Top 20 expected indie games of 2021: Psychonauts 2, Little Nightmares II, It Takes Two

Indie games often attract with their innovation and personality. In 2021, developers will delight us with a large number of similar projects, so I decided to make an impressive list of expected indie games for AppTime readers. These are pixel RPG, horror, strategy games in a medieval setting, hardcore reaction platforms and calm adventures with a great emphasis on discovering the world through its exploration.

Little Nightmares II

Genre: Platformer / Horror Release date: February 11, 2021Predorder: steamin 2017, the first part of Little Nightmares was quite successful. In the sequel, a lot of emphasis will be placed on the frightening component. This time we play as a boy named Mono, who is trapped in a frightening and incomprehensible world. Together with the Sixth girl, he will have to reveal the terrible secret of the Lighthouse, while the inhabitants of this world will try in every possible way to prevent it.

Balan Wonderworld

Genre: Platformdate of release: March 26, 2021order: steamthe developers of this project invite everyone to the wonderful Balan Theater. Our characters will use the abilities of various costumes in a World of Wonders, where there is something that people really value. Players will find 12 fairy tales, in which mazes, riddles and traps are hidden. Here, fears and bad thoughts are mixed with happy memories. The characters Leo and Emma go in search of what is really important to them. The guys from Square Enix are working on the project.

Clive ā€˜Nā€™ Wrench

Genre: Platformer Release date: Spring 2021Predorder: Steam The Banjo Kazooie 64 game left a lasting impression on the guys from the Numskull Games studio, because in their platformer we go on a journey with a rabbit and his partner-a monkey. They will travel through time using a refrigerator model of the 1950s. There are 11 levels in total, plus boss battles and a hub world. The game has been developed for 10 years. The developers claim that a lot of time was spent on achieving the perfect control for this platformer.

Cyber Shadow

Genre: Action/ Platformer Release Date: January 26, 2021order: SteamWorld has been captured by synthetic creatures, so our 8-bit samurai will have to take this problem on himself. The game strongly resembles the first Ninja Gaiden on the NES. The developers say that the sprites are made manually. At the same time, you should expect smooth animation and other requirements of the modern gaming industry. Secrets, supplies, and additional resources are scattered throughout the levels.

King's Bounty II

Genre: Turn-based RPG Release Date: March 2021order: Steam1C Entertainment Offers tactical battles with a non-linear plot. Almost any decision you make matters, from killing a skeleton to dealing with local NPCs. There are three classes to choose from, each with its own unique story. The process of exploring the world takes place in the third-person mode, but the battles are performed in a step-by-step mode. In the story, a threat looms over the local fantasy world ā€” a kind of plague that affects the land and people (Warcraft III?). Therefore, we have to change the fate of Antara once and for all.


Genre: roguelike / Platformer Release date: 2021Predzakaz: Steamgovoryat that hardcore platformers began with the Mega Man series. But what if we add a bagel element like The Binding of Isaac and a co-op mode to this formula? You get 30XX, where the developers definitely hide from us the exact year in which the events of the game take place. We are even promised a deep meaning hidden behind an endless cycle of jumps and dodges. In the story, we wake up after 1,000 years, when humanity was able to use artificial intelligence normally, but because of this, people stopped trying to reach the stars.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

Genre: Metroidvaniyadata release: 2021Predorder: Steamthe first part of Hollow Knight, which was released in 2017, became one of the largest indie games in history. This applies not only to popularity, but also to a huge inner world filled with dangers, secrets and hardcore boss battles. Initially, the developers planned to make Silksong an addition to the original, but eventually the project grew to such a scale that it turned into an independent game. Many are looking forward to the release.


Genre: First Person Shooter Release Date: Omitted Pre-order: OMITTED This game is from the same developers who brought the world an unforgettable adventure called "The Vanishing of Ethan Carter". But instead of swaggering through the picturesque locations and collecting the plot bit by bit, we will destroy the demons with huge guns. The project is being developed by Adrian Hmilarz, who worked on Painkiller in 2004.

Freedom Planet 2

Genre: Platform Release Date: No Pre-order: Steam Remember the 16-bit Sonic? The developers of Freedom Planet 2 also remember. A group of brave heroes will have to save the local fantasy world from an ancient Horror that has awakened and risen from the depths of the ocean. The most difficult thing here is that the heroes have broken up into warring camps, so this adventure will test their friendship for strength. Each character has its own unique style of combat system, there are four to choose from at the start.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

Genre: Co-op / Action Release Date: 2021Predorder: Steamthis is an addition to Cuphead, not a full-fledged game. Gamers will go to explore a new island filled with "full-screen bosses". Miss Chalice will come to the aid of Magman and Kaphed; she has unique skills and abilities. After completing the DLC, you can replay the original Cuphead for it. There will also be a new type of weapons and enchantments to overcome new challenges and set a record on the old bosses.

