Western games for Android and iOS: mobile games in the scenery of the Wild West

On consoles at the end of last month, the release of one of the most anticipated games of this year, or even several years — Red Dead Redemption 2. Western and domestic critics almost raised it to heaven, putting an average score of 97, which made the new Rockstar project one of the most highly rated in history.

You should not expect to get a game of similar quality on mobile devices, but if you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Wild West, which Rockstar popularized with its series, then we have collected a small list of such projects for you.


One of the most popular games in the Wild West scenery, and even well-rated — this is, oddly enough, a game from the developer Gameloft, hated by many today.

There is a plot where you play as Buck Crossow, who is forced to simulate his own death in order to avoid being persecuted by the law. He is waiting for a dangerous and exciting adventure.

During the game, you will find more than 40 different tasks, including horse racing, shooting, target shooting, fort defense and much more. All this will be possible thanks to 8 types of horses, 19 types of weapons and other useful items.In the tradition of Gameloft games, Six-Guns is a free game with in-game purchases.

Infinite West

This is not an adventure, but a puzzle game in the style of the Go series from Square Enix. The developers claim that the source of inspiration for them was classical chess.

You play as a gunman who pursues a violent gang that killed his wife and child. On challenging 7-by-7 maps, you'll plan your tactics and decide how to take advantage of the environment to take the lives of rogue robbers.

The levels are randomly generated, so you will have a very long adventure.

West Gunfighter

Despite the numerous disadvantages, this game from Candy Mobile boasts one advantage — it is a full-fledged Western in a three-dimensional world.

You will be free to explore this world, participate in duels, hunt and gamble. All this is complemented by the usual attributes of the Wild West: horses, weapons and endless expanses.

West Legends

This is a brand new, debut game from the studio Taihe Games in the extremely popular genre of MOBA. It was created with an eye on mobile devices, so matches here last no longer than 3 minutes.

It is also interesting that even similar battles here have a plot based on the setting: an attack in the jungle, a brawl in a beer garden, a train robbery, and trouble for miners. In total, the authors have prepared 15 different characters.

Westland Survival

This project from the Helio Games studio resembles other games with the word "Survival" in the title. At the same time, it is multiplayer, that is, it provides for interaction with other players.

You will explore the Great Plains, fight bandits, trade with the Indians, arrange skirmishes, build your own ranch and much more.

The game has excellent graphics and quite often there are various thematic content updates.

Compass Point: West

The Wild West attracts not only the activities that are characteristic of this setting — horse racing, dueling and hunting for loot, but also just scenery.

That is why Next Games chose such scenery for their Compass Point strategy. There is no specific main character, but you will do the same as in other games taking place in the Wild West.

The main thing is the construction of the city. But you also have to collect cards with powerful heroes, combine them into squads and fight with bandits.

Westworld Mobile

This is a strategy made clearly in the style of Fallout Shelter, but does not lose its inner charm because of this. It is based on the popular TV series World of the Wild West.

Here you have to build your own amusement park in the scenery of the Wild West with the participation of artificial intelligence, which will entertain dear guests in every sense.This is not a Western in the usual sense of the word, but if you are familiar with the series, you know that there is more of the spirit of the West than you need.

Colt Express

This is a digital version of the fairly popular board game of the same name.

Your task will be to think through from the beginning to the end of the train robbery and, of course, pull it off. Almost all the gameplay is built on different cards.

You can play with your friends on the same device or in online multiplayer mode.


"Wild West" look at the genre of tower defense. The main difference from other games — here you will play the role of not good guys, protecting a certain place from the villains. You are the villain-a group of bandits, ambushing in the canyons, robbing stagecoaches and gold trains.

The developers have prepared a variety of units, colorful locations, fun cartoon graphics and, most importantly, a dynamic gameplay.

< /p>Space Marshals and Space Marshals 2

Finally, we have prepared something particularly interesting. Both games in this series are set in an obviously sci-fi setting. Nevertheless, many game elements evoke memories of the Wild West.

Both the surrounding scenery and the weapons in the hands of the main characters are clearly drawn from the best Westerns of the last century. Thus, Space Marshalls is not a pure-blooded Western, but a very competent mix of interesting settings and genres.