Upcoming June releases for iPhone, iPad and Android

Most game designers are already preparing for the summer vacation, but they have prepared a lot of pleasant surprises for us. Summer releases will not be long in coming – this month we will be pleased with several new games for iPhone, iPad and Android. Let's take a closer look at the most interesting of them.


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New development from Ryt Games should be available on your iPad on June 30. This kind of retro puzzle game offers you to travel to small planets and transport people on your small ship. The retro style of this game goes well with the plot, and the pixel art graphics look pretty.


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Etu game for iOS and Android was created by the famous Terry Kavanagh, the author of the most complex development of Super Hexagon. First, it will appear on iOS, and then it will reach the Android platform. The game is a remake of the retro platformer VVVVVV, which debuted on the PC back in 2010. Kavanagh should be pleased with the result, as it seems that he managed to implement the virtual control as successfully as possible.


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Grazers from Loveshack are releasing this game for iPhone and iPad in June. At first, the release was planned for May, but then it was postponed, and this, we hope, is final. Screenshots of the game look very intriguing, offering gamers to shift the parts of the plot depicted on special panels, and do it in such a way as to achieve the desired result for this level. It sounds a little strange, but it is interesting and unconventional, which attracts attention.


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Here we will try to surprise the guys from Rovio – this will be the first development of their LVL11 division, and clearly has nothing to do with the Angry Birds franchise. The game looks like a mix of Flappy Bird, Mini Squadron and Whale Trail and sets gamers a difficult task: to guide a small plane through levels full of obstacles, using mechanics based on simple taps. Note that the game is not called RETRY for nothing – there are reasons for this, the main one is the need to constantly replay the levels due to failures. In this game, they will haunt you, perhaps not as often as in Flappy Bird, but you definitely can not call it easy. In the meantime, we are waiting for the iOS release, while the trial launch of RETRY has already taken place in Finland, Poland and Canada.

Midnight Star

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Where the long-awaited development of the studio Industrial Toys will soon appear on your iPhone and iPad. This ambitious game was initially called Morning Star, and the team of creators of the famous Halo series worked on it. It is a sci-fi first-person shooter with elements of a visual novel and a lot of action. The beta version of the game was promised to us in early April, but so far nothing has been heard about it.


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Eta game from the studio of Peter Molyneux 22Cans is an even more ambitious phenomenon in mobile gaming than the previous one in our list. Let's start with the fact that this is a god simulator in the style of Populous and Black & White. The developers have already made a trial run of the game in the New Zealand App Store, so a global release is just around the corner.


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Gstudiya HandCircus, which was behind the development of Rolando, is preparing for the release of its adventure social game Seabeard. It will be a perfectly polished puzzle game with interesting game mechanics, a lot of tasks and quests. The release is known only that it will take place in the summer, and the exact date has not yet been named.