Sports Story

Genre: RPGDate of release: 2021Predorder: Nintendo Esh Have you always dreamed of learning famous sports? Then you will go to the famous Tennis Academy, where you will be late for classes, serve a volleyball ball with your foot, hit a tennis ball with a baseball bat in the goal and run through fantasy dungeons. At the same time, the game supports a cooperative of up to four people; similar projects can only be released on the Nintendo Switch.

It Takes Two

Genre: Platformer / Co-op Release date: March 26, 2021order: STEAMTHE creators of the co-op prison Break A Way Out have taken on a new project that will use elements of its predecessor. We will follow the fate of the couple who turned into dolls. The game is completely tied to the cooperative, while it can be both local and over the Internet. Only the host must have a copy of the game. Our characters will reluctantly save difficult relationships by overcoming obstacles, working as a DJ and sledding on a snow globe.

Psychonauts 2

Genre: Platformdate of release: 2021Predorder: SteamTim Shafer joined Microsoft, but so far Psychonauts 2 retains the features of a solid indie game in which the developers of Double Fine put their soul. This time, the main character, Razputin Aquato, will have to deal with a moth that wants to resurrect the deadly psychic Maligula. The first part has become a real classic, while Shafer continues to work on the second, so there is hope for a solid platformer in 2021.

Solar Ash Kingdom

Genre: Adventure Release date: 2021Predorder: Epic Games Storeif the name of the publisher Annapurna Interactive says something to you, then you are just at the right place ā€” the guys who brought Hyper Light Drifter and a sea of other pixel and atmospheric games are working on this project. In Solar Ash Kingdom, the style of the above project is maintained; players will face huge monsters, travel the world at high speed and meet many NPCs on their way.

Acid Knife

Genre: Action/ Platformer Release Date: No Pre-order: Steam This is a psychedelic platformer with a deliberately slow-motion combat system, where the emphasis is on improvisation and position selection. The number of actions we can perform changes almost every second: it can be either a typical attack or a possible kiss. The developers promise a harsh approach to players, for example, at one point they can knock out of their hands an important item that will be behind a huge spider.


Genre: Action / RPGDate of release: No pre-order: No Here players will find themselves in the School of Witches and Wizards (not to be confused with Hogwarts). The graphics are made in a cute pixel art that resembles Stardew Valley. We will have to build relationships with other students and local residents, develop magical skills, attend classes and do homework. Someone is bound to become your enemy, friend, or love. Plus, any normal school of magic should have hidden secrets that are waiting for someone to reveal them.

Cassette Beasts

Genre: turn-based RPGDate of release: No pre-order: Steamthis project combines a randomly generated adventure like The Legend of Zelda with mechanics from Pokemon. Here we will collect 120 animals that can be combined with each other to get one of the 14,400 combinations. Two people who previously worked on Stardew Valley and Starbound are working on the game.

Heavenly Bodies

Genre: adventure / co-op Release date: 2021Predorder: Steam If you have always dreamed of being in the body of an astronaut who has to move in complete weightlessness, then this project offers to do it together with friends. You will solve puzzles where you need to fix something, get it or break it. The most interesting moment will be when in outer space, one holds on to the satellite, and the other is trying to get a flying racket. The worst situation described by the developers: the satellite has run out of energy, you are in the path of space debris flying at hypersonic speed, and a cracker is stuck in the generator.

Brave Earth: Prologue

Genre: Platformer / Action Release Date: No Pre-order: STEAM This platformer is inspired by the first parts of Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden on the NES, so you should expect 8-bit gameplay with tactful and aggressive battles. Each level is completed manually, and this also applies to the tests, which are designed to involve the player in the process, and not to push away. We will follow the fate of three characters, each of which not only has its own path, but also a fighting style.

Hazelnut Bastille & Dawnthorn

Genre: Action/ Adventure Release Date: No Pre-order: STEAM This is a 16-bit adventure inspired by The Legend of Zelda series on Super Nintendo. The game features real-time tactical battles, as well as exploring the world with puzzles. Most of the time we will spend in the dungeons, which form the basis of the gameplay. The game is played in 20-30 hours, and it will have a high replayability and a lot of bonus content.