What to give a gamer for the New Year? Best winter games for Android and iOS

The most popular mobile games are free. Royal Battles, Call of Duty, various MOBAs and strategies from Supercell — to start the game, you just need to download them. That's probably why millions of people play them. But in the App Store and Google Play, there are also paid entertainment, which often offer a much more interesting gaming experience or, for example, an exciting story. And what, if not a paid game, will be the best gift for a gamer for the New Year? It is about the projects worthy of the players ' attention that we will talk about.

And to make it even more interesting — all the entertainment this time is somehow dedicated to winter. Winter, snow, New Year's holidays — all that we love this time of year for.

Video version

Fahrenheit is truly a legendary game. This is a project in the genre of interactive cinema, created in the original almost 15 years ago by the studio Quantic Dream. Now it looks not so impressive, but it is worth playing the first 10 minutes and you can forget about the schedule — you will be completely captured by the script.

Yes, the game has problems with a rather meager gameplay, built on the basis of a Quick Time Event and a scenario that turns into the "fourth episode of the Matrix" in the second half, but the overall feeling of this game is not spoiled by these things.

Overall Fahrenheit — this is an insanely atmospheric, intense and never-ending adventure set in snow-covered New York, where the air temperature drops from -10 degrees to -76 degrees Celsius as you progress. And you can feel this cold directly on your skin. And what's the soundtrack?..

Never Aloneunique game at least because to create it, the developers attracted representatives of the Inupiat tribe-the people of the far North, whose story is told during the passage.

You will play as a girl and a fox, either switching between them, or transferring control to the second player. Here you will not have to wait for the onset of cold weather — the cold of the Arctic is waiting for you from the very beginning and will not let you go until the final credits.

In terms of gameplay, this is a fairly simple platformer with puzzle elements, but the atmosphere here is indescribable.

Year Walkif the plot of Never Alone is based on the stories of Alaskans, then Year Walk takes Swedish folklore as its basis. All the threads here are drawn to the ancient pagan tradition of Oshgan, which, if properly executed, should allow you to look into the future.

The gameplay here is not very much, and you can not call it dynamic. But the elements of the quest from Never Alone are mixed with horror episodes here. What is happening will sometimes seem phantasmagoric, and no one will be there to explain where the truth is and where the fiction is.

Like all similar games, Year Walk must be held in suitable conditions for this: preferably in the dark and with headphones on. A short adventure that is unlikely to be forgotten.

Banner SadaI here is finally a game for those who need real gameplay. In this case, we will talk about hardcore tactics for connoisseurs. Also in two parts.

This series can be praised for many things at once. First, it is an excellent hand-drawn graphics in the best traditions of two-dimensional cartoons. Secondly, the complex, devoid of black-and-white morality plot, in which the characters want to empathize. Third, ent, which is not hard to believe. And finally, the gameplay. Here you will find full-fledged turn-based battles, which may well end in defeat and not lead to the end of the game.

Now only the first two parts are available on mobile, but the final was also promised to be ported. In its genre, this is one of the best projects that have ever been released on iOS and Android.

Road Not is a miniature bagel with puzzle elements, telling about overcoming the surprises that real life prepares for us.

You play as a forest ranger who saves children who are lost in the forest. This is a very cute, but at the same time complex and interesting puzzle, which, thanks to the random generation of situations, can capture for a long time.

Any situation and its outcome do not go unnoticed — everything affects the development of local history, and it sometimes presents surprises here. At first glance, Road Not Taken is a cheap craft of indie developers, of which there are a dime a dozen in stores. But you just try it, and you won't notice how you've played for a couple of dozen hours.

Max RaupeNavernoe, the most popular game in this collection. For some, it is just a milestone in the history of the industry. For others — it was a project that introduced them to video games. But for many-old stuff with outdated graphics and the main character with the same facial expression.

< p>Max Payne is a story-driven third-person shooter that tells the story of a Drug Enforcement Administration agent who is framed for the murder of a colleague and best friend, and he in turn goes on a road of revenge. Here you will find shootouts in slow-mo, and a viscous noir atmosphere, and a cool plot.

And what does it do in this list, you ask? The fact is that the action takes place in winter. And Remedy has never had any problems with transmitting the atmosphere, so the snow-covered streets of New York feel great.

Puzzle Agent 2 HDPuzzle Agent is a continuation of the quest from the studio Telltale Games. Yes, yes, the one that created both The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us, and a lot of other episodic adventures. Puzzle Agent is notable for the fact that it offers to play for the original characters, while the rest of the studio's games are created under license.

Puzzle Agent is a linear quest in which you need to solve puzzles and participate in dialogues that do not affect the development of the plot. And it tells the story of agent Nelson Tezers, who, after success in the first part, goes on a new mission in the snowy state of Minnesota.

The project is quite short, but within 5-6 hours of passing you will find an interesting story with a lot of humor and riddles. It risks alienating with its visual style, but it's worth noting that the cartoon works of the artist who created Puzzle Agent were twice nominated for an Oscar, and that means a lot.

A Good Snowman is Hard to buildif you think that the presence of some games in this collection is far-fetched, then here is the most winter entertainment for you — A Good Snowman is Hard to Build.

It is about what is written in the title — about snowmen, which are difficult to build. And with each level, it gets harder and harder. If in the beginning you just need to put three balls of snow of different sizes on top of each other, then as you progress through various items, new mechanics and more appear.

This is a minimalistic and very meditative game that can settle on your device in the winter, but will surely stay there for a long time.

Grand Mountain Adventure-and what a selection of snow games will do without entertainment about winter sports. Before we get into the details, it's worth noting that Grand Mountain Adventure has the steepest snow on mobile.

At first, you will lose not because it is difficult, but because you just want to look at the tracks that the skis leave. At the same time, the rest of the game is not particularly beautiful to call.

The gameplay will have to get used to, but over time it begins to give really unique emotions. At the beginning of the next year, along with the release of Grand Mountain Adventure, the developers also promised to add snowboards to it.

She offers to get acquainted with the first mountain for free. So you can try it, and you can already pay for all the content you want.

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition for those who want to dive in so that they only wake up to the onset of spring, there is a remake of an old, but solid classic RPG. In the context of our topic today, this is Icewind Dale, where even the name-the Valley of the Icy Wind-suggests in what scenery the story will develop.

Icewind Dale is part of the Forgotten Realms universe, which is sure to attract fans of fantasy and especially this franchise. Unlike Baldur's Gate, where there is a balance between history and action, and Planescape: Torment, which is famous for almost the greatest story in the history of the industry, Icewind Dale is a hardcore game in the best sense of the word. There are a lot of races, classes, skills, difficult but interesting fights and everything in this spirit.

In general, if you want and, most importantly, are ready to dive into a role-playing adventure for dozens or even hundreds of hours in the northern scenery, then Icewind Dale is your choice. And there, by the beginning of spring, you will be able to get acquainted with the rest of the classics.