to challenge an unfriendly and hostile world.

Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada on Android

A group of daredevils who survived the zombie epidemic, travels along the roads of America in the hope of reaching the saving Canada. In this action-adventure RPG, everything is randomized-from locations and events, to the characters themselves and their skills, as well as the heroes they will meet along the way. These meetings will not always be pleasant – someone from your new acquaintances will be dangerous, and someone just a useless burden. But the core of your team will continue to fight their way through the hordes of zombies to the north, training, arming and boldly moving forward – and this will not fail to captivate you.

Love you to bits

Love you to bits on Android

Golovolomkam not necessarily be darkly atmospheric, and cartoon Love you to bits with its cute characters proves it. This cute jigsaw puzzle game has won many awards due to the skillful combination of unreal fantasy setting with a surprisingly heartfelt love story and clever puzzles. The visual effects are accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack, and the characters, other planets and their inhabitants look just incredible.

The Escapists

The Escapists on Android

GMIX of survival ideas with strategy elements was so successful for the developers of The Escapists that their game, without a doubt, gets into the leaderboard. The authors offer gamers to immerse themselves in the harsh everyday life of a prisoner preparing to escape from prison. The guards are always on the alert, the prisons are well fortified, but you can not stop – more than anything, your hero dreams of reuniting with his family. He will do everything for this-craft the necessary items, wait for the right moment, calculate everything and still make an escape-not without your help.