What to play: Dota Auto Chess, Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia and others (May 2019)

Not all games expected by millions of players turn out to be hits in the end. Similarly, projects released without too much hype may well become living classics and role models for other developers. This week, for example, there was not a single high-profile release, but this does not mean that after a while exactly one of them will not be remembered with a smile. And yes, there were MMORPGs, too, but how else?

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The Gardens BetweenThe Gardens Between – a beautiful surreal adventure, ported from computers and consoles. On other platforms, the project was released last year and received very good ratings from players. The average score on Metacritic is 80. But it was not without drawbacks.

The Gardens Between is an adventure with puzzle elements and a story about two friends. Arina and Frendt find themselves in a world of fairy-tale islands-gardens, strewn with objects from their childhood.

In this place, friends will learn that time flows in all directions at once, and only by rewinding it, they will be able to solve local puzzles. Expect complex puzzles from The Gardens Between is not worth it. They can't really break their heads.

This, by the way, is the main reason for the discontent of the players. From a gameplay point of view, the adventure turned out to be quite simple. In the process, new mechanics are constantly appearing, but this does not make it more difficult. Everything is built only on rewinding time.

You can complete the game in 3-4 hours, which will not be enough for many players. But if you remember that this is a real, hand-created adventure, of which there are fewer and fewer on mobile, you may not want to miss it.

Alt-Frequencies In the portfolio of the Accidental Queens studio before the release of Alt-Frequencies, there were only two projects: A Normal Lost Phone and Another Lost Phone. They are quite similar to each other, but the new project is radically different.

If in previous games the interface was an imitation of a smartphone with a full-fledged operating system, applications and content, where you had to investigate strange cases, this time everything is centered around audio recordings.

You will have to listen to various audio stations and piece together the stories of the people they share. These characters are not even aware, but they have fallen victim to a time loop, and only the player will be able to unravel it, putting everything in its place.

Unfortunately, the game is only available in English, but if you know the language, you should have fun, because you will find not just a mystical plot, but also the familiar voices of the hosts of such podcasts as Fringe and Welcome to Night Vale.The gameplay is built on listening to fragments, rewinding and trying to get a combination that will work properly.

Accidental Queens are developing and making really original projects, beating the current social media trends. It will be interesting to see what they will do in the future.

AilmentAilment is a pixel shooter with roguelike elements and a very unusual development story. The author of the game learned to program from scratch and made the project in general for six months.

Ailment takes place in the year 2326 on a spaceship somewhere in the depths of space. According to the traditions of the genre, the main character comes to himself, remembering little, but realizing that the crew has turned into monsters, with which he will now need to fight.

Most of the time you will be traveling around the ship, trying to find answers to questions. The main character comments on everything that happens, so this is not a stupid monster shooting. Moreover, he is not stupid, because in the arsenal of the main character there are several dozen types of weapons, and the enemies themselves also do not just give up.

Ailment is a bagel, so even repeated passes will not be similar to the previous ones. The game has pixel-like but stylish graphics and dozens of spectacular animations for killing enemies. The author himself was inspired by other cult games, so at every step you are waiting for references.

Dota Auto Chess Explanations that the so-called "auto chess" can become a new trend in 2019 have been heard repeatedly, but so far new projects in this genre are not as active as they were, for example, with royal battles. But this week, the main culprit of the celebration — the original Auto Chess from Drodo-was released on Google Play in the trial run mode.

It could have been downloaded earlier on the official website, but the publication in the store implies that the project is even closer to a full-fledged release.

Auto Chess is a multiplayer strategy game with 8 players in each game. The player puts his creatures on the field, and they automatically fight with the opponent's creatures. The winner is the one whose team will destroy the enemy.

For winning, players receive coins that they can use to purchase new heroes. This is the end of the gameplay.

In Auto Chess, as in other games of the genre, strategy is very important. Since you have no influence on the course of the battle itself, the correct placement of creatures and their combination depends on you.

The developers also announced that the start of the alpha test of the game on iOS will soon take place. To avoid missing it, they recommend subscribing to the official Facebook page.

Armored God is one of the MMORPGs released this week. Surprisingly, despite the rather banal features of the game, it has a very high average rating on both Android and iOS. Apparently, the first players found something in it.

The action takes place in the world of the Dark Kingdom. Players will act as heroes who have received powerful armor from the local god. With its help, you will need to fight with enemies and bosses.

So far, there are only two classes in Armored God: Warrior and Assassin. By tradition, the main character will need to be pumped, getting new skills and equip with powerful weapons. You can also find armored animals that are required to accompany you during the adventure.

And the animal will certainly come in handy in boss fights in PvE-modes and in battles with other players in PvP.

Of course, Autoboy is in place, so if you like games that play themselves, do not pass by.

Terraforming Mags in the genre of digital versions of board games, it seems that a monopoly has formed. All the coolest projects are produced by a single developer — Asmodee Digital. But this is not bad, because the ports it turns out really good. This week, for example, the beta test of the complex strategic Terraforming Mars, known in Russian as "The Conquest of Mars", started.

In this game, you will lead a megacorporation that is sent to colonize and make the Red Planet habitable.

Terraforming Mars is a so-called Euro strategy, so you need to think a lot and calculate in advance. For each action, you will receive points, the number of which will determine the winner at the end. The main goal is to work together to raise the level of oxygen, increase the temperature and create several oceans on the surface. But depending on how much someone will affect this process, the number of points also depends.

In the digital version, from one to five people can participate in the game, there is built-in training and all the modes from the original game are available.

The conquest of Mars is not an easy game, but it is worth learning how to play it, and all your free time you will come up with strategies for the next game.

Evolution 2: The Battle for UtopieVolution is a project of a Russian publisher My.com. The first part was released on mobile in 2014, and last year the developers presented a sequel for Android. Today, it has finally become available for owners of iOS devices.

According to the authors themselves, Evolution is a mixture of a top-down shooter, strategy and RPG. The plot continues the events of the first part. The action takes place on the planet Utopia, which was once a galactic resort, but turned into a scorched desert inhabited by looters, monsters and fighting robots.

Utopia is not a full-fledged shooter. The hero moves between the shelters on his own, and you only need to shoot at the enemies using different types of weapons. The walkthrough is a full-fledged PvE campaign with rank-and-file enemies and bosses that get stronger from level to level. By the way, you can pass the campaign together with your friends.

You can also fight them in real-time PvP battles.

Finally, in addition to battles, they offer to develop their own base, building new premises and learning new technologies. And all this with an abundance of in-game purchases, of course.

Palm Kingdoms 2: RemasteredPalm Kingdoms is a series of turn-based old-school strategies created in the best traditions of Heroes of Might and Magic. This week, the developers of the original released a remaster version of the second part for Android.

Palm Kingdoms 2 is a classic turn-based strategy game with three interconnected modes: Castle, adventure, and battle.

You have a castle that you need to upgrade to get new heroes and resources.

In the adventure mode, the player in the role of warlords travels around the map, collects resources, captures cities and various objects, and encounters squads of other players or artificial intelligence. In this case, the third mode begins-the battle mode.

In this mode, you will find a familiar battle system from the second part of Heroes of Might&Magic. You have several units at your disposal, which you control by transmitting orders to move and attack enemy units. Here, the actions are also performed in turn, so you always need to think a few steps ahead.

The updated version of Palm Kingdoms 2 consists of 75 original scenarios, each of which is a full-fledged story adventure for several hours.

In total, the game has 7 races, 114 artifacts for use in battle and 180 types of creatures that can be called into your army.

By the way, the fate of further development projects depends on the financial success of the game.

Dark Domain is another MMORPG of this week, which for the ignorant player is no different from the previously mentioned Armored God, although some differences actually exist.

There are 4 classes in this game: Mage, Warrior, Ranger and Assassin. There is both manual and automatic combat. There are also pets.

The action, oddly enough, takes place in a fantasy world with typical graphics for the genre and hypertrophied characters.

The usual PvE and PvP modes have not gone away. There is also a guild system for joining and playing together with friends.

More than a typical Dark Domain can not be called, but the genre suggests that even it will be able to acquire fans.

Unknown FateUnknown Fate is a visually spectacular adventure from a small studio, which last year was released on PC and consoles, and this week surprisingly got to Android.

The main character of Unknown Fate, Richard, finds himself in a surreal world full of interesting stories, riddles and enemies. In order to get out of here, he will have to learn as much about the world as possible.

To do this, you will have to take careful steps into the unknown and face something unusual. The game looks really good, and this fact should hint to the rest of the developers that mobile platforms are already ripe for better and more beautiful projects than those that come out in dozens every day.

Unfortunately, the game also has a significant drawback — quite low ratings from players and critics. Both of them note a simple plot, simple puzzles and bugs. So the situation is ambiguous. On the one hand, this project should just be tried by all those who are sure that nothing but Clash of Clash on mobile will run. But, on the other hand, the overall quality of the project is not conducive to this.

It is possible that the developers worked on the content before releasing it on Android, but this is unlikely.

MMORPG, were. Dota Auto Chess, was. Free-to-play shooter from Mail.ru, was. And even the original puzzle, which no one will play, because" in English " was. This means that the mobile game week can be considered complete.