What paid games for Android and iOS are worth buying?

Freemium games have long and firmly captured mobile platforms. Gamers like them because they do not require instant payment, they are preferred by the developers themselves, because they bring a lot of income. But later, players are faced with a constant siphoning of money from their wallets, with endless timers, energy, and other ways to demand more in-game, and, sometimes, real currency.

And not all developers see their goal as putting revenue on the pipeline. Therefore, premium games still exist, and, unlike free-to-play, their payment model looks much more honest - paying once, you get a full gaming experience from the start and forever. The best paid games for Android and iOS platforms are in our selection.


Crashlands is absolutely no coincidence that it was recognized as one of the best games of 2016. This RPG still attracts the attention of gamers with its original plot, original but stylish graphics and incredibly thoughtful gameplay. An intergalactic cargo ship crashes on a lost planet and you, as its captain, have no choice but to build a base on this planet, protect it from the local inhabitants , learn to survive and eventually be able to return home. In addition to the gameplay itself, the advantages of this paid game include support for controllers and cloud saves. Without a doubt, it is worth the money.

Cytus II

Cytus II appeared in our list as one of the best rhythm games on mobile platforms. It combines bright anime-style graphics, user-friendly controls based on taps and swipes, and a campaign mode with its own storyline. The developers of Rayark offer a good selection of music, even in the free version of the game. Next, the songs will have to buy more, but believe me, the gameplay itself is good enough to spend a little.

The Escapists

This multi-platform sandbox game offers players the chance to challenge themselves by escaping from a heavily guarded prison full of other prisoners to interact with. You can try different ways, and each time, depending on your actions and decisions, the game scenario will change. Once you pay for the game, you will not have to invest money in it, buying the necessary items-and this can also be considered one of its advantages, except for the exciting and rather complex, challenging gameplay.

Evoland 1 and 2

Both games from the Evoland series are unique in their own way. They can not be attributed to any genre - they can find elements of RPG, card game, fighting game, adventure game mechanics and puzzles - and all this in different visual styles, from retro to modern. All this contains a lot of references to video games from the past and looks very interesting. The first title pleases with an affordable price, the second will cost more, but in general, gamers get a very entertaining gaming experience.

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a modern puzzle game with elements of horror and survival, which offers players a rather interesting experience: penetration into the house of a mysterious and very suspicious neighbor, who clearly hides something terrible in his basement. What exactly? This remains to be seen. But the artificial intelligence of the game does not sleep – it tracks the actions of gamers and learns from them, so an attempt to climb into the neighbor's house through the window will lead to the appearance of a trap under the window . And with each such attempt, the gamer's task becomes more complicated. Porting the title from the PC was not without bugs, but the game still remains interesting.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Probably, this popular sandbox game doesn't need any introduction. Its open world and wide opportunities have attracted and continue to attract gamers, and this is quite logical. Where else will they be able to fight mobs in survival mode and engage in crafting without borders in the creative? And to build houses and entire cities, to penetrate through portals and trade with the locals, to travel to amazing locations, to create and invent. Cross-platform gameplay allows mobile players to communicate and engage in joint construction, compete and engage in duels with gamers from consoles and PCs on a variety of servers. It is not a sin to pay for all this, you will agree.

Mini Metro

This cute jigsaw puzzle game challenges players to build the transport system of an entire city. You will have to connect points and plot routes in 18 real cities, take part in challenges and choose game modes from several possible ones. The game features minimalistic graphics and simple controls, as well as a very reasonable price.

Monument Valley 1 and 2

The Monument Valley series is a puzzle game that has become, in fact, an icon of the genre. Fancy geometric locations in the style of Escher's works look incredibly beautiful, the storyline is fascinating, the music is fascinating, and the puzzles themselves-you will have to think about them properly, training your spatial thinking. The levels, intricate as mazes and beautiful as dream castles, can be rotated from different angles, and this helps to see the moves and solutions that were previously invisible. Such high-quality and stylish work of game designers should be paid, right?

Games from Playdius

Playdius is the developer of several original paid games, each of which deserves a mention in our selection. Many gamers are already familiar with A Normal Lost Phone and Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story, as well as Bury Me, My Love - text adventure titles, not too long, but exciting and inexpensive. They will not let you get bored, forcing players to solve puzzles and conduct investigations.

Pocket City

Pocket City is a simulator in the style of Sim City, in which, as you might guess, gamers are waiting for the construction of the city of dreams. And this means building houses and organizing infrastructure, as well as much more – all in order to make the residents of the city happy, and themselves – rich. The free version of the game contains all its content, but also in-game purchases, while the paid version offers to solve all problems at once – once you spend, you will no longer buy resources.

Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic

The popular Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 and 2 with their DLC were ported to mobile platforms in the form of Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic.Like the originals from PC and consoles, this project aims to build and manage their own amusement park for gamers. The park will have to be built according to a given scenario, but this will not be the most difficult-it needs to be developed and attract visitors in order to eventually get rich and become a real tycoon. This is probably the best and most thought-out paid mobile urban planning simulator at the moment.

The Room - the whole series

The Room series of puzzles currently includes four games, the essence of the gameplay of which is to find a way out of a closed space through solving puzzles. Players will have to explore objects and rooms, search for and use hints, solve the proposed puzzles and reveal secrets. The advantage of this series is a great graphics and a variety of tasks and locations in each game, as well as in the atmosphere, dark and mysterious.

SEGA Forever Games

SEGA has managed to port many of its games from the SEGA Genesis series to mobile devices. The list includes Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2, Sonic CD, Gunstar Heroes, Streets of Rage, Crazy Taxi, Phantasy Star II and many others. There are a variety of genres – from platformers and racing to shooters. All these retro classics have the same price and are sure to find their connoisseurs among fans of arcade games in the style of old school.

Slayaway Camp

Not every horror title is as full of violence as it is of a kind of black humor, parodying the thrillers of the eighties and nineties. Slayaway Camp is just that-it combines retro graphics with a bloody and dark plot, and interesting game mechanics - with a very reasonable price. The role of a psychotic killer, lying in wait for the characters resting in the camp, will not be so simple, because your goal is to remain undetected.

Games from Square Enix

The collection of paid and very high-quality games from Square Enix is quite large – it is difficult to list all the projects from various developers collected in this company. These are the Final Fantasy series, Chrono Trigger, Tomb Raider 1 and 2, as well as the Chaos Rings trilogy, games from the Dragon Quest series, as well as more modern projects like Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth or Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition. The price range for these games is very large – from quite affordable to very high, but these console ports are worth it.