We won't joke, developers do it better: the best mobile games with humor for iOS and Android

We, of course, could publish the news about the release of GTA IV, Skyrim or Battlefield on mobile, but April 1 is not not only "Fool's Day", but also "Day of Laughter", so instead of pranks, we decided to give you emotions. More precisely, tell them where they can be obtained.

In our selection there are both classic, well-known projects, and new products that should not be missed. What is not here is another "revolutionary MMORPG" and casual toys for 15 minutes. Enjoy and smile.


One of the most anticipated games of last year, transferred to the iPad by the studio Feral Interactive. This year, a port is expected on the iPhone, and, if you start from the comments on social networks, on Android.

Tropico is a humorous urban planning simulator. The humor is that you, as the president of a tropical state, are free to rule as you please. You can take everything seriously and develop all the components of the state, or you can, for example, force local residents to live in poverty, but on the shore to build five-star hotels for tourists. Or create an army that can quell any insurgency. Or start to engage in industry, for a couple of years ditching the ecology of the island.

Yes, there are no sparkling jokes here, but what is happening will surely make you smile.

Darkestville Castle

A quest in the spirit of the LucasArts games from Epic LLama studio and publisher Buka, fully translated and voiced in Russian.

You are waiting for an 8-hour adventure of a decent demon Sid, who lives happily ever after until the Romero brothers, ruthless demon hunters, are sent after him.

You will find a funny story with charismatic characters, unusual twists and original puzzles.

Grim Fandango and other Double Fine quests

Tim Shafer is a true legend of the gaming industry. First as part of LucasArts, and then in his own studio Double Fine, he created a series of amazing quests, the main feature of which is the original plot and memorable characters. Most of its games can also be played on mobile devices.

Grim Fandango combines elements of Aztec myths and legends about the afterlife and tells the story of Manuel Calavera, a travel agent of the Department of Death, who is forced to sell newly arrived souls tours to the Ninth World

< /p>Days of the Tentacle – a cartoon adventure in which three random comrades unite to prevent a purple tentacle mutant from taking over the world. Age – a family puzzle game about two teenagers who find themselves in similar circumstances, but in completely different worlds. Dumb Ways to Die

Yes, it seems that this game stands out from the rest in this collection, but you need to know about its origin to understand that this is not just a stupid game about stupid ways to die.

Initially, it was a social ad from a company that manages the rail network in Melbourne, aimed at promoting safe behavior in transport. But it has become so popular that it has become a phenomenon.

DO NOT TURN ON THE VIDEO IN ANY CASE, IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SING THIS SONG ALL DAY!!!In Dumb Ways to Die and its sequel, you will find more than 70 mini-games that play out the situations from the video. In them, the heroes need to help not to die.

Legotraveller's Tales games managed to create a successful line of games, one of the signature features of which is humor. The surrounding world and characters are made in the style of LEGO, and the plots are the most popular and truly cult films. Among the most successful were the following:

LEGO Harry PotterLEGO Star WarsLEGO Lord of the RingsLEGO Jurassic WorldLEGO Marvel Super Negoesauthors very wittily play out familiar plots, using real dialogues, but superimposing them on slightly modified events. The humor will only be understood if you are familiar with the originals.

Tomorrow Corporation Games

After the masterpiece World of Goo, I am in love with all the projects of this studio. The company produces puzzles in a proprietary visual style with an abundance of humor in the internal dialogues. In Little Inferno, you have to burn different items, trying to figure out what combinations we are talking about, and in Human Resource Machine and 7 Billion Humans, solve programming problems and listen to stories about the futility of human labor.

Goat Simulator

A game that embodies the April Fool's Day in the gaming industry. Coffee Stain Studios released it on April 1 and achieved great popularity, despite the general stupidity of what is happening.

Here's what the developers write about their game:

< /p>"Goat Simulator" is a completely idiotic game and, to tell you the truth, you'd better spend your money on something else, like a hula hoop, a pile of bricks, or maybe chip in with your friends and buy a real goat.Detective Gallo

Another recent adventure in the style of classic quests. This is a game in the style of noir, where you have to play as a grumpy rooster, unraveling a complex case.

You will find a full-fledged detective story with diverse characters, a huge number of puzzles and riddles and a full-fledged translation into Russian, which will help you enjoy the local humor.

Donut County

One of the best games of last year, where even the description makes you smile. You have to play for a hole in the ground, which grows in size and is able to pull in different-sized objects. This hole is controlled by a raccoon, which, having lost control, falls into the hole itself. Together with him there are his best friend and other residents of the city, who demand answers.

Death Coming

A puzzle game in which you need to arrange the deaths of local characters. The project was clearly inspired by the "Destination"film series. You will find a variety of locations with original decorations that you will need to use to adjust the death and accumulate valuable points.

Yes, we also believe that death is not a joke, but the funniest thing in this game is the combinations that must be made to achieve the task.