Weapons guide in Modern Strike Online

The gameplay in Modern Strike Online is quite straightforward: kill enemies and try not to die yourself. However, the variety in the gameplay brings a huge number of weapons. Therefore, we have created this guide so that you can use your accumulated funds as efficiently as possible to purchase the type of weapons that you specifically need.

Please note that at the time of writing this material, the game could not transfer your purchases from Android to iOS and vice versa. If you play from both platforms, be careful and considerate.

obychno in first-person shooters there are two main types of weapons: a rifle and a pistol. And now we will talk about this in more detail.

Gintovki (main weapon)

Gnovichok (level 1) - Uzi

Initially, you have a very limited choice of weapons. All options look tempting and attractive, but here you need to include sobriety of mind. Your main task is to be armed with something reliable, something that can cause great damage to the enemy. And this is an UZI.

This is a powerful rifle that requires special shooting skills from the owner. This assault weapon is convenient because it can be unlocked for free. Ultrasound is a very reliable type of weapon, so you will definitely save on its repair, which will have a positive impact in the future.

Byvaliy (level 10) - AA13

The weapon has 60 damage, and you can buy it for credits. The AA13 is not the most powerful weapon on the list, but it is the best choice. Slightly updating the rifle, you will significantly increase its power, and you can safely compete with a more expensive type of weapon. The AA13 is not exactly a solid rifle, but even in conditions of constant repair, it occupies the first position in the choice of weapons at this level.

Professional (level 20) - KGS Premium

As soon as you reach level 20, you will need to purchase KGS Premium. Damage 200, overall rating 105 – this is a very powerful weapon. Accuracy leaves much to be desired, but given the fact that when you purchase a rifle, you will already be level 20, then you will have enough experience to use the KGS Premium to destroy any enemies.


During the game, you will have access to various types of upgrades. You will constantly earn special upgrade points, which can be spent on both primary and secondary weapons. We advise you to upgrade your secondary weapons, because you will most likely rarely use a pistol in combat.


The game has a variety of accessories available, such as scopes, paint and much more. If you have extra money, it's best to invest it in crafting the amount of ammunition you can take with you on the battlefield. It will also be useful to improve your shooting speed and accuracy. Moreover, you can purchase a skin for weapons, which will make your appearance individual.

gPistolety (secondary weapons)

G As we said earlier, you will very rarely use a secondary weapon, but you can not completely ignore it. If you already pick up a gun, you should be completely sure of it.

Gnovichok (1 level)

gDva weapons, of course, better than one. But in terms of cost, it is better to choose a single USP.

gbyvaly / Professional (level 10/ level 20)

Based on efficiency, there is no need to purchase secondary weapons at level 20. At level 10, take a Beretta with a laser sight. The gun has 33 damage and a range of 30 meters. Moreover, the Beretta does not break, so you do not have to take care of it.


Kak practice shows, the knife is the last resort in battle. Therefore, if you do not use the ninja style, then you will hardly use cold weapons at all. But if you have finally decided to buy a knife, then we recommend you Beaver. This is an excellent choice for the price-quality criteria. Its overall rating is 60, and its damage is 70. It costs only 21,000 credits.


People often forget about explosives, but all the top players constantly use it. If you want to achieve high results in Modern Strike Online, you just have to "make friends" with something like C4.

We advise you to use M69. It has an excellent throw/damage rate